The Best Players In World of Warships – Who are They and Why?

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Today we are going to look at the three different types of World of Warships players there are, and why some are better than others. These are the best players in World of Warships, but there is a reason they are so good. Also, how to use this information and your player type to get better at WoWS. Lastly, Norse75 provided some stellar Zara gameplay.


  1. …Reactionist here. And no, not a good player. I keep getting played as a fiddle by the flow of the battle, not being able to make the proper play when it’s called for, and my stats show for it.

    Zoup, I think you mistake “Reactionists” for players with more of a “Adaptive Response”(?).

    Take care.

  2. Strategist and aggressive reactionist. Go where I am needed by the team and try my best to put a few holes in ships while I’m there. I never can remember all the stats of this ship and that ship or torpedo ranges so when in doubt, empty the mag and steer around like I had a gallon of saki before the match started.

  3. I’ll be Yolonist 😀

    • Luis Edgar Menchaca

      and your teammates potatoists

    • @Luis Edgar Menchaca Potatoes are great. They have long shelf time, more resistant to pests, growing in cold weather, also contains vitamins, just like vitamin A. Just be sure to wash the skin thoroughly as they contain a little bit cyanide.
      See ? I’m a potatoist. 😛

  4. I just like shooting at ships.

  5. I think my category is like “Looking around asking for WTF is going on” v__v

  6. It’s hard to think strategy running solo. Most team mates are complete potatoes.

    • Sometimes you get team mates that are at least competent enough to realize what needs to be done (for example, to just run away and stay concealed while my team has the cap advantage but equal / down on ships). At other times, yeah, they’re complete potatoes. The joy of a solo player.

  7. Everyone has to be a reactionist at least part of the time when things come up unexpectedly. I do think I am mainly a strategist with a natural intellect tendency so have learned a lot of game mechanics and such, though haven’t taken the time to learn everything.

  8. Everybody in this game should try to be a mix of all 3 of these categories. The type of player that ruins this game, is the type that falls into NONE. The kind of player that knows nothing about any of the ships they play, doesn’t have any plan moving forward and doesn’t react to the flow of game play. The type of DD player that launches torps from WELL beyond their torp range, the type of player that yolo’s a cap in a BB and dies in the first 5 minutes and my personal favorite, the CV player that thinks he is a static airfield. It’s all well and good ‘having fun’ but at the end of the day, it is still a team game. If you yolo and die in the first minute of the game, not only are you wasting time for yourself, and probably won’t learn anything, but you also have ruined it for the other 11 players on your team. A bad player, who is wanting to learn and improve, is better than an average player who doesn’t care, ANYDAY.

    • @Dustin Goldsen Yes that is true of Ranked and Clan, but it is also for Random too. Remember that Ranked and Clan are only on limited schedule, so are not always open. If you are only there to shoot at ships and don’t care about the outcome, that is what co-op is for. If Ranked and Clan were available all the time, then it would be a different story.

    • @Greg Rientjes That’s one theory, I always try my best in Random. But someone else might argue that Training room is for practice and we should all try hard to beat the bots in Co-op. What I’m saying is that we have consensus on Co-op, Ranked and Clan battles, you seldom see arguments there. But there is not consensus on random. That is why you see all the arguing in that mode.

    • @Dustin Goldsen And I entirely agree with you. But it is that consensus on Co-op that influences how Randoms should be played. As long as you try your hardest and always try to improve, that’s the main thing. It’s the people that don;t care at all about anyone other than themselves, they are the issue.

    • @Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας Looks like you have one person to play with. Have fun with that!!! LOL

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

      @Lee Benson Would you mind trying to make some sense?

  9. And then there’s me:
    – trash

  10. I fall into the gambler category, I see your 3 battleships and I raise you 1 light cruiser.

  11. Glenn Andrei Dacara

    we need a quiz about this, we can basically pinpoint what kind of thinking we are in the game.

  12. How bout a “yoloist”? I see that type of player very very often. Unfortunately.

  13. Ignored Advice Productions

    -the “oh I see this side is collapsing, time to yeet away”

  14. Im all three before the battle starts, then “Geronimo” takes over after 2 or 3 minutes.. WR 47 and PR crap. But learning 🙂

  15. I’d settle for a player that lands his shots type 🙁

  16. Vasilis Diamantopoulos

    I’m pretty sure I belong in the trash category, but I like to identify myself as a drunk BB driver!

  17. i think im a strategist-intellect and i LOVE battleships, when i first started the game all the ships stats clicked with me cuze i already knew quite a bit about warships beforehand

  18. Please add “The potato” and “Full-weekend noob” to the list.

  19. I consider myself a Bloodhound, as I constantly sniff out the enemy team and wind up paying in blood.

  20. The irony of this video is that you – as a reactionist – made a video from the intellect category 😉

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