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I’m not mad, just disappointed.

I need sleep – Eels
Alte Kameraden – Soldatenlieder Version 6

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  1. so many vids so fast
    did someone put cocaine in your risotto ?

  2. Musashi Aerostar

    Yes a denarmo vid
    Its enjoyable asallways

  3. ÄGIR is the ship that we need, but when we most need they nerfed it.

  4. Awesome video as usual Denarmo! Also Denarmo is back, TheSailingRobin is back, are we seeing the WoWS rennaisance?

    • @Olaf Messchendorp yea it’s really bad, overmatch has gone out of control, Russian cruisers Balans, powercreep of old ships is getting a real problem and CV “rework” gameplay is real BS too

    • Hopefully jolly returns

    • Olaf Messchendorp

      @Tiago Casquinho were Cvs better before the rework? I dont think so… New DDs have better AA and it is getting harder and harder die CV players

    • @Olaf Messchendorp oh boy.. okay, here we go:
      CVs we’re punishable and you had no-fly zones due to the actual AA working. So yea in some ways it was better before, as a CV player you were also able to protect your own players with fighters and you didn’t have unlimited planes, so there’s that. So with the AA getting destroyed throughout the game on ships, you also got less and less planes to use until you eventually reach zero.

      Also yea the new DDs have AA, what about the old DDs? What about the old cruisers and battleships? Indifferent how many ships you got stacked up on one place, the CV is always gonna be able to drop at least once. Plus the CV gameplay is now PvE and not PvP. You play against AA RNG and have no real opponent anymore. Permaspotting is also still a thing and the old problems were never really addressed.

    • Olaf Messchendorp

      ​@Tiago Casquinho I don’t like it that CV’s are plane factories, that’s wasn’t there with the old CV’s. But weren’t you fighting against bots too? I mean, nothing has changed in that way. Anyway, my main point is that besides auto-drop you could also drop manually which was way too OP and impossible to dodge (I have killed a lot of DDs with one topedo drop). With the new CV’s you get always one drop (hard to dodge) but a second drop is hard against CC’s and BB’s from same tier.
      And aren’t you punishing CV players when you give every ship much AA to ‘balance’ it? That’s the same as giving every cruiser thicc armor because everyone hate it to be citadelled. RIP the BB players.

  5. Agir can cit an Agir when broadside, funnily enough

  6. press: F for secondaries agir

  7. Man I can’t even fart as fast as denarmo is putting out videos. And the later is actually enjoyable!

  8. Honestly Siegfried is everything Ägir wanted to be. Great, distinct, interesting guns, and long range secondaries with 0.4km window between detection and secondaries. I am happy I spent my RP on Siegfried

  9. data unavailable

    Another Denarmo vid? People will get used to this frequency.
    And it’s a shame how the Ägir turned out. Fun was cancelled – once more.

  10. Dena blink twice if Yuro is holding you hostage in his degenerate dungeon again to make more vids.

    Also lmao at you complaining about the boring guns right as you blap people. Haven’t seen flexxing that good since that scene in FMA:brotherhood with Armstrong and that other muscle bro.

  11. this review has more though behind than agir

  12. Was the first part the video where Flamuu got the secondaries nerfed by himself?

  13. Honestly never felt that into premiums because i’m a very free to play player, so any gold ship that goes in my port will make my day. But agir however, genuinely feeling sad such an unique and fun ship got its fun cancelled as i was really looking forward to it (for once). FeelsBadMan

  14. Denny is the hero we need, not the one we deserve right now.

  15. Never been so excited and so depressed+disappointed at the same time!~
    Excited as another Denarmo vid is out, and it’s a German!
    Depressed+disappointed for what the Agir could’ve and should’ve, and what we ended up with instead. So sad..
    *resumes Odin grind to wash away crushed DE T9 secondary cruiser hopes and dreams while waving a Denarmo flag*

  16. fuuuuuuck wargaming it seems like whenever theres a vessel that has something powerful and fun it usually gets blapped unless its russian

  17. As a big fan of this channel seeing myself at 3:33 makes my day, shame I forgot you got torpedoes. I was too excited by the jojo memes in chat lol

  18. WG: Got Mother Russia balance problem?
    Player: Yes!
    Also WG: Nerf the German one
    Player: No!!
    Players left game.

  19. Don’t worry Dena, at least it’s no longer in crunchy resolution unlike last time. :pepeheart:

  20. That first minute-and-a-half was… touching.
    I’m not crying. Shut up. You’re crying.

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