The Bane of Carrier Players Everywhere! (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. The whole enemy team wanted to sink me when I was playing the Tennessee, survived on around 240 hp. Would’ve been sunk completely if it weren’t for Scharnhorst helping out.

  2. Hi Spartan! What is your favorite Iowa-class Battleship? Keep up the great work! ❤

  3. Great game spartan! Love the work you do!

  4. Me when I see a carrier: “Gash darn kids with their flying machines, back in my day we fought boat to boat.”

    • When I see a carrier I say go play war thunder quit trashing the game up

    • @Taco_FuegoI mean you can’t play carriers on war thunder and also there not that bad just have teammates that have aa cruisers like the Flaklanta also just wait till subs are added now that’s going to be funny 😂😂

  5. I thought you ment to put plane not bane but now I get it

    “Can you” do a guide on all the tactics to use in WOWL I hear you mention them but if you could make a video of situations and how to counter them.

  6. i was shocked when i saw a carrier flying its planes into TWO missouri’s AAs. They still got a drop off in one of my games

  7. Always great content Spartan ,keep it going bro

  8. “Aircraft carriers? Why would we need that when we have the strongest battleships built by any European power huh?”
    -Some Kriegsmarine fleet admiral or smthing

  9. Iowa_Peacemaker_

    I’ve said it once I’ll say it again, the iowas were the strongest bbs of ww2 of 9 out of 10 navy’s, Yamato may have had a slight change at beating it, just too sluggish. So glad that you make videos on these ships, so much more entertaining than watching a paper ship!

  10. 3K base XP says it all. Nice game Spartan. Thunder & Lighting would be some good turret names

  11. Dylan badger0121

    See I like battleships so much but realistically after pearl harbour the tide switched to aircraft carriers being the main weapon at sea because of the planes and how many of them there was, which is why a lot of good ships went down, yamato being one of them

  12. Every day that I play any battleship that isn’t good with AA
    “O God, why have you forsaken me”

  13. Jeremias Drumond

    Problem with me when I spec into AA:
    No carriers

  14. Love the names of your turrets, the only thing that would of topped that would of been a Quacken! 😂

  15. 20 days until I take pictures of me patting “Honor”, “Glory” and “Justice” for you! Great game as usual!

  16. Christopher Campfield

    Lol that pity citadel on the carrier 😂

  17. Unknown Commander

    The name of my turrets in my Devonshire is

    T1: Tea
    T2: Making
    T3: Facilities
    T4: In sea

  18. Good WW 2 AA. Imagine what the phalanx can can do during that time if remote controlled

  19. My maximum number of planes shot down is in a Devonshire with 52 planes with a specification totally focused on aa obviously, but even so the precision and cadence of the ship remains very decent, somewhat clumsy to turn but what a British heavy cruiser it is not. xd For all this and more I adore my devonshire one of the jewels in the crown of my royal navy collection in second place if I remember correctly is the skane with 40-45 planes shot down my personal pride against the fun police😂

  20. How to be a good carrier for your team:
    -Spot every enemy
    -attack ships with weak AAD or alone
    -be sure to know what your planes are good againts

    Player Carrier mistakes:
    -Not knowing spotting ships for allies at the first 1 mnt
    -not knowing which ships have good or bad AA
    -hiding in the back of the corner of the map

    -not watching spartans vids

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