The cheapest way to create realistic water / World of Warships Blitz

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  1. My Dream in Cardboard

    This tehnic is very good.

  2. KienThucQuanhTa Creative Diy Ideas

    rất tuyệt vời

  3. Lo intentaré ASER

  4. Owesome

  5. gabriela herrera

    Te quedó muy padre 😉

  6. Wow 👍

  7. One thing only: the frame around destroys the translucency effect, some blue or transparent would have been much better, unless clients specification suggests otherwise 😉

  8. DIY Projects Crafts

    cool buddy, btw the plaster, is that white cement or what?


    Fantastic !!

  10. Lovely

  11. This is fantastic! The idea of using aluminium foil as a basis for the ocean is brilliant, and has never occurred to me. Thank you for this instructional video.

  12. Amazing work. You should make the Nautilus.

  13. I’ll try it at home

  14. Alberto Izquierdo

    For the Emperor!!!!!!

  15. Loved your talent👍👍👍👍👍

  16. Love your videos, thanks for posting! <3

  17. You really have nailed several ways to get ocean waves just right! And i like this method, extremely effective without resin, will try it out 🙂
    After the foil what was the preparation you used, just normal plaster of Paris? Kinda looks like it

  18. Gianluca Fornari

    The cheapest??? U have to buy an airbrush and 4 type of material on the store… i don’t think it’s the cheapest…

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