The Bismarck in World of Warships Legends

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A compilation of my funny moments and memes in the Tier 7 German Battleship: Bismarck

Sabaton – Bismarck
Kasernenchor Wellersberg – Der mächtigste König im Luftrevier


  1. Jäätävä Jööti

    I don’t know if you remember but I think yesterday in the land of fire I was the enemy teams Baltimore who got 7 kills and I just wanted to say that I’m a big fan of yours.

  2. Konsti Mikirtychyants

    I hear the music, I see the title and the hood and I know this will be good

  3. Awesome Aiden 52

    my favorite battleship in my favorite game. what could be better?

  4. I see the first clip, auto like.

  5. Bismark is definitely the king of the ocean.

  6. Evan Stewart-Brown

    Don’t say it. _Don’t_ say it. Don’t-
    it’s an instinct at this point

  7. Next vid should either be Georgia, California, or Massachusetts.

  8. 1:55 ドイツの科学は世界一ィィ!!

  9. History often repeats itself, even in virtual form!

  10. hood when she got citadeled: *ahegao noises*

  11. Short, sweet but most of all just great. Thanks for putting out this video pgrapidz. It was just great to watch her actually score formidable salvos for ones. Cant wait for what you have in store next.

  12. The Bismarck is really good for *almost* deleting stuff. You had so many close dev strikes.

  13. If only my rng were as good as yours🥺

  14. Ah yes, the Buffmarck, king of the ocean 👌🏽

  15. I wish the Bismarck actually played like this 80% of the time

  16. How flattering of you to make this 😉

  17. The last clip was hilarious

  18. doomguy .23 from mars

    Because u used sabaton u have earned my respect

  19. That was fucking beautiful. Glad I subscribed, this is some dope ass crack to start my day.

  20. I was killing it with the Bismarck before the buffs, now it just feels like cheating.

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