The Andrea Doria in World of Warships Legends

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A compilation of my funny moments, memes and a summary of my thoughts on the Tier 5 Italian Battleship: Andrea Doria


  1. My new favorite ship in the game. Used it in the tier 5 1v1 ranked and even with my poor playing only lost one game with it. So glad we got another line of “brawling” bbs. At least that’s how I use them.

  2. Yeah I heard a lot of skepticism too, but went into a fight and killed several dds in first battle! They did not have a chance… full health Mahan yoloing on me was melted in seconds, receiving 1500 to 1900 hits

  3. Only people with massive IQ or the ones like myself who have been using/wanting secondaries ships from the beginning and have suffered and enjoyed every stage they’ve gone through can understand how busted these ships can be in the right hands, can’t wait to get her myself

  4. Its much more interesting than the PC version of the Italian BBs. On PC we have only the Napoli and Guiseppe Verdi as secondary ships and they are inacurate as hell and cost coal our dubloons…..

    • Legends has quite a few things better done than PC. Commanders are the big ones… really wish we had a variant of Legends commanders on PC. PC Commanders all suffer from mostly bland skill choices, and having to spend doubloons or commander experience to reset the entire tree just to make one or two different selections is fucking retarded.

    • @Shawn Christensen Thats also true. Really frustrating…

    • Agree, the only thing that is good without any secondary upgrades on pc is basically just German bb and bc (and hopefully wg won’t release the schlieffen in legends) because that would pretty much ruin people’s day

  5. Ship History and Disasters

    Question for ya’ll. When I look at Italian BBs, it states they’re in “Early Access”. Does that mean they will be unlocked normally such as unlocking Alighieri straight from Giussano instead of doing special missions later on?

  6. Croatian_gamer [SGE007]

    You should try a full secondary build on the Nassau. insane range and reload for a Tier III battleship. I have on it over 7.5km range and a 2.9sec reload

  7. Tbh, even as a bb captain, the SAP from their secondaries actually scare me a bit.

  8. THANK YOU. Main battery SAP is imho way worse than getting secondary SAP.

    God, i hope they dont change it, or watch, cause if they do and suddenly everyone will complain it was actually a nerf.

  9. While the range on the Italian secondaries aren’t that good they seem much more affective than the German secondaries.

  10. Only took me one game in the Dante to realize how awesome SAPs are after I sank 6 ships in one game with them…and repeated that again in another.

  11. To be honest, I wish Bismarck’s secondaries functioned like what is shown in this video with Andrea Doria.
    Bismarck’s designers sacrificed Dual-Purpose functionality on Bismarck/Tirpitz so that they would be devastating anti-destroyer and cruiser cannons. Ultimately turned out to be their downfall in real life, but with Bismarck only having 8 cannons compared to most of the capital ships, powerful secondaries would make up the difference.

  12. I have Haruna and Hipper both nearly fully upgraded cuz I’ve always wanted a good secondary ship, glad it’s finally paying off

  13. i do really hope they bring a historical dispersion build BB captain for the Italians now there is a full tech tree line within the next update.

  14. The real wonder was the destroyer stating spotted long enough to die to secondaries

  15. I used this ship in arena and it was amazing

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