The Brandenburg in World of Warships Legends

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A compilation of my funny moments and memes in the Tier 7 German Battleship: Brandenburg


  1. Dude you have sooo much potential but unfortunately wows legends doesn’t has the Biggest community

  2. I love the brandenburg, but it’s not designed for tanking in open water, then having your torp tubes destroyed 75% of the time you close in for a brawl… it can be very frustrating too

  3. A proud Baguette

    Man the only drawback of this ship is the “torpedo tube destroyed !”

  4. I’ve only gotten the Brandenburg yesterday but I’M ALREADY FOCKING LOVING THE BATTLESHIP. It’s seriously a lot of fun, and the speed! Boi the speed! Most players (especially camping twats behind islands) don’t expect a battleship to be zooming past around islands sneaking its way to them. The secondaries reaching out and tearing apart DDs is just an added bonus honestly, but a welcome one regardless. The only real downside for me is the firing angle and having no sonar (because of that, DDs aren’t afraid to try bum rushing you, which rarely works but still annoying to deal with it), and the rudder shift time is a bit of a bummer. Other than those, the ship is incredible.

    Also for anyone reading this, follow rapidz’s advice, don’t go rushing in at the start of the match. Hang around the back the first 4-6 minutes, then start pushing in with teammates. Only push forward within the first 5 minutes if you think it will put you at an advantage (especially if it looks like the enemy was dumb enough to abandon the flank you’re in). This ship shines best during mid to late because that’s when you’re mostly likely to catch an enemy at an unfavorable position (because they’ve been moving around the map). The speed really helps with that.

    Also, I’m already expecting the annoying reality that players will be spamming this ship, along with Odin and Tirpitz, during the T7 1vs1 Rank Season. Much like last season where you frequently went up against Scharnhorst and Gneisenau.

  5. This is my new favourite ship in the game, Hide with Lyons and Von Hipper as inspirations makes it a fire starting machine.

  6. I love this ship; got my best t7 game in her with 264k damage

  7. Croatian_gamer [SGE007]

    Bismarck: “I am the king of the seas”
    Brandenburg: “hold my ERIKA”

  8. A warship i would have in my port so much, since my Tirpitz is just a floating pinata eating easy damage everywhere at any angles since her armor is not super thick enough to bounce off against bigger threats.

    I would trade those 15 inch guns for triple turrets 12 inch guns with Bismarck secondaries range along with extra layers of armor, *good trade offer to me i think.*

    And also Brandenburg has more thicker deck armor at the center, which reduces greatly getting citadel by plunging fires. And my god she has scharnhorst 350mm middle finger belt, and has a bigger icebreaker armor to withstand yamato weeabo shells in close quarters, less chances to get pen the upper 32mm bow. 👀👍🏼

  9. I think they buffed Tirpitz torpedo tunes health. They can still get knocked out but not nearly as much as Brandenberg. Tirpitz is still my favorite, just due to the fact it was actually a ship and has history.

  10. All the players (beside the German BB secondary enjoyer) : NOOOOOOOOO!!! YOU CAN’T BRAWL IN AND KILL HALF OF OUR TEAM WITH YOUR SECONDARY’S!!!!
    All the German BB secondary enjoyers : Hu Hu, SECONDARY goes : Tatatattatatatatatata and burns all your ship!! Hu Hu…

  11. man this video has single handidely convinced me to buy this ship !!! also the campaigns are too easy to grind now, i got to level 100 withough even looking at what the missions were, they just got done as i played!

    • That’s fine, the campaigns are more forgiving and doable now for people who don’t have 2-3 hours a day to play the game everyday. Not everyone has such free times.

  12. hi unrelated to the vid, but is there a way to see what the reward for each stage in a bureau project is beforehand, i’m interested in knowing a full breakdown of the rewards from the shima and the conqueror

  13. y yo casi llego al nivel 100 pero me faltaron 700 doblones para el respaldo

  14. ‘Dont full send it at the start of the match’
    But the 1/10 times it works its so funnnnn

  15. The Tyler1 meme on the Kraken always kills me 😂

  16. I stay with Azur Lane Scharnhorst as my go to BB german commander since she s 16-4

  17. DUDE! This is the best video I have seen and i’ve been playing wows for 18 months. Proper edit and production. Not just whiney 1 takes or sections of a live stream. I love this ship and it was the first campaign I bought out day 1. I almost exclusively run brawlers with Sharny having 4m elite xp. This video spoke to me. Well done, instant subscribe! My div mates will to. Recently I came to the same conclusion as you. You can’t really push in a full secondary Burg, it will just mis broad side BB at 7kw when it should be a dev strike. Yesterday i started experimenting with builds using Hyde or Hipper. QUESTION.. Kedrov seems a bit of a waste when you can use Running With Scissors… Yeah you take a debuff in dispersion, but with Aiming Mod 1, marksmanship and Cunningham surely that’s plenty ? I find the shots spread nicely horizontally, but tend to drop short or go over. Cunningham stops that from happening and you start finishing a cruisers came with the mains. I’m waffling, just saying i would have thought Cunningham, aiming mod, marksmanship, RWS would be a better over all outcome.

  18. xAgentOfChaos_87

    Wait till the update when u can set secondaries, she going to more awesome

  19. This video made me buy it, and im so happy my second game i got 150k, high call 4 kills 2 secondary kills 3 torp hits a dev strike…. The list goes on what a ship!!

  20. Can’t imagine what Pommern with higher caliber main gun can do if WG bring it to Legend

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