The Best Tier 7 Battleship? (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. David – we’ve spoke before I work on superyachts in the Mediterranean I’m on a break right now and I’m like YES an upload !Your content is great and you help a lot of people out. Enjoy your afternoon David your an amazing person!!

  2. HEY SPARTAN, I just want to to suggest used a font that is better suitable for your Vids. Dark red color in a SERIF type gets lost must of the time. But if u used SAN SERIF bold or semi bold type with a fine outline of white, that can solve the problem. Font San serif types: Myriad / tahoma / Expo sans pro / franklin gothic medium. Im a graphic designer, so if I can help u in any way regards to your video thumbnail, just let me know. No charge, of course,

  3. In my opinion the best is the iowa

  4. Hellos Spartan you indicated that you’re struggling with some issues what can I or we as a community of followers do to help just want you to know There are people that care

  5. Dustin Thatcher

    Keep your head up Spartan you will get through it

  6. One could argue the Kansas could be uptiered like the Weimar. Just needs a higher hp pool

    • if the Montana wasn’t a thing maybe, but I wouldn’t see a point to have the Kansas at Legendary tier when a better ship already exists there. I say it’s fine where it is.

    • @thyberS119
      Yeah, plus, not sure Kansa really has the armor to slug it out with the likes of Montana, Conqueror, Kurfurst, or even post-nerf Yamato (when poor Yami can hit anything…)
      Kansas has the guns and turns well enough to be dangerous to legendaries but still has a tendency to take citadels from weird angles. I’m with you, she’s fine where she is and Montana already fills the role of a legendary american bb.

  7. Hey Spartan, I know that you are struggling mentally but if you need a break take one, it’s fine just to stop posting maybe for a few days to get better mentally, I hope you feel better really soon.

  8. Toad Plush Soft boi

    No, Courbet is the best battleship. I’m saying this jokingly

  9. Take care of urself Spartan. Take a couple days and do whatever you enjoy, when i get down i hit all the pawn and game stores. Cheers me right up.

  10. Christopher Hill

    My Brother , try an ice pack for the surface swelling . I can’t tell you what med to take. ( Not an MD ) . Hey , keep that chin up. You went through a traumatic event . Things do take time to calm down . Every person is different and heals differently . Don’t get down on yourself. Stay positive my friend ! You got this !

  11. John N Vicki Sollenbarger

    Hang in there brother. Medical issues are always different for everyone

  12. Marshall Murphy

    Always enjoy your videos man, hang in there! I really appreciate what you do for the community. Praying for you

  13. Hope you feel better soon, mentally and physically! ♥

  14. Hope you get your troumers sorted soon. If you need a break we’re still be here bud. You only get one body take care of it

  15. The prophet Of truth

    Is the Kansas worth the grind, currently in the Nevada and I’m having a blast in it

  16. Everything is going to be alright mate, fight through it and you’ll come out stronger than before

  17. Fallen Palladin

    Back in the 80’s and 90’s the recovery time was 2-4 weeks I think

  18. Nicholas Stocks

    Hang in there, Spartan! Got your merch coming in! Your friends up north are grateful for your existence.

  19. Spartan disphoria + hormones at 30+ is rough. I don’t know your situation but a lot of other trans people struggle at the acceptance phase 1-3 years into transition (me included). Love your work and as someone who is trying to start streaming as a not passing trans person, your openness about your journey will change my path in this community, thank you!!!!

    Best of luck with your recovery, if you need support there are a lot more resources than are immediately apparent please look for them.

    • Spartan Elite43

      It can be rough for sure but I’m just happy I don’t have to hide anymore!

    • @Spartan Elite43 it’s a weight off but brings new challenges with the opportunities. A little jealous of how your hair is going but that’s fine 🙂

    • Spartan Elite43

      @Citadel City haha a lot of folks love my hair! I’m super excited for my first ever styling and color and makeover coming up on June 18th!

      Will be posting my pictures to my Instagram when I do!

    • @Spartan Elite43 I hope it is not too scary and a genuinely affirming experience! 🙂

  20. New to your content, but loved every video I’ve watched! I got a question. What’s the best well-rounded Tier 6 premium? I haven’t got a premium ship yet but I’m looking to get one now

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