The Conqueror in World of Warships Legends (Best Moments)

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A compilation of my and memes in the British Legendary Battleship: Conqueror


  1. I was waiting for this video so much
    I’m THAkaji FN on xbox by the way always love ur vids man

  2. Hahahahaha

  3. I hope the carriers aren’t op like in the pc version

    Lmao great video man

    • to be fair the very concept of Carriers is OP, being able to instantly create crossfires without risking your health pool is a tad silly in my book

      BUT, from what we’ve seen so far the planes are slow, there’s no rocket planes and AA doesn’t count towards detection which means DDs are safe for the most part so i have high hopes for carriers in legends

      I just want to get my hands on them already haha

    • @pgrapidz yhm, so BBs now will have to struggle with torps, HE spam and bombers xD

    • @Foor1o86 asd it’s quite funny, BB players wanted CVs the most to counter Destroyers yet in reality BBs will most likely be the most affected class

    • @pgrapidz technically cvs being op is the most historically accurate thing about this game as they ended the battleship era and sunk Yamato plus Bismarcked the Bismarck.
      F in the chat bois
      aircraft carriers can also be used for ground strikes as well (The British were the first to show the carrier’s full potential at the battle of Taranto using swordfish)showing they are the next generation of ships

    • @pgrapidz this will be hilarious

  4. I was literally crying at the bismark fires

  5. Me bored af on a Sunday night

    Pg rapidz : allow me to introduce myself 🤣

  6. Evan Stewart-Brown

    No one:

    Absolutely no one:

    *haha 16k HE salvo goes brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrttt*

  7. Whoa almost thought this was world of warships funny #150 lol great vid dude

  8. I love this ship so much man you literally can’t put less than 100k damage in this

    And what i love more is when there is one against me and i’m like free damages !

  9. Teach me Senpai!

  10. Absolute masterclass! I think im doing something wrong tho, never seem to get more then 170k in this thing. But in gk etc i can get 200k pretty easy. Is there a tip from u maybe?

  11. Your channel is growing quickly keep the good work

  12. Bruh u make it look easy to hit those citadels so satisfying

  13. what build and commander setup?

  14. I will miss her too

  15. Lol nice editing dude I like the vid and the conqueror will be reaserching it when it comes out in bearau

  16. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 another one that make me laugh thanks PG

  17. My guy those edits were on point

  18. I enjoyed this immensely

  19. I got a dev strike on a woster using he on conqurer

  20. W H E N Y O U C O L O N I Z I N

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