The British Giant Lion – 228k Dmg || World of Warships

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Player: GoddessUni Ship: : IX
British Giant Lion – 228k ||
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  1. Do you have any KGV gameplay panzer??

  2. Sorry to say man but this guys target choice/use of ammo type/aim was horrible, he was just lucky no one really shot him until almost no one was left

  3. This is PAINFUL to watch. This guy has no idea how to choose target. A well deserved lost.

  4. play the Iowa now

  5. Lukygamer1983 remake

    very great idiot dickhead player….very lot…

  6. Lukygamer1983 remake

    the gay rabbit..this player…

  7. Typical british BB gameplay does not tank in order to help the team, HE spams from the back and runs like a true pussy when cornered. :)))))))

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