The Ark Royal Review No One Asked For | World of Warships

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The FBI will be knocking down my door any moment now….

Gang-Plank Galleon | Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
The Liberators – Royal Air Force


  1. And they said this ship isn’t historically accurate

  2. Ah, a super butter buns intro. Classic

  3. Time for the review of everyone’s favourite anime lolicon onee-san.

    Also even more Denarmo uploads, good Anankin, good, watch it, watch it now.

  4. Ark Royal: Genova Convention more like Genova Suggestion

  5. Jokes on you buddy the FBI doesn’t have jurisdiction outside America.

    Wait why is there a van labelled “GCHQ” outside my house?

  6. Thank you everyone for helping me reach 15k subs! Hope you liked the video! And the new thumbnail format!

  7. I mean, atleast she is pretty

  8. Jake from state farm is going to come for your ass soon.

    seriously, great vid man, it made me laugh outloud XD

  9. Weewoo
    The police is here

    Congrats on 15k, denaaa!

  10. Denarmo please i beg you. Make a Bismarck review, it would melt my heart to pieces if you would. All of the Bismarck references in this ark royal review made me so excited for the hopes on a Bismarck review. Please denarmo, its a ship i hold close to heart and hearing your take on it in a video dedicated to her would make me extraordinary happy.

    • @Rei Luigi Buenavides definetly i find it barbaric that the most decorated ship in the us navy was sold to scrap. So unfair. What i find deeply depressing aswell is that there is no german museum ship from world war two, exept for type VIII u-boats, to go and visit. Oh how much i would give for germany to raise bismarck from under the see and rebuild her intk a museum ship.

    • @Rei Luigi Buenavides regardin them wet dreams, i wish i had your luck but im unsuccesfull in regards to even dreaming anything about bismarck.

    • Rei Luigi Buenavides

      @Lukas Chyla Time will come, my friend😁😋

    • @Rei Luigi Buenavides Thank you, and enjoy the rest of your evening mate. Its been a pleasure and i hope to see you in the comments of denarmos next video.

    • Rei Luigi Buenavides

      @Lukas Chyla Likewise😁😁👌

  11. 2:54 reversing dd? seriously

  12. Ark royal: the Lolicon’s ship of choice

  13. me: *smol*
    Ark Royal: Planes go BRRR
    *chuckles* “I’m in danger!”

  14. Alright Dena, you’ve run out of decent CVs, now where’s the Graf Zeppelin review?

  15. “Yo pass the aux cord.”
    “You better not play trash.”


  16. Ark Royal: *exists*
    Destroyers: *nervous sweating*

  17. Therapist: Arknarmo doesn’t exist, they can’t hurt you

  18. Denarmo: when you match up against t8 you don’t get much of a choice for a target.

    Me immediately looking for them Bismarcks and trying my luck at the rudder.

  19. Nobody:
    Ark Royal: “You can’t prove I did ANYTHING!”

  20. “Farming destroyer tears as a form of stress relief” Finally, someone who understands carrier gameplay.

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