The Beast of Atlantico LEGENDARY MATCH + FULL DOCKYARD build – World of Warships

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I finished all missions for dockyard and then purchased last 3 phases with some gold I had lying around to get myself Atlantico.

I didn’t have high expectations, since I didn’t met any Atlantico that stood out.

I only knew it has some secondaries, 10 guns and a hard to hit citadel.

The match you will watch is my 4th match and it was absolutely epic.

So many crazy things happen, and while this might not be the most representative game for the ship I will say that most games I played in this ship I scored top 3 with around 80-120k dmg, regardless of the tier.

It’s an okey ship that will both disappoint and surprise in certain situations.

Few thousand gold, if you have spare for it is not a waste.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    Atlantico is the embodiment of “You’re going to Brazil!”

  2. saw this live on Twitch… amazing 13/10

  3. Jaqui Greenlees

    I like Atlantico, if you take a few seconds and aim she pounds the target hard. I usually get railguns with a full broadside from her.
    Her secondaries melt hp off any ship in range.

  4. atlantico has been so much fun for me in ranked this season the smaller team sizes are better for it imo

  5. Agricola Urbanus

    The other team was so good, but you were even better. You are The Superhuman!

  6. wanted this BB but I ended up forgetting about it thanks to elden ring, and when I got back to playing again, potential damage missions, torpedo related missions and BB related ones really turned me off from grinding since I just mostly play cruisers.

  7. Did that CV ever actually strike anyone *other* than Flambass? b/c he seemed pretty attached to flambass from start to finish.

  8. Upvote for the paid actors. Appreciate the effort it takes to organize the show.

  9. drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

    Personally I would reccomend brisk due to her low speed and her great concealment

    • drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

      @Adam oh I thought you mean vigilance as well as brisk. It doesn’t change the average number of torps it takes to sink you, and the detection isn’t as useful on other ships since you already have a stupidly fast rudder

    • @Adam nah, I find more value in brisk

    • @drake consumer of souls and cheese strings lol you think more torp protection means you take the same amount of damage from torps? That’s not how math works, but ok dude. You also get 25% better detection on torps, which means youll likely take less torp damage because you can see them coming. If you’re wanting to be undetected in your secondary BB then go for it.

    • drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

      @Adam she has 11.3km secondaries and 11.5km detection on a full build for both, having low detection is perfect for her

      And what I mean is that the average torp at T8 does 10k damage, and atlantico has 31% damage reduction and 60k hp, meaning she dies to 9 torps either way.

      The 25% also isn’t that great, you’re gaining 1-2 seconds of additional reaction time depending on the torp, which might be great for a DD or cruiser that turns on a dime but is basically useless for a BB

    • @drake consumer of souls and cheese strings again, if you want to be incentivised for being undetected in you _secondary_ _BB_ then go for it. I personally want to put myself into situations where i can use all my skills at once to make my overall build stronger.

  10. His secs dealt ~59k since he cant load HE and set fires which dealt ~10k

  11. I love this ship its main guns very accurate in close quarters, and the concealment works with it really well. if your looking for grinding close quarters experts, this ship is great at it…

  12. As an active WT player I just have a cognitive dissonance every time I see how you calculate a lead of the shells. Though I played WoWS alot back in the days.=/

  13. loved every bit of this in-game confusion. good one xD

  14. That Chaklov was doing the “worst plane drops imaginable” challenge

  15. Can see the quality of the game playing ability of a significant number of players is going through the floor. I had a good time with WOWs for years, but it wore thin. Uninstalled after not playing for a really long time. Still fun to watch, but not to play regularly. Tarkov is now my game of choice. Terrifying and brutal, but ultimately fun.

  16. If WG was not so messed up, maybe, just maybe I would buy the Atlantico. But I won’t for many factors.

  17. This ship is fantastic. I’ve farmed several witherers in this because people don’t understand or fear her secondaries enough. Same tier BBs dont generally stand a chance.

  18. Shakuraz the Dark One

    What a “no-brainer” of a ship….never let the simple ones leave the game.
    Those are the ones who bring the money so they need a tool they cant suck with…

  19. Those big-assed secondaries are like having a short ranged CA on each side of the ship. I have learned a ton watching your vids and appreciate the content.

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