The Belfast 43′ Review No One Asked For | World of Warships

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You could say she was MAID for you HAHAHAHA


  1. Ah yes, Belfast

  2. The Selfast vid is upon us

  3. I’m just here for the memes.

  4. The intro made me glad I subscribed c; . Also, pls make a vid for Azuma because no one asked for a review on it.

  5. Ohhh that broadside <3
    Makes every bb player go nuts

  6. A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one

  7. By god is the editing clean, job brilliantly well done

  8. This wasn’t the Belfast ’43 review I was asking for! Thank you Denarmo – your efforts have not been in vain. Please tender my respects to all the guys who help you out with your mission to do something that no one asked for.

  9. Now this is truly a review no one asked for (because no one knew she‘d be for sale at this point).

    Nice video as always, thanks Denarmo!

  10. I was expecting a Kamen Rider Decade joke with Belfast saying : “just a maid passing by”

  11. i don’t even play Azur Lame

    (but i would for azuma plot ngl)

  12. Hot Maid Ship Belfast 2:Electric Boogaloo

  13. Conor Louden-Brown 95

    The fact that she’s still around to this day only makes me love her more 🇬🇧 ❤️

  14. My country is in chaos and I am stressed about stuff, but then Denarmo graces us with his almighty reviews, I am not worthy

  15. my first thought is: wait, it’s already legal to show this one
    then as showed, maybe tomorrow we can already get/encounter her, lol.
    ty for the info and review, nice vid

  16. Can’t believe anime and wargaming joined forces to make me hate the only WW2 ship we still have afloat.

    • @BritMachine when you try making a funny comment but everyone just gets salty instead

    • C R 1 L 3 Xイオニック

      @TheOldStyleGamer sad noises

    • @Matěj Šrámek Oh boo hoo. I find it hilarious. If it takes anime/manga to get the young generation interested in war history, then so be it.

    • C R 1 L 3 Xイオニック

      @Alex InYT i m young but i got into history a bit of a time ago because of pure fascination. Im a weeb aswell but i dont associate these 2 together at all.

    • Oh no your feelings are hurt because people like anime…
      Maybe instead of generalizing anime based on a stereotype you actually experience it for yourself and form your own opinion, but no, it’s easier to say “LOL ANIME BAD ALL PEDOS EVERYONE IS CHILD FILTHY FUCKS REEEEE” isn’t it?

  17. I feel attacked about that Azur Lane comment, I have hood oathed thank you very much

  18. Most British CL can only fire AP, but this Belfast can fire HE just like her tier 7 version… How interesting…

  19. Imagine wargaming releasing a new ship that actually has weaknesses… Блят

  20. WG: “No more smoke+radar premium cruisers.”

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