The Best Russian Battleship in the Game! (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. I bought 20 crates trying my luck on a Lenin or JB pull but instead got Stalingrad, along with other ships. I’d say i got very lucky with my pulls

  2. Nerdy stats on the shells.. .022 fuse and for some reason a 34mm arming threshold, which is less than Petro, even though Petro has 220mm guns and Stalingrad has 305s 🙃

  3. @simpinainteasy1916

    For those that didn’t know, this was the first Premium BB for the Russian at Tier 10 on PC then it was eventually changed to a cruiser.
    Also I find that Perto works better using Ivan B Delightful as a commander with Yamamoto as one of the inspirations.

  4. Thank you for your Warspite history video. A magnificent ship with a truly storied service. A true shame she was scrapped.
    And good grief, she’s tough. Sure, she’s not the USS Nevada, the Ship that wouldn’t sink, nor the USS Laffey, the ship that wouldn’t die, but the Grand Old Lady took a lickin’ and kept on tickin’ over and over again, and She’d get patched up and be right back in it. And a 27,000 meter hit from those guns is enough to make anyone reconsider their life choices.
    So glad I pulled Warspite on my first Santa season, I am loving Her.

  5. Got Stalingrad from the free gift crates and have been loving it! Last night I did 162k and 2900 base XP in it

  6. That poor Musashi, yeah I didn’t know Stalingrads guns were like that.

  7. Nice showcase, well done!

  8. Yeah, Ohio isn’t broken or anything, just another strong ship locked behind a paywall. It that sense Ohio is a little “pay to win” or maybe rather “pay for a strong ship”.

    • I mean most ships are strong and hard to sell bad ships right?..

      Trust me I don’t like a lot of the stuff WG does in the game but ohio is at least reasonably priced assuming you grind out the Campaign and not buy the Campaign out

    • @@SpartanElite43
      I would say most ships are average. Ohio is clearly above average to the point it might receive a nerf, you said so yourself.
      My issue is the ship is both above average and is behind a paywall – I’m told the price of the campaign and some crates to get enough event currency for the ship, meaning f2p players don’t have access to it.
      I don’t like it when devs introduce strong ships behind a paywall, even a small one, to encourage people to hand over money, in effect, paying for an advantage, and after they received their payday they balance the ship later. Even worse, when WG nerfs the ship then makes it free to play.
      It sends the message that paying for an advantage is something to be normalized.

    • Pay wall? Just reset the line and get more RB😂 you cant get Ohio even you have money!

    • And thats why i wont pay. Itll get nerfed or power crept as soon as you handover the cash anyway

    • this is the console version of the game not the pc version so unfortunately it is locked behind a paywall currently@@THE_MAGISTRI

  9. Italian BBs are hit and miss…have had some gg in them and also sent back to Port quickly as well.

  10. Petropavlovsk is a good russian battleship too

  11. @CRAZYHORSE19682003

    I have said since closed beta on the PC, ships and commanders help the player to an extent but they are not going to make a bad player suddenly a good player. A bad player might have good games, for them in the Ohio or Stalingrad but when you compare their stats in those ships to everyone else, they are still the same 40& win rate player playing in a really strong ship.

  12. You did 3k damage to that Yama that you “Yeeted” 😂 love the videos!

  13. oh that’s surprising to me. Actually in PC version, the developers have made Stallingrad as a top quality premium cruiser that a player could get in exchange for steel.. I don’t know. Did they really make it a battleship in console version?

    • Stalingrad is a Cruiser but I always say it is the best Russian BB because its so tanky and hard hitting and it doesnt have the limited DCs that the Russian BBs have.

      Personally I would take Stalingrad over any of the russian BBs currently in the game.. although we dont currently have a top tier russian BB

  14. tbh I forgot about Stalingrad when Ohio came to Legends, so I say Ohio and Stalingrad are 2 very strong and powerful ships they have their own down sides but they do great and Spartan I’m happy Stalingrad got her HE shells because now we can see what Stalingrad can do on Legends like she can do things on PC

  15. For me Ohio with New Jersey is a bit too strong when you just farm him with a Des Moines during 4/5 min and the only moment she shoot on you, she destroy you from 45k to 0, almost bow tanking at 15 km. Even if I didn’t make any mistake, he managed to evaporate me out of the game just by pressing 2 butons haha (sry for the english, I’m a french sailor)

  16. @lordstarkiller6955

    I disagree about it being a battleship because it is no different from playing a Alaska it might have battleship guns but it still has cruiser armor just better platting to take damage easier and bounce shells so I would still call it a battle cruiser

  17. Hopefully Ohios future Nerf will be like Kansas’ and Shimakazes Nerf. 😁

  18. Callback to a past video:

    Man, thank you SO MUCH for showcasing the secondary build Flandre. It’s taken me a bit long to get Emile Guepratte to a worthy level, been focusing on Bureau commanders, but i’m now never going back to Jaujard. That extra pen% is so much more detrimental than i expected.

  19. BTW, the musashi you hit got yeeted by the friendly battleship. I saw 2751 damage and 3 overpens from your side lol

  20. Rng for me so far is getting people down to like 500 hp and then watching 2 shells miss

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