THE BEST BATTLESHIP – FUSO CLASS ( World Of Warships Battleship Gameplay)

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THE BEST BATTLESHIP – FUSO CLASS ( World Of Warships Battleship Gameplay)


  1. you should target planes more ^-^

  2. Shimakaze or Atlanta plz. Been a while since you’ve done either of them

    Hey, is it just me, or are more and more people sailing backwards these
    days? What’s with the moonwalking craze?!

  3. Can you take out Montana and go HAM with it?

  4. play the Ibuki full stealth and range mod.

  5. Is there a particular reason why Phly doesn’t use premium repairs?

  6. Derpski!

  7. Hey phly I know you been ranting and hating on war thunder lately but I
    want you to update your future of series.. And add in possible solutions to
    the current compression

  8. Aoba, little sister of Fuso

  9. OK, why don’t you focus fire on planes ever? You will shoot them faster and

  10. Phly challenge for WOWS
    play the montana and kill 5 battleships in one game

  11. Nice to see that you dont play as passive as most BB players. It’s so

  12. I love how Phly captures my exact sentiments in regards to torp bombers,
    the st louise and the Cleveland. Keep on keeping it real fried deli

  13. But if you can play mighty fuso can you play mighty shimikaze very

  14. The Glorius Warspite pls.

  15. pls do the french navy on steel ocean

  16. tirpitz.. shoot the cannons hanz.

  17. The huge superstructure was due to a) To get the main armament aiming
    sights as tall as possible b) to provide each ship with all the facilities
    so that they could all function as flagships if needed c) the Japanese
    aiming systems were not as developed and were more manpower intensive than
    American system, so they needed more people there.

  18. the new orleans or the pensicola

  19. what’s you user named for world of warships?

  20. Do The ranger class carrier


  22. Mogami with 155 and burn down everything

  23. In this game the shells are flying so fucking slow and that is so retarted

  24. Take the black sheep out I vote furutaka!

  25. verrryyy honourable!!

  26. Phly love that intro

  27. The two Fusou sisters were actually known as two unlucky ships and Japanese
    sailors considered her and her sister Yamashiro to be some of the worst
    postings to get. Both battleships were sunk in their first actions at the
    battle of Surigao Strait. Fun fact, 扶桑 (fusou) sounds similar to 不幸 (fukou)
    or ‘misfortune’, & 不相応 (fusouou) or ‘misplaced’ or ‘unsuitable’.

  28. i love your videos. i watch them like movies

  29. im using the Wyoming grinding to get the new York and im wondering if
    anyone has some tips to earn fast exp (without mods i want to earn it

  30. Please can you take out the Mogami?
    I love them guns!

  31. 1 35 get the only thing that can kill you out of the game? classic battle
    ship player doesnt understand what this game even is

  32. Cleveland is the F2H of WOWs

  33. I swear to god phly
    You will make a great father figure

  34. take out the Cleveland.

  35. Take out the American powerhouse, the Montana!

  36. Play the beast ship in the game

  37. The Fuso lasted till Leyte and the Battle of Surgiano Strait. It got lit up
    by several Battleships and broke in two. Ten survivors total. It was
    primarily an auxiliary ship

  38. First part, very honorburo !!!

  39. what happened to ark with royal

  40. +phlydaily next challenge: ————->Destroy a tank with aircraft

  41. NoobArtz/ new channel soon

    It’s the Kongo on drugs P.S many poeple die because of fusos. don’t drink
    and drive

  42. ACiD_ “Th3xRaVeNx” ReinX

    That Intro though ?

  43. I’ve downloaded the WoWS
    but I cannot see the tirpitz or bismarck
    are they in that development mode launcher thing?

  44. 2:52 the cv is telling the other team he has no fighters. lol wtf

  45. Great to see you back on WOW. How about playing the Gearing?

  46. That guy at the beginning didn’t even attempt to dodge lol.

  47. some jap carrier, you choose

  48. Take out the first ship you get in the game :)

  49. try the Aoba tier VI japanese cruiser :)

  50. Play the Mutsuki or Fubuki Class (If you have it)


  52. Might be the best Battleship, But Kongou Is best Gril

  53. The Beast Iowa cause of the antiaircraft and Speed and Turing

  54. So does it annoy anyone else that not only do the japanese BB’s have a huge
    and range and reload advantage over thr American BB’s? It doesn’t matter
    what the turret rotation is its still OP and not realistic for the US BB’s
    and its not hard to find the actual range if the early ones.

  55. USS Iowa BB-61!

  56. Cool intro

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    7. Stealing military valor is subhuman.
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  58. Btw i kinda like the Tirpitz-Hipper combo :3

  59. Is everything “THE BEST BATTLESHIP” lol ?

    edit: And Phly, for the love of baby jebus, please use premium consumables
    (at least repair and damage control).

  60. Ah miss the Fuso. Stock Nagato is a bitch to play

  61. Top true American carrier plzs phlydaily I know you don’t like it but plz

  62. Yo Phly! Just like in War Thunder, lets try a challenge right quick.

    Take out the fastest carrier in the game and try and get a ram kill!

    (might want to take the flag that reduces ram damage)

  63. can you plzzz play the USS North Carolina the “Show Boat” thanks

  64. Nothing stops the torpedo bombers. Even a narrow channel between 2 islands
    they can fly straight down over the island, drop their torps on the beach,
    and hit your side.

  65. Love the Fuso. One of the best ships in the game.

  66. Heres my question why did a game about naval warfare not add the British
    first who were incredbly well know for having the best navy in the world or
    the french who at 1939 had the 2nd best navy in the world…

  67. the guns should go high enough. FUCK

  68. Waved-Greenslash XD

    almight Iowa!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. do the tier 6 Japanese destroyer or the 7

  70. Can you play the ROON or HINDENBERG plz Steve

  71. New mexico please

  72. great gameplay awesome damage !, and when you shot your shells to the
    mountain it was pretty funny you made me laugh thanks man o/

  73. Play the Nurnburg FOR THE FATHERLAND

  74. yavuz selim han osmanoglu

    Please play the iowa.

  75. mighty fuso!! definitely the best bb in the game overall

  76. Nice gameplay Phly!

    My favorite battleship by far.
    Best game I’ve had was 219k!

  77. lexington

  78. I’m going to be building a Hasegawa 1/350 model of this ship fairly soon

  79. Play TOG II

  80. Can someone tell me from where that intro is? Is it from a trailer of
    “World Of warships”?

  81. The Fuso was actually pretty slow even though it went 2 knots faster than
    US ships so it spent its time in Japanese waters.

    Also I’d like to see you try out the Kiev if you haven’t done so. That
    would be much appreciated. :>

  82. yeeeeeeeees , wows gameplay, thx phly

  83. Can you please go with the Montana class?

  84. I actually think the New Mexico is surperior at ranges below like 14km

  85. the super nagato

  86. can you take out the iowa

  87. please play user missions air show on war thunder

  88. torpedo plains can suck my **** and eat my ****. im hate those bloody

  89. Benson or the Mahan!!

  90. can you plz use the Myogi

  91. hello +phlydaily i’m french and i love what you do !!

  92. is the USS Missouri in the game

  93. 48fps? never seen that before.

  94. Hey Daily, have you ever considered to use a flag mod or something to
    improve the graphical accuracy and quality?

  95. I wonder when this game will come out on ps4

  96. Never heard him say “FUCK” like that

  97. Me manda um hi aeeeee

  98. I don’t like this game cuz it’s so slow paced and unfair

  99. Love the Fuso

  100. DPM machine the Atlanta

  101. Fubuki pls!!


  103. that was 2 great games PHLY! keep these vids up man. Great work as always

  104. alright phly I know its for a different game but you haven’t accepted my
    challenge yet! attempt 7, become a world war 1 ace by phlying out the
    swordfish and getting at least 5 kills in a simulator or realistic battle,

  105. Yoork plz

  106. It’s actually a good tactic on the konigsberg and nurnberg to use AP
    against BB’s most of the time. Not if they’re really well angled of course

  107. Plz phlydaily do the Iowa plz

  108. 1080p48fps.. Ok Phly..

  109. u should take out the nagato. Why u ask because thats flipping awsome ship

  110. new mexico! do it for the Arizona


    try finding a look alike of the arizona and battle with it plz

  112. I Like the Kongo more <3 I Call my Haruna <3 :D

  113. Dragon Butt (ThatsNoMoon)

    So phly… has has his face cummed on before…

    The more you know i guess

  114. New Orleans please! Cmon guys lets make this happen!

  115. MLG Colonel Sanders

    Can you play the STRONK Izumo??? 😀 (attempt #5)

  116. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Never hit a citadel on the NM, Phly does right away..

  117. I’m early so here’s a joke: War Thunders render distance.

  118. what is the song in first seconds?

  119. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Bit of everything for the next AAA Game?: World of Floating/Flying War
    Tanks :D

  120. Phydaily Where’s steal oceans I personally like the game better ( you do’t
    have to login and it’s like battle stations pacific.) You said that it
    would be a serious.

  121. id say this and the tirpitz are the best in the game

  122. Seems like everyone really misses World of Warships 🙂 Thanks for the
    support guys! MUCH LOVE

  123. The Master Chief 2000

    Take out the Awsome DPM machine the Atlanta

  124. Dragon Butt (ThatsNoMoon)

    LOL that opening

  125. #DoomArmy


  127. Can u play the amagi again

  128. Third at 56 seconds


  130. Hey guys/girls! Hope ya’ll are having a great weekend! This is the last
    video for today, tomorrow I’ve got two great videos ya’ll are going to

  131. 😀
    Video has been out for 45sec, no way I could have watch it yet! Still gonna
    post like an asshole!

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