The Best Black Friday Deals in World of Warships (2021)

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0:00 – Black Friday Sale
1:17 – Dunkerque
2:20 – Lootbox *warning*
4:53 – Ships I Own (for context)
6:22 – Yoshino
7:14 – Jean Bart
7:45 – Pommern
9:09 – Carriers
10:03 – Loyang
11:18 – Cossack
12:13 – Atlanta
13:13 – Alaska
14:23 – Scharnhorst
15:06 – Sims
16:14 – Massachusetts
18:21 – Tirpitz
19:55 – Atago
22:30 – Top 3 & Conclusion

I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

WoWs NA Invite:
WoWs RU Invite:


  1. Cossack is absolutely busted bro. It stacks up surprisingly well in knife fights against t10 dds, and it’s the only t8 dd that can almost match Akizuki for farming.

    It also has the British Acceleration with an American rudder shift and a speed boost. You can tapdance on top of ships even better than a French dd can.

  2. I was holding off on buying Yoshino with coal, hoping that I would be able to stomach the cash price of the Black version. But at $117 USD for a single friggin ship, not a friggin chance. Ive already spent WAY too much money on this game/gambling machine that I just cant bring myself to do it anymore. All I ever do now is watch these great videos and try to remember the fun I had in the past.

  3. Was hoping Smalland would be up for grabs.

  4. Looks like I forgot about asashio in my rush. I don’t think very highly of it, It excels at killing battleships. Thats literally it. Too specialized imo but it certainly can be good in the right matchmaker. I should have mentioned that these are my opinions on the ships for sale. They certainly can all be fun especially the ones that fit your play style.

    • I came here to say that.

      Asashio is the whole reason I play this game.

      Everyone wants to kill you, everyone can kill you. But they have to find you first.

      You can poke them harder than they expect with the guns, and you can send any BB up to battleship heaven in a shower of spray with a single salvo.

      But you only outgun like a torpedo build Monaghan?

    • @Luna Occulta I just got her and she is a hoot to play, it’s funny that almost all the strong bow in ships don’t have hydro. But since she sits so low in the water I think petro should be able to eat deep water torps as well

    • The Asashio is a special heavy warship assassin, has a very good low concealment, if you have a well spec’d capt then an Asashio can very heavy pack a punch, the last main rework did not make it as fun to play, though the stealth side is great, takes a while to get into the Asashio though the way you play battleships will change if there’s an Asashio on the opfor team, if you’re lucky to have one, takes some time to master it 🙂

    • mechanical engineer

      @Adıeboramic sab wow is lucky…

    • @Luna Occulta I think you can out gun most T8 dd’s. You need to be facing away and ready to run though. Nose-in and you die. Most dd’s see Asashio and think it’s an easy kill and will go broadside to get all guns off. Speed-juke with propulsion mod and they miss half the time. I have more gun kills in ranked than torps (which says something about my torping ability).

      I have outgunned Akizuki, Orkran, the French one, and survived a Kitakaze (50% each). More than once. All because I was in running mode.

      That 5.4km detection can give you a huge advantage, especially if the enemy isn’t looking in your direction. 2 salvos before they see you is a 4k head start.

      Against cruisers it sucks and you will die.

  5. @9:52 I love how Wargambling offers discounts on arbitrary prices on ships.
    They could put any price on them and a 30% discount sounds good.
    It’s like when jewellers mark up pieces of jewelry 800% and then offer a 50% markdown. You’re still paying a 400% markup.
    At best, it’s false advertising and worst deceptive advertising.

    • The discount is real tho, normal premium ships cost more in the store.

    • Its actually illegal in Europe, since some ships are not for sale so you can’t pretend they’re on discount

    • @Magic Things if thats the case which is not then all EA BLIZZARD Activision valve genshin all mobile games and all other games should be banned in EU since all these games have digital items which are given arbitrary price and are then given discount later.

    • False advertising and deceptive advertising are the same thing.

  6. i wish they’d bring the smaland back if we’re able to bring back strong ships once a year.

    Saying that, hey, i got a Pom for the 99 dub bundle in te armoury!

  7. Just buy an Atago! Just buy it!

    This is the only ship I am 100% satisfied with my purchase.

  8. Among the carrier options, I would agree with Kaga being the best option of those on offer here.

  9. Thx for your opinion, it helps a lot! I also would recommand a Jean Bart for those who don’t habe it and enjoys fast BB + it brings ”money” when you play (good game = 200K min) compare to other BBs.

  10. I’m probably gonna miss out on this years Black Friday event bc my computer died and it just isn’t high on my list of expensive purchases, but last year I got Cossack B, Jean Bart B, and the Atlanta B. I love the Jean Bart, it’s well worth it, and I’ve had a lot of fun in Atlanta. I have yet to play the Cossack bc I’m not a DD player and I don’t want to take a valuable spot for a more experienced DD player for me to “play” with my new toy. I’ve heard she’s a really good ship though, almost overpowered in the hands of a good player

  11. I find these event and promo reviews you do VERY helpful….In PQ we trust!

  12. The Cossack is one of my favorite ships to play! When they have ranked seasons at that tier, it really excels. Definitely get’s a thumbs up from me!

    • Mine too , I have 21p Jingles on it & gun boat build , and reload with Main Batter specialist , Adrenaline Rush & Fearless Brawler , base reload is 4.75s , buy in mid battle you can have 3.8 s reload , I had 220k battles because of that build .

  13. I bought 12 boxes, and got Sims B, Asashio B, Loyang B and Alaska B. Think I’m pretty lucky. Still, don’t spent money on this game unless you are 120% know what you are doing.

  14. Don’t forget when you buy a decent ship you will need to take account into the power creep factor. Wg is releasing more and more powerful ships and changes that always indirectly nerfs premium ships, making most of what you get irrelevant or just straight up lose value down the line. Take the premium cruisers Stalingrad, Alaska for example. Sure they are still strong, but no where near the same ships and value you got pre nerfs. Adding to the fact new broken cvs were introduced their role got diminished even more. Whatever you buy now will very likely not have the same value in the future.

  15. Between the crates from buying the Dunkerque and the one from prime, I ended up with 2x 1350 dub crates, and 1 perm cammo. I figured the coal and Dunk were worth the chain.

  16. I really enjoy this game and would like to get a few premium ships especially Jean Bart but I just can’t get over how expensive they are, even on “sale”. A lot of those ships are more expansive than a brand new triple A game, I just can’t justify that purchase in my head even though I could afford it.

    • Dont fall for the trap of buying ships. You get the best ships when they come, then a couple of months later they release newer ships that are better than what you just bought. 6 year player with 317 ships that hasnt played in 4 or 5 months now.

    • I think Just exactly like you, mate. Its really, really expensive just to buy a T9 ship. IF wargaming used another price chart, about 1/3, or even 1/2 of their prices, so much more people would buy more ships

    • @Joao vilas boas Well a few years back when ships were the price you want now, people still complained about the price.
      100 for pixels that will be gone one day is to dam much. Especially when your really good ship that you just bought will nerfed to death so the next new ships can be just that good.

  17. Dunkerque is actually amazing deal if you have Dunkerque already as you will get mission for 1500 doubs … so you end up paying 499 doubs for Black Version – which actually got merits like 750 coal every event like this – and if you prefer camo + you can play it instead of normal DunQ once you used your +50%/100% bonus today. For 499 doubs thats not tragic.

  18. I did really well out of my sequential bundle. I was pretty much figuring on the premium time+coal justifying most of the cost in doubloons I was laying out, with me selling junk shadow lurker camos etc from inventory to recoup some spare credits.
    Got an extra 15 days of premium time, 10k of CO XP, some nice economic flags, and the sweet Garuda permanent camo for my Irian out of it. Already got a regular Dunkerqueue, so didn’t need to finish off the chain, either so saved a few Ks worth of doubleoons there and ended up making off like a bandit.

    As long as you’re not expecting more out of the bundles than “get the coal and premium time, and the rest is gravy” you can be pleasantly surprised.

  19. I got the Jean Bart, had some spare doubs laying around, said might as well get a bit more and buy it, actually amazed, the reload booster and the gun placement is amazing, the dispersion can troll but I find myself playing very aggressive with it, already had a few 70k dmg dev strikes or reload booster memery vs german BBs showing broadside and getting deleted in 3 salvos. Definitely recommend the Jean Bart.

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