The Congress Review No One Asked For | World of Warships

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  1. Cant wait for the next Genshin Video


    Thank you for remind me I still lack a Hu-Tao waifu on my harem…FAQ Denarmo xD

  3. I used to be a Pepsi fan.. then I saw this video.. I feel conflicted.

  4. I hate Congress.
    And I’m not talking about the boat.

  5. Disappointing, just like actual congress.

  6. “it’s the only ship i have fun with anymore” … *enter gif of troll face becoming sad* me too kid, me too

  7. Przemysław Krzekobrzegoszczyński

    God, this game is just so disappointing now. I can’t say it’s truly bad, but it sure ain’t good either. Just bunch of lukewarmness punctuated by WeeGee somehow fucking something up or making a money grab every few months.

  8. i love how they put so many ENTIRE lines of premiums that could have end up in the tech tree …..

  9. Unfortunate Watcher

    Thank you Denarmo for the video, even if the algorithm disagrees.

  10. I love your straight forward, honest reviews as of late. Yes, they could be called negative. However, unlike some CCs its not just pandering to a flock.

  11. This game is making you sad. You should not do things that make you sad.

  12. Zesty Taco Productions

    That ending bit: 11/10

  13. Now, for 11.3k doubloons, you can have the unique experience of being on fire just as hard as actual Congress every time it assembles.

    Also, Bepis.

  14. This game is a heck of a lot more enjoyable from the side lines with popcorn these days, just make sure it is not found on any storage media you own.

  15. A Denarmo video with a Frank Sinatra song in it, good times, good times.

  16. Love the Old Blues Eyes to close out the video. I too have lost almost all interest in WoWs. It was easily the most expensive F2P game I ever tried. 🙂

  17. Just we wait, we’ll get one with three double turrets with no heal at Tier 7 when this gets removed from sale after a year.

  18. I can for the LuLz but I ended up feeling sad for a Defeat Yuro/Denarmo who once loved this game oh how the times have changed and not always for the better lol.

  19. thank you to remind me my painful daily artifact grinding for my hu tao, with that hu tao in this review

  20. Yep..the game is a mess right now..I’ve gone through the circle of 7 stages of grief and am back at stage 1 denial..hoping that WG will make ranked battles less boring and balance the game a bit better.

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