The Bourgogne Review No One Asked For | World of Warships

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The fastest BBaguette in the seas.

Dezkatek – Mazeltov
Marche du Premier RI de la garde Républicaine France
We Will Rock You – Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra
Gawr Gura – Ride on Time (Cover)


  1. oh new denarmo upload lemme watch this quick and ill give a 1 word summary of my enjoyment.


  2. Bourgogne is the ultimate destroyer of dreams. The ultimate smolensk remover

  3. Bourgogne: King Louis IV reincarnated as a ship. Why? Because he/she gets everything and telling other peasant ships to f*ck off

  4. When getting your first steel ship, there’s two kinds of people:

    The pleb Stalingrad fanboy versus the chad Bourgogne enjoyer

    • I bought Flint back in the old days…. And will Shikishima will be the next. I’m fine with my Jean Bart, and Stalingrad is a sign ship, it shows how bad someone and try to conpensate.
      Edit: Oh and I dunno how much steel I spent for Coal ships too. XD

    • I plan on getting the Stalingrad first simply because you’re only allowed 1 BB in Clan Battles, and we have a lot of BB mains. Besides, the Stalingrad is practically a BB anyways.

    • @Eric Lee ohh yeah

    • @StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

      Stalingrad is the go to ship in any competitive setting though, as it scales incredibly well with the players skill, a idiot will get drv struck faster then mino,while a good player will be basically unkillable and wrecking havoc.

    • @Thel ‘Vadam Never seen an “unkillable” good player with Stalingrad.

  5. Last time I was this early the Maginot Line was still intact.

  6. It finally happened lel, i knew it would sooner or later. Good job

  7. damn that track was fire asfk in the beginning

  8. This ship makes me so angry, like what was even the point of me popping the reload booster if I devstrike him with the first volley wtf

  9. You are like Yuro whit the relode bosster activated.

  10. Oh that outro, I see you’re a man of culture 😉

  11. Amazing video as always. Keep up the great work!

    P.s. Best. Outro. Ever.

  12. everyone thats gotten into VTubers be like: a

  13. LMAO this vid Made me “a”

  14. I approve of this joke. give more likes to this guy.

  15. Ride on time is one of the grooviest songs possible.

  16. Gordon Goldsteinburg

    Any true Baguette lover knows when it goes stale – you pop it in a soup for a good ass C r o n c h.

  17. Paint me like one of your french girls

  18. Any doubts I had of Denarmo being a weeb were just smashed to bits by that outro.

    Edit: Internal monolog- “one of us, one of us.”

  19. Bone app the teeth

  20. To every gentleman who knows what happened at the last bit of the video


  21. @Andrew SD Nice pun.

  22. @selectthedead We will rock you

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