The Alaska in World of Warships Legends

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A compilation of my funny moments, memes and a summary of my thoughts on the Legendary Tier US Cruiser: Alaska


  1. I’ve been waiting on this video I absolutely love the Alaska

  2. Last week I clutched a 1v4 in arena in Alaska vs 4 other Alaskas

  3. For me Alaska didn’t even need buffs, but when i had my first game after buff i was like “okay this thing is OP” and its close to be, almost strongest LT atm imo

  4. I use the historical camo that you can get in the store, as well as fully packed. Not only do you get an extra radar and sonar charge but you get 4 of those ridiculously good heals.

    But anyways, awesome video PG.

  5. Same sentiments for Alaska’s flaws, the 25mm casemate and how relatively squishy her guns are. Most of the time the trouble I get into while playing her is frequently having her guns disabled or just outright destroyed, in which case I’m forced to go broadside more than I would like just to get enough DPS in to win an engagement. Other than those, Alaska is a seriously solid ship that’s borderline OP.

    And can players stop going broadside to Alaska. Yes it’s a cruiser but it’s got 310mm guns, it rips apart battleships as well. I’ve killed so many Tier 7 BBs and Legendary Tier BBs (mostly Yamatos) who were dumb enough to go broadside on me, only to immediately die to one or two salvo/s.

  6. finally, one of the most overbuffed-for-no-reason ships in wows legends history has a meme of its own

  7. Making videos like this is a great challenge since to get clips you must use xbox app and download the clips after capturing them

  8. I don’t even play this game anymore but the memes are more then enough reason to watch the vids

  9. World of Warships with Destructionist

    This ship is absolutely hilarious…prob one of the best meme ships. It has American power but can be seen from the other side of the Milky Way

  10. Here you can see documentation of PG seal clubbing tier 7s and legendary ships with the Alaska.

  11. Curious question: How many matches does it take you to get enough meme footage? Obviously it differs, but with your skill level do you find trouble with the matchmaking frequently?

    • Normally 2-3 5 hour evening sessions gets me enough footage for a video

      Sometimes the matchmaker doesn’t work in my favour for sure, just gotta power through it and do the best that you can until the matchmaker gives you that perfect match.

  12. Got mine today, amazing ship

  13. Just got the alaska 3 days ago, its my new fave

  14. Croatian_gamer [SGE007]

    Hahaha this” fckin’ delicious” gets me every single time ahahahhaa

  15. I one shot a minotaur in arena today with alaska and got accused of hacking lol.

  16. Alaska’s casemate is 28mm thick, not 25mm. I’m stoopid, apologies

    The point still stands tho, the casemate is a major weakness of the Alaska

  17. im unlocking the alaska like tmrw or monday lets goooo started in july last year ooof

  18. Hey Man, I played with you some days ago. I was really excited in this match xD. I think you played the Montana and I the Yamato

  19. Love all your videos, from the editing to review, it’s all exceptional. Your one of the best World of Warships Legends YouTubers and I think you have great things coming in 2022

  20. I got the ship a couple months ago and dropped 150k damage in a not fully upgraded alaska

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