The BEST Ships at Legendary Tier in World of Warships Legends #shorts

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All in game footage recorded by me in the game World of Warships Legends.
-Derka, North American Community Contributor

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  1. great content as always

  2. Demosthenes Tserikis

    Cleber used to be right there before the nerfs…

    • Yeah…a moment of silence for OG Kleber

    • I find it so unfair for the French DDs. No gunboat commander, nerf of the concealment with the booster in use perk, no smoke (yes it’s their particularity but still), the 6km torps for the Mogador and Kleber. The only upgarde is the second reload booster. Great, but in comparison to all the weaknesses, it’s nothing and I’m pretry mad at WG for that.

    • ​@thisma3378 Violette is the commander I use, and his base trait is great when maxed out. Your speed will do more for you than concealment, and I recommend utilizing the guns more often. I’ve got almost 2k games in it with a 63% WR, so it’s definitely effective if played correctly.

  3. Daring
    – SFAP means short fused AP
    – FPM means Fires Per Minute
    And finally, shes actually third in concealment, I had it written down wrong 😢

    But with only a .4 km worse detection than Shima (best concealent at tier)…this doesn’t change my opinion of this being the best DD!

  4. Again, I hope this is “Pt 1” 😂 but I agree with part of it

  5. Iowa_Peacemaker_

    All British, I like it, mino is still my fave leg tier cruiser, she just does things that others can’t. Loved this white series! Also, what do u think about Giuseppe Verdi??

  6. Vincent The Keeper

    The only one I agree with is Daring. Then probably Montana and Des Moine would be my votes.

  7. Not too sure on conq but honestly looking at lt there are so many good options. Balancing by making everything op

  8. So I noticed you didn’t do T3, T5, T7 or legendary aircraft carriers are you planning on doing them in their own short or not really bother?

  9. Cheeseman Ethan freitas

    Thx bro shimakazi has left the chat 😂😂

  10. Shocking Yamato didnt make it but it is a fight between Yamato and Conquerer

  11. Daring, Des Moines, Yama is the correct three I’m afraid

  12. I think that Yamato could also be accounted as the best BB: you still have the ability to pen everyone regardless of the angle (because balans) and unlike Conqueror, you also have decent armor. With that being said… Conqueror can still put up stupid amounts of HE damage 😂

  13. All hail Conqkek! ❤

  14. “Mistress of the Seas”

  15. I must be from the old guard lol

    Gk (built for guns)

  16. I prefer Khabarovsk to literally everthing else. I wish she didnt have Stalingrad Rudder on a DD though.

  17. I just think Des Moines shreds mino so hard that it’s just a bit better if your not brain dead

  18. All good ships. Conquerer is damned strong but for me I gotta go with Bourgogne for top LT Battleship

  19. When I got the Mino back then, I used to hate it. Now I fucking love it 😂

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