The Best Beginner Battleship In World of Warships

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I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

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  1. I ran into battles too fast at the beginning so I found the American BBs to be more helpful and mindful of my aggressiveness. Also made me prepare for torpedo threats early.

    • @Darth Nox You are probably right. The Iowa is a star though. I tried her at the Public Testing Server. The guns are amazing. Maybe I’ll never get her. I’m at New Your at the present. Very slow, very boring and very underwhelming.

    • @Kajak Kajak The nice thing about the US BBs is they are very consistent with their shells and damage. Yeah you got to suffer a bit with the Dreadnaughts till tier 8 when you get the North Carolina (with its SLOW AP shells that he like a truck).

      The Iowa WAS the fastest BB in the game, and still is WITHOUT gimmicks. Not to mention the 55 caliber main guns vs North Carolinas 45 caliber main guns means the AP sells get their speed back.

      The Montana is still a good ship, its just 16inch guns are kinda falling by the way side with all the NEW ships that get added into the game. Still 12 16inch shells is Nothing to laugh at, plus their the Super HEAVY AP the US cruisers and BBs get at tier 8 and up, so they PUNCH well above their weight.

    • Montana’s a really consistent T10, wym? It’s literally just the Iowa, but slightly slower with more armour so angling actually helps, and the same punchy 406s. There’s nothing deadlier than a Montana that finds an open flank to work with.

    • @Aristos Achaion Montana, and the US BB line in general tend to hit what their aiming at, instead of Missing entirely or bracketing the target every other shot. Their GUNS are consistent, which is arguably the most important part of any battleship.

    • @Aristos Achaion Montana is not a strong T10 by a long shot, it isn’t the worst but it is definetly unimpressive as far as T10 BB goes.

  2. Derhesligebonsaibaum

    For T5 BBs, Pyotr is very good as well. Broken as heck and follows the concept of the line (tanky bow in but with a citadel that can be hit).

    • Derhesligebonsaibaum

      @Daniel Kirpichnikov what? Both Gangut and Izmail eat citadels *hard* if they stay broadside.

    • @Derhesligebonsaibaum it gets punished only if it faces t7, for tier to tier it’s way OP ..same goes for all russian BB line. The question here is not driving best ship ( in that case I will be on your side) but the question is which ship teaches you best how to play that class.. there is a reason why a community contributor chose Kongo over Pyotr ..! It was never about just guns or just armour, but more about whole package. In that case We all agree that Soviet line is broken! That is why those ships dominate competitive games too and are usually banned!

    • Derhesligebonsaibaum

      @vivek patel the Soviet Line is not broken. Pyotr is, Sinop is. The rest of the line is pretty solid but not broken at all.

    • @Nima Banaie wait, is that 75mm an icebreaker or the entire bow?

    • @Snail Boi the icebreaker

  3. Kongo was one of my favourites to grind through when I first went up the Japanese tree. Sadly I had to sell it along with some others later on as I just wasn’t playing it anymore and was short on credits, and the special commander I got specifically for it has been moved over to Yamato, but that ship was an absolute standout in the line, followed closely by Izumo, oddly enough.

    My only issue with the Kongo is that, like the German BBs, it’s one of those ships that’s fast enough to get you into trouble, but not fast enough to get you out of it, though at tier 5 you have a bit more leeway because there’s not many at that tier that even come close to its top speed, and ranges are a fair bit lower. Putting that together means you can get out of bad situations a lot easier, but it’s still a bad mentality to have for an aspiring BB player. My overall winrate is 47% because I chose the Preussen (GK when I started) line to start with, and it instilled a lot of bad habits that I’m still working to get rid of 2000 battles later.

    I’d probably still recommend the Montana line as a first grind, as you don’t get anything fast until tier 8, which itself is a fantastic starting point to learn BB gameplay in the big boy tiers, and are forced to learn good positioning if you want to have any game impact without putting yourself under a spotlight for the entire enemy team. This is probably why playing Colorado, at a time when I already had 3 other tier 10 BB lines completed, felt so comfortable to play. I didn’t have any of the things that got me into trouble when playing other lines so I could pick and choose my moments.

    • Good call there. I’ve played a LOT of BBs in my time with the game and found speed to really be a nice factor that can also get you in serious trouble. Georgia being a fine example of this. I’d also say the Montana line is the best for early grinders as it has a little of everything.

  4. Honestly, the inability for the Kongo to maneuver easily and her guns extreme long range just encourages players to snipe from the back. Lastly, I really really dislike that citadel hump under turret No.3, which makes closer range engagements a lot dicier. I think the New York helps ingrain a sense of moving with purpose (placement is important, both tactically and strategically) and being capable of a little fist fight here and there. Yeah the NY doesn’t have the troll belt armor of the Navada class (Oklahoma), but unlike some of the American Standard “super dreadnoughts” that come after her, the NY does have a decent reload. Her turning radius makes dodging torpedoes easier, and she will teach you that you don’t always need to bring all your guns to bear on a target at once. Definitely something many BB players won’t shake, even up to tier 10.

    • There are better BB lines to learn on for a beginner cus her features do encourage some bad behaviour, but once you get a handle of things and come back to the Kongo you’ll realize its very strong for the tier. I hated Kongo and did terribly in her when I first started, switched to the US line and took my time learning all the way up to Montana. Technically came back to Kongo after a long time cus I got Hiei for free, and just absolutely rekt tier 5 mm with her.

    • Veliky is probably the easiest BB to learn on in my experience. But Kongo basically teaches the BB playstyle as it is, not how it should be or was.

    • I started with the USN as I joined almost right after the CV rework, and heard that the USN ships had good AA, in light of the new CV threat (was I in for a rude awakening or what…).
      While some of the points you made still stick to this day, it felt very painful for me as a new player to have to deal with the incredibly slow speed. Most matches were over before I got to have any meaningful contribution, so grinding XP on it was a chore. To top it off, since I was new and had not read much about dispersion mechanics, I always tried to compensate my lousy speed by using the Spotter to try and get some shots in (meaning the added range just worsened the dispersion even further).
      With the double-turrets, it was an absolute horror show, watching shells fly everywhere but the ship you aimed at. And this was on top of being new to the game and therefore not understanding how much lead to give. Heck, even when you do, with the USN, you have to lead even more, since their DDs, Cruisers and BBs all have the same dumb quirk of floating shells that just pause in mid-air, allegedly for better island-camping.
      In any case, it was insanely frustrating, and moving to the New Mexico and Colorado wasn’t much better either. At least the New Mexico had 12 shells to throw at stuff, and therefore better odds of actually landing some on target…..
      If I had to start over, I’d pick the IJN in heart-beat. Doesn’t help that my order for BB lines was USN->KMS->RN.
      Hell, even the French are better. They might have weird designs, and lower calibre guns, but at least the dispersion’s not that horrendous and you don’t get as many overpens.

  5. Kongo is awesome. Very fun. The speed of the ship is key. The speed gives you so much in terms of positioning potential. I have the Kongo and both waifu versions.

    For cruisers the British light cruisers have heals, smoke, and hydro, the Devonshire has a heal and a hydro as well as good guns. Many tools to use in the British lines.
    Nurnberg is also good.

    For torp DDs it’s already obvious, the IJN line. Gun botes… have options but I think the Italians, while good, are for more experienced players. So you’re looking at the French I think.

    The thing about what are the easiest ships to play and learn from is it needs to be coupled with a profound and direct message about map awareness and positioning.
    The majority of players are clueless, mindless 40%ers who have exceptionally low survival rates. They have no idea how to read the map (somehow) and no ability to understand their position on the map.
    I think it that speaks about the level of commitment (or intelligence) of the player base.

  6. @potatoquality you should point out how to properly utilize damage control as well as I think most new players use that instantly and then suffer burning down early every game. Give them some additional survival tips as you move through the lower ranks.

  7. like you mentioned in your video, i would love to see a video where you “roughly” explain what each individual line represents in the game
    for example the german’s being in general more tanky, french being all about speed, Japanese love their accuracy etc.
    would help newer players to find their “playstyle”, and after that, maybe a little series going over mid-tier ships, like the kongo, highlighting some facts and help decide if you really wanna grind that line

    but whatever you do, i really enjoy your content, helps me and others out alot, even if i’m just playing on and off
    keep up the good work 👍

  8. For light cruisers the FR line (T5-6) might be pretty good but unsure how beginner friendly that is.
    It teaches you dodging and bating (both rudder and accel with the speed), as well as target acquisition because you have to think about what you need to farm in order to do it effectively, since it’s not like the Ger with improved pen and better DPM.

    Actually the Ger might be better, tbh i don’t really know, but those ones punish you way harder so eh.

  9. I love this ship, especially because of it’s history. Plus it has prem versions in the ARP

  10. Kongo was my first T5 overall. I remember really liking it, but I found Kawachi and Myogi before it to be lacking (Kawachi especially, I still consider it the worst ship I’ve ever played). I have the ARP Haruna (Kongo from the Arp colab) and whenever I need to play low tier with friends new to the game or something, it’s my go to. I think it’s the consitancy, hard hittingness and speed that make me like it so much.
    But as a new player, honestly the low tier British BBs are really well rounded ships. I liked them all, and they only really become a bit quirky at T7. If you want the whole line to be a good introduction, the OGs; Japanese and Americans are still the way to go.

  11. For me, I like the grind of Kongo and her play style. As I am at high tier on the line, I’d love to see a premium Kongo I can get one day (Including the ARP ones), hopefully in a future dockyard or coal ship.

  12. for a beginner dd, i’d argue icarus: solid guns, respectable torps, good conceal. it’s just overall a nice hybrid dd. long torp reload encourages you to use your torps wisely, short smoke might help newbies learn not to smoke farm.

    for cruisers, i’d say a konigsberg/nurnberg: no gimmicks, just a kitey light cruiser. it’s just that right level of squish that seems more similar to higher tiers IMO (especially the nurnberg, that thing either gets overpenned or citted I swear).

  13. i absolutely love the amagi, easily one of my favourite BBs especially at tier 8

    • Can’t stand it. I do good dmg can’t get wins. I play the war hammer version and it’s night and day. It has slightly different dispersion I think but the same otherwise.

    • @David Donahue The difference between the warhammer and the tech tree amagis is barely tangible IIRC. There’s a tiny sigma difference that’s too small to notice in any given salvo, at the cost of slightly worse reload; off the top of my head.

  14. For newer players, you could do a general class&faction information video. You would take only the tech tree ships first, and go class by class in different videos, without getting into too much detail at every nation. For example for BBs you could take all T10 tech tree ones and kind of categorize them. This is a different concept than what you’re trying to do here, but I would’ve liked to see what nation is what, if I were a newb.

  15. Lasertech Studios

    Furutaka made me fall in love with Japanese CAs. The thing’s standout trait is its armor, which is good enough to shrug off battleship gunfire at its tier. Pair that with 8 inch guns and forgiving torpedo arcs and you have a great ship for learning about heavy cruiser matchups.

    Fubuki is the quintessential Japanese torpedo destroyer imo. Triple launchers with decent guns is a fine thing to give up for stealth, and really teaches you how to pick engagements.

  16. Зло Всемирное

    Line of Japanese BBs is just solid “classic” battleships line. There everything you want from BB: huge guns, reasonable armour, good speed and they looks fantastic

  17. Podvoisky and gnevny are amazing low tier dds. They are perfect for learning the fast paced gunboat style dd gameplay. Not only a good prep for the russian dd line but also the high tier french dds. When effective in these low tier ships not much can stop you from being efffective in a kleber or khaba as well. Well there is always your t10 or t11 CV funpolice.

  18. Personally I love the Guilio (sp?) as a tier V battleship. Great for learning about OP ships. 🙂

  19. I started with the German line and it helped learning flanking and tanking. After that I started the American line which made me aware of not rushing as I survived games more often. Now I finished the Italian line and have found it to be my favorite. Fast enough to flank and force the enemy into killing fields, enough armor to survive in uncomfortable situations, and more consistent damage due to SAP. Rarely play anything else nowadays, especially since buying (blow me) the Marco Polo. 16 inch guns and SAP is OP as fuck even against Legendary ships

  20. I think you’ll find that the amagi is pretty highly regarded, as being an excellent bb.

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