The Amalfi in World of Warships Legends

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A compilation of my funny moments and memes in the Tier 7 Italian Cruiser: Amalfi

Giorno’s Theme (Jay D Remix)
Jock Jams – Are you ready for this
Ace Warrior – King of the nightmares
Neo Nomen – Karlson Trailer OST


  1. These are true Spaghetti hours

  2. Bastien Karabin

    Man i love how agressive you play

  3. Iamstrong 3 from genudine

    Words cant even..

  4. Congratulations great video 👍

  5. The best thing Is that Azur soul playing Prinz Eugen , he allready was part of your *best Moment” serie 😂

  6. Evan Stewart-Brown

    2:08 ah yes, did some order some,

    *s p a g h e t t i*

    I see a pattern emerging…

  7. It’s like our brains are synced… I was just asking about this ship on the CC discord and you post this video… like, whoa…

  8. It’s cool to se that I am not the only one who loves playing this ship 😃

  9. Outbound Flight Gaming

    Ran into you yesterday while you were playing yuudachi. Told my buddy you were gonna carry mere moments before my team turn to dust

    • did i carry in the end? can’t remember bumping into you

    • Outbound Flight Gaming

      @pgrapidz hotspot, I was the scharnhorst at C cap.
      You got a gun kill on a Richi, and slapped our yuudachi.

    • @Outbound Flight Gaming oh yeah… yeah sorry about that i kinda violated your team on that flank, i was only playing yudachi for the promo order win bonus i promise 🙁 ships toxic as hell

    • Outbound Flight Gaming

      @pgrapidz haha no worries, I got to torp a yolo Odin and bully a Richi myself.

  10. You’re producing great content, very entertaining. Kudos.

  11. Sometimes that side armor is amazing if you angle right 😂

  12. The ultimate meme is when you can go faster than some destroyers and chase them 😂

  13. High quality editing master videos! And a good ship performance 😀 amalfi is one of my top 3 cruisers.

  14. Connor Sullivan

    I LOVE IT, finally someone else plays the amalify. Love every video you make man. Keep it up

  15. WrappingCave740 yeet

    Just got to love it!!!!! Wows should do a colab with The people who made mario, maybe we could get some mario commanders! Lol! 🙂

  16. Emperor_ pewpew

    I can’t believe the prinze Eugene took it like that, that dude should sell.his ship

  17. Stormcat Miranda

    Awesome. Loved the Mario dance 🤣 🤣 🤣

  18. Hey can you do the Baltimore next, great video👍🏻

  19. The Dezzastator

    As a souls player the “bonfire lit” scene broke me haha

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