The BEST Ships to Grind Credits (Pt2) in World of Warships Legends #shorts

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All in game footage recorded by me in the game World of Warships Legends.
-Derka, North American Community Contributor

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  1. Nice 👍😊

  2. Ah yes the Weimer 😂. Good video!

  3. Predictions on the Top 5????

    Have a great day everyone!

  4. My baby Azuma looks so beautiful here. Can’t go broadside and those 16”+ shells are scary but she hits like an American BB with those guns. Maybe the best HE/AP combo in the game, they’re both straight nuts

  5. Would have put Wichita at 6th place, mine is a freaking credit printer, and my number 1 xp cruiser at tier 7 lol

  6. Sakarias Fjellstad

    Nr 1 freisland nr2 Plymouth

  7. Given Weimer is in the top 7, Mainz is in top 5, with Suzuya(2) and AL Chepavey(1). For 3-4 some ships I don’t own. I am predicting Bayard and another cruiser (Belfast?Kutuzov or some of the new releases). A couple years ago Yudachi would have been on the top but currently DDs can not be consistent money makers. BBs and CVs are just a reference.

  8. WouldDes Moines be number one? Also great shorts by the way.

  9. Personally, Congress has been printing credits for me, even on losses.

  10. Ah Yes, I have been looking forward to it

  11. None of the above 🤔

    • Christoffer Ahnstedt

      What’s your 10-6 top earners then (he didn’t disclose his top 5 yet)?

    • @Christoffer Ahnstedt at the end of the day it’s all just opinions…except my number 1. It is bar none, hands down, not even close, the best credit farmer lol

    • @Christoffer Ahnstedt bismarck😎
      V111 AGIR
      Al new jersey
      Iv konigseberg
      King George.
      Giuseppe verdi
      F. DER GROBE
      V1 YORK
      That’s the fleet that works for me in close combat.
      World of warships legends.
      We really need a command for pushing forward on target 🤔.. To many folk holding back because they are afraid of being sunk 👀.. Anyways the fleet above as mentioned works for the first sea lord corva248 💪

  12. Yay, so now I need pt3 like yesterday lol

  13. عمر الغامدي

    personally the boise is the best for credit 🔥

  14. The New Jersey is a very good ship to farm, you usually come first and win over half a million.

  15. biggest rippoff ever

  16. Christoffer Ahnstedt

    Weimar for god sake, not “Weimer”.😂

    For me the top earner has been AL Chappy since a while. 🙂

    Curious to see your top 5!

  17. You streaming this weekend?

  18. So far I have none, oh yeah

  19. Friesland. ❤

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