The Champagne Review No One Asked For | World of Warships

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Gokujou Parodius OST – Paroparo Dancing!

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  1. Finally i get to play artillery in wows

  2. What is this upload speed now PogChamp

  3. If only Denarmo did a G.K. review, but I wouldn’t expect him to do one.

  4. mhmmm yes, bread

  5. This ship is just the embodiment of the word bruh

  6. Genova when?

    The cheese can’t save you forever.

  7. The second monitor comment made me choke on my beverage!!!

  8. A new vid? After only a week? What is this? A consistent upload schedule? It can’t be.

  9. This ship sits so far back behind the front line not even Rommel’s 7th Panzer Division could reach it in time >end mandatory “lul France ww2” joke

  10. Never thought I’d see Mr. Regular in a Denarmo video

  11. The feeling of fresh French bread out of the oven with butter, that’s this video, it just comforts you.

  12. That intro. I was not expecting remixed Dvorak’s 9th Symphony.

  13. Memeposter Amagi

    Dena’s upload speed is now faster than the shell velocity of Champagne

    Are you high again?

  14. Light Cruiser Yubari

    The Mr. Regular on the stern… how cultured.

  15. The official ship of Hanzo mains… I’m really, really gonna hate this thing aren’t I

    Edit: less health than Odin??? How?

  16. “…gave it the least amount of hp for a tier 8 battleship”

    Odin: *Confused in German*

  17. “Looking Back on it I remember more the good shots I got in it rather getting eaten out like a Buttered Croissant!” XD

  18. When everyone complaining about the low HP on Odin…
    * Champagne join the chat *

  19. The meme posted at 3:12 was originally created by PROUD FURRY. I try to keep up with the sources on bote memes to credit people from the community but this one slipped up.

    Here is the link to his post:

  20. ” your shells are faster than rule 34 artists when azur lane releases a new waifu ” caught me off guard

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