The BEST Ships to Grind Credits in World of Warships Legends #shorts

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All in game footage recorded by me in the game World of Warships Legends.
-Derka, North American Community Contributor

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  1. Predictions on what the number one credit farming ship in the game is?

    Stay tuned to find out! (Also these are just my opinion 😊)

    • Mikasa obviously

      Personaly i don’t have a go to to farm credits, could be JB but i’m kinda bored with it with how much i play it, for now let’s just say perfect 10 cuz i just got it, and Plymouth is my prediction

    • Pooshan Kapuganty

      I’m gonna take a wild guess and say either friesland or suzuya. Both ships print credits for me

    • Guess we’ll wait and see! But one hint….the list is entirely made up of cruisers. In my experience, they always have the highest credit earning potential, over BBs and DDs (yeah even Friesland). An interesting thing to do is go look at the world XP and damage records….and see what ships have the highest silver earnings for those matches 😄 light cruisers are king.

    • @Derka Games how can i look at these ? Btw i’m not that surprised, don’t know why though, for sure i’ve always found that cruisers make more money, too bad i’m not fan of light cruisers though

    • @A proud Baguette go to the official wowsl discord

  2. Spirit of Vengeance

    I like your channel man, please make more how to play certain ship classes please. Struggling in the game.

  3. Noted.Thank’s Derka!

  4. Number 1 will be either Plymouth, Suzuya or Kutuzov but the list is probably going to be 15 premium light cruisers wuth maybe a special heavy cruiser mention like wichita. Still a noce short keep it up.

  5. Also…should have an asterisk…due to these ships being able to be deleted as soon as a BB looks at you.

  6. عمر الغامدي

    and the bismark b its powerful ship for earning credits, my max earned is about 900k in one game🔥

  7. Friesland ftw👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  8. I got abruzzi out of a crate and I don’t use it for credits, it’s pure fun to play and with an agile build it really satisfying to dodge shells!

  9. Cannot wait for the next part

  10. Tier 6 has to be Kidd or Oland for me. 600k in the bank 90% of the time.

  11. Friesland is my new credit earner especially when I can hunt enemy destroyers and kill over 20 enemy aircraft

  12. The atlanta will turn coin and well🎉🤑

  13. Abba is always good

  14. Rental Plymouth got 1.1milion once:)

  15. Hey, Newbie here..what makes some ships better to Grind credits than others?

  16. I like these shorts derka

  17. Gang Applebees on IG

    Atlantico is just like crack

  18. I have to agree 💯😊😊

  19. Well done bro

  20. I’ve just brushed over all of the major WoW:L content creators and you are by far, the best WoW:L content creator. Far more calm and collected than Spartan the sore loser. More professional than Rapidz. More informative than Let um peek. More engaging than Hipper and overall just more effort into your videos. Good shit man, keep up the good work.

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