The Absolute State of World of Warships.

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The Absolute State of World of Warships.


  1. CynicallyObnoxious

    Warships is Warships always has been just some ppl never saw it, Balance has always been whack, Skill base of the community WHACK AF, The brains of said community complete pudding,

  2. eyc0q

  3. Very much agree with what you say.

  4. You don’t follow Carbine Carlito? Surprised you didn’t know about CCs. You’re right but the main point with CCs is some feel they are being ignored and belittled.

    • This is generally why I never tried to join the CC program, outside of maybe some free ships or something wargaming are generally never seriously going to consider an outsider’s perspective on game balance or game design just seemed like a waste of time to me to even be a part of it. But I’m always open to being corrected.

    • Very sad to learn of LWM’s departure from the program, she’s been doing fantastic reviews of nearly all premium warships for so many years, and WG just had to push her too far this time.

    • @TheDarkCalling You’re absolutely right. Keep doing what you’re doing 👍.

    • @straswa That didn’t make sense, why would you do that to someone who is actually helping you and contributes so much.

    • @John Valatos WG has become infamous for PR disasters lately.

  5. Well played DarkCalling. I hope the British light cruiser line gets better, I’m struggling with the Emerald.

    • The Edinburgh is a great ship along with the fiji, keep at it and youll see

      Ive enjoyed that line more from the fiji up, just dont get spotted broadside or in the open and youre good

    • Stephan Makintaya

      everyone struggles with the Emerald. It was once voted the worst ship in WoW

    • Leander and the next few will be a lot better. But do keep in mind that the last 2 (Nep and Mino) are really squishy.

  6. So you never look at stats on a ship or look at detailed reports from LWM in forums or WoW wiki? This lady has spent 6 years helping correct their mistakes and assisted to people buying decisions on ships. Not only did they ask her to help design a Canadian ship…then they ignored her, they demanded for her to show them some goddam respect. Even their marque cc who even ship commander “Jingles” also resigned. You have lost my respect belittling this event. Unsubscribe

  7. Always love your input and delivery. Also, using a great replay to tie in your points and give our eyes mindless entertainment while you talk about stuff worked really well. Love it, man. Keep up the good work. We appreciate you.

  8. Try look at this game from the enemys point. If i was on that team i would have left for a new game after 3 min. These role over games is what destroys the game. Why would you spend 10, 15 or worse 20 min playing a game you know is lost. I have complained alot to WG about this and on different forums. So much they start to ban me from texting and even playing the game. How to deal with ppl that complaine. Russian style. Great vids mate.

  9. You didn’t realise what CC’s were? Is this satire?

  10. You post wows videos but don’t know what a cc is??? Makes me question your channel as a source for any information on wows

  11. if i was in the Hindy i would have felt compelled to delete the minotaur, looks to me like hes watching the BB get farmed and saying , dude .if you wont even change direction , you deserve it

  12. For someone who plays halfway decent, your obviously a noob.

  13. People aren’t leaving the CC program because of “oh they don’t care about our opinion” we already knew that. They left cus Wargaming totally screwed over and DISRESPECTED one of them. Look up LittleWhiteMouse or the Yukon and you’ll find plenty of videos on the matter.

    In short as i understand it, WG wanted to make a Canadian BB, and LittleWhiteMouse was asked to work on it, 6 months of work later her and a friend had come up with a Ship, Camo, Flag and WG in that time had changed around a few employees, and they looked at all their hard work and went “Nah, we never asked you to do this” and while the Flag kinda got in the game, the flag Mouse came up with looked better.

    Now recently their was a discord call where they where discussing the above matter, WG demanded Mouse show them some respect and disregarded any evidence she had that they asked to help design the ship, needless to say this did not go over very well with ANYONE! Now she and many others are just hanging up on the CC program, which i don’t know much about ether but basically WG gave you free shit to make videos on (thats the most noticeable thing iv seen) among other things, and yes they send WG feedback and WG just ignores it.

  14. Yeah, you’re missing just how badly WG treated its CCs. Especially Mousey, who would have been a paid QA tester at a company that actually gave a shit.

  15. Gameplay — The montana – he is turning. Easy to see. BBs Dont handle like DDs. The typical ‘hurr BB dont play durr” ignores how broken the game is. he is also trying to push, TRYING to get his team to do something. Naturally, his team leave him to his abysmal fate. Moreover, it highlights how absolutely broken smoke is; you should never be able to ghost behind smoke inside 10k while farming damage. Just one of many, many broken mechanics.

    To the main point – WG has treated its player base absolutely garbage for YEARS. I called this shit out at the absolute start of the closed beta. WG had their CCs motivate their base to ignore the ever growing, ever glaring flaws both of gameplay and of the behavior of WG.

    Sad part is, one glance throughout the comments here, you see TONS of beta white knights trying to defend the CC that started the ‘current shitshow’. Funny how this didnt happen when it was Circ that called out WGs BS, or even Jingles before him. This is by no means to excuse WG – they as a business are long overdue to a steeled toed frozen boot to the balls – however, this wouldnt of ignited how it did had it not been a male CC thatd been screwed over. (Lets be real here – for all the ‘quantity’ LWM put out, the quality was not always there – she was happy to give glowing reviews to shit ships if WG gave em to her. Dork of York, anyone? BEFORE she amended it of course.)

    Me? Im fuckin enjoying this, as it is long overdue.

  16. Your title is clickbait

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