THE BIGGEST SHIP IN THE SEA (World of Warships Gameplay)

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is a free-to-play, historical, online combat game from . Command a massive naval fleet featuring some of history’s most iconic war vessels, level up important tech modules and prepare to dominate the oceans in . With four classes of ships, myriad upgrades, and strategically designed environments, the action never ends and every match is a unique experience. brings players endless hours of , tactical and pulse pounding combat!

Every time you leave a like, our ship sinks.

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  2. my ships bigger than yours ;)

  3. welcome to the gloomy day known as d-day,boys!!!

  4. aw nman… over 500 views

  5. Majestic BudderMaster

    Ze,I have the same problem.I have a giant ship,but it’s slow and it take
    twenty seconds for me to launch while all the other guys ships only take
    ten.Heres what I say,find a girl who is quantity over quality,they always
    dig my ship.

  6. if you had this game you need world of tanks

  7. Anyone else think ze and chilled will wind up on the wrong end of a Jingles

  8. fucking love this game

  9. War thunder is so much better.

  10. As soon as I saw the title I knew it was sponsored… no one would play
    this shit game voluntarily

  11. As an experienced wows player this enjoyable and painful to watch

  12. K'nextreme Productions

    Eww… play war thunder ya nerd

  13. I’m gonna play this game when I download

  14. Good birthday present

  15. They used one gun type the whole game lol

  16. okay this is some of the funniest shit i have seen in a long time……
    Newbies in tier 10s hmm maybe u should start a little lower :-D

  17. As a WOWs player. this is so painful to watch, yet so entertaining, cuz
    they’re the derps lol.

  18. Love/hate relationship with these kinds of ads, really nice that youtubers
    you like are playing the game but why won’t they ever try to learn the
    game. I mean I know why, it’s cringy and painful to watch for most people
    who already play this game but it’s funny for potential new players who are
    the target audience for this advertisement. Wargaming got what they wanted.

  19. 18:28
    General Patton anyone?

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