The Current State of Battleships in World of Warships – Spring 2018

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Now that French battleships have been out for a little while it’s time to take a look at where things sit with Battleships. The scourge of RN HE appears to be behind us, or at least less prevalent. That Musashi is so hot right now. Ther newer BBs are looking very good, while the older BBs aren’t aging too gracefully. Despite this, I think BBs are in a very good place, and I think WG got the French line right. That being said, let’s take a look at the current state of battleships World of Warships has set before us in Spring 2018.


  1. every time I see Alsace my brain screams at me “this is what Iowa should be”

  2. But_Can_ You_Meme

    I adore my Nelson and it’s awesome AP. The grouping of the shells makes it a citadel monster. Players spamming HE from Nelson make me sad at their lack of sense and/or lazyness. They have a choice of dealing massive AP damage or 100% repairable fire damage, so ofc they go with the fire lol

    • But_Can_ You_Meme Thank you sir. I also watch several of your suggested folks such as ichase etc but they are often so worried about how they come across to WG and being “PC” that I feel we dont get the whole story lol. If more really good “normal people” uploaded games I think it would be helpful for other players that need good examples to follow. Anyway, tnx for your posts and reply. Hope to NOT see you on the “red team.” 😉

    • I already pointed out all of the things needed pointing out.
      i dont remember saying that AP is pure absolute shit that doesnt do anything done. it does get shit done, but you gotta pray to rng all day long due to bad dispersion + lower pen value+lower citadel damage.

      overall description just points out how HE is superior to AP. it gets job done better.
      If you think tick damage is shit then u need to git gud. Tick damage can be extremely effective.
      set a fire on one ship he burns, set a fire on another ship he burns, set a third ship on fire and you are actively damaging three ships at the same time. yes they can all heal that damage but until the next heal is ready they are loosing health, it is health they might have but dont. and if you have 2 more ships shooting one of them your overall dpm is increased due to fires doing their own thing and anything else you and your team do is a bonus. + concealment goes up by 2km when you are on fire. so you were pushing and started getting focused. you are dead. no heal is gonna save you there. only thing thats gonna keep you alive is dd smoke but with that you are as good as dead. if you cant shoot, you are useless. Even after you heal you are still so low that you are dead if you get shot at. let alone focused. in the meantime, while you are healing, your teammates are getting devestated. only way you can come out on top and win the engagement is by outnumbering the enemy if not, then RNG devstrike on a kitting cruiser or a bb. its not that hard, it just takes skill, right.

      Whereas AP heavily relies on RNG. last night engaged nc at 5 km with my nc, he was full broadside to me, i did 5 k with 2 pens and 4 overpens, he did 45k through my bow, devstrike. so much skill involved.because AP=skill.
      I dont see a reason why you would want to make your game worse if it can be good.
      if your biggest enemy is RNG why would you want to increase it when you can control it ?

      RN bb line is made to counter battleships and for that it has great he. Even if they placed fire chance to 0 % with HE they would still be used for HE spam, because you dont need to worry about angling. whereas aP is very sensitive even to NO angling.

      Take USN BB line and you use AP, because HE even with fires doesnt have the damage output which AP does.And shells are strong enought to somewhat mitigate angling.

      And now take the Yamato. i dare you to use HE on that thing “Wrong, you are supposed to actively switch between AP and HE. ” no youre not. if you are shooting at dds yes, he would be a good choice, but the moment when you need to dev a dd with a yamato you made a very big fuckup.
      overall entire RN bb line is inverse of Yamato.
      Yamato uses only AP and dominates. = RN uses only HE and dominates
      Yamato uses only HE and it does good = RN uses only AP and it does good
      Yamato uses AP+HE dafaq is wrong with you = RN uses AP+HE. it can work better than only HE, but there is that CAN part. it doesnt mean it Will.
      and even if you did devstrike a cruiser 1/12 doesnt do much. so those 30k dmg is quite insignifficant, especially when you ahve ships which are supposed to do that, but cant because you went out of your way. doing the thing you warent made to do simply because you dont know what your actual role is. if you used your ship to fulfill its role then your allies will be forced to do their role and you win.

      As for stats. they dont mean jack single fucking shit. ive seen people with shit stats that play better than people with “unicum” stats. but if you are one of those stat bitches here you go.,Nagahide/

      And if you still dont get it, git gud. i already tested these things by myself. All of that is the result of those tests. no theories here. pure fucking practice!

      HE has more impact, both physical and psychological, it is more reliable, more versatile and easier to use. ONLY in certain situations (extreme close range or feelin really lucky) AP is better.

    • But_Can_ You_Meme

      From looking at your stats. Excluding raw damage, the RN BB’s are one of your weaker lines. You do better in the IJN’s. I find that highly ironic after that wall of text…

    • But_Can_ You_Meme aand here we go. Stats analasys. Yep because stats are everything. Reason why IJN line is better is cause i have fucking 3 k battles with those things.compared to few hundred on RN. On top of that i dont play RN for fun. I tske them to get the missions done or to burn the shit out of those HE spamming cruisers. Btw, stat bitch, my stats are still way better than yours.
      You keep talking about skill this skill that. But it aint skill what wins you games. Its the ability to recognize threat and ability to respond to it. Ship is just a mean of doing that.

    • But_Can_ You_Meme

      loool so angry. While your attitude may be shit, you are funny. You spend ages making excuses about why you’re shitter in RN BB’s then others. All of which btw smell like bullshit excuses.

      Then after all that about how stats don’t matter, you finish with, ”Btw, stat bitch, my stats are still way better than yours.”

      Well my man, either stats matter and you’re better than me but wrong about the RN BB’s, or they don’t matter and you were right about the RN BB’s… Quite frankly, your anger and your attitude make is so i no longer care loool Enjoy spamming HE in your RN BB’s 🙂 I and the rest of the community will enjoy taking the piss out of the players that do. Now everyone is happy 😀

  3. No offense Zoup but you spent about 13 minutes reading the stats and didnt really put much into this video depth wise. Was far from my favorite though I didnt dislike it. I think you should have talked more about the META when it comes to this class and the over abundance of battleships, its not just destroyers that are over populated.

    • I don’t blame people for building concealment on their BB’s. I got wrecked by one Baltimore slinging He at my Yamato when I tried to lead a push. One hit wonder? Taking 5 salvo’s to hit a CA then over penetrating when you hit them is not a one hit wonder. I hit that sucker right in the side of his ship, 5k damage is all I got with a direct hit which is bull.

      I never hit him again after that and was forced to retreat. From full health down to 27k while I could only over penetrate him. CA’s don’t need any buffs, they already have deflector dishes and guns I’d rather have then my BB’s guns and troll armor that punches above its weight. This is why BB’s don’t push and build concealment, because cruisers can annihilate any battleships with ease if the captain knows what their doing, but with battleships its pray to the rng gods and hope you hit them and not over penetrate. I’ve started switching to Aircraft carriers because I can’t take it anymore, I can’t take a class that relies so heavily on rng.

    • caleb brown So there’s a couple of problems with your argument.
      First off, bad RNG happens. The best way to mitigate it is actually to get close. It’s why the Roma kinda works. 1.8 sigma and bad dispersion aren’t terrible if you sneak up (stealth build) and fire from <12 km.
      Second, the matchup. Baltimore, like other USN cruisers, are actually fairly squishy (look at clan battles or competitive matches to see what happens when they are caught at bad angles). To make up for it, they have fairly high rates of fire and floaty shell arcs that allow them to fire from cover. It is annoying to be constantly lit up in BBs, but it's not impossible to deal with. Use cover, stealth builds, and maybe fire prevention skills. Also, the Yamato was part of the problem in your situation. Her high penetration guns make her great at dealing with BBs, but not so much with other ships. As such, shooting cruisers, it's mostly either citadel hits or overpens. Also, she and her sister Musashi tend to get focus fired a lot. Maybe it's the prestige of sinking a Yamato, ppl taking advantage of her poor maneuverability, or their irrational fear of her, but that's just how it is.
      Tl;dr BBs can generally afford to make more mistakes than cruisers. There are situations where cruisers can have their way with BBs, but that's how a game works. You mitigate weaknesses, play to your strengths, and exploit the enemy's weaknesses. And no ship, ever, should be without weaknesses.

    • That’s why I’m working my way down the RN Battleship line. So I can just spam HE at everyone and not have to worry about overpenning shit. If i set 1 or 2 fires per salvo and force DamaCons, cool. So much the better.

    • R3dEye Gaming “Cool” is the last term I would use to describe the playstyle of the RN BBs. Something akin the line of brain dead, bland
      or absolutely harmful to the game would be more fitting.

    • I figured that out after the battle. That’s why I’m grinding for the Montana to avoid all that. Sucks since it took me almost a year to get the Yamato.

  4. Is it really fair to compare life time states of ships? Wouldn’t it be better to compare ships stats with a specific time period? Comparing ships that were around when the game first started and everyone was just learning game and the player base all had lower experience level and also less choices. Now people have more choices and can choose ships that better suit them and therefore will generally do better.

  5. The Android Admiral

    You can’t buff something because it’s been out for a amount of time? That makes no sense. If actually underperforming with sample size taken into account then it should be buffed. Better that than random nerfs to the new stuff.

    • The Android Admiral

      krostouin this is why I mentioned sample size, of course changes to something like the french bbs with a small sample if stats to work with would be bad, however buffing nagato/other older ships which underperom when compared to the rest of the non-band new counterparts would make sense and igoring them because they have been out for X amount of time does not to me.

    • It’s a business decision. Buff the old ships and there is less incentive to buy or play the new ships…which then leads to inflation in the credit and doubloon market.

    • The Android Admiral

      dclark142002 from a business perspective player retention is important for a game like this where it takes time to get though lines. If you have a bad experience particularly in the 8th,9th or 10th tier your player is kind of stuck with it. This now bad experience with your game makes them less likly to continue to play, reducing income. Futhuremore the “shiny” factor of new lines is only temporary.

    • The Android Admiral I agree, although what ships should be buffed ? Amagi/NC/bismarck/tirpitz ? Not needed when played correctly.
      Colorado has been nerfed 2 months ago from sigma 2.0 to 1.8 because it was judged too accurate.
      Nagato ? Maybe. But it has good guns and good armor.
      Gotta check multiple stat samples like you say, but I’m pretty sure this is what WG does already 🙂

    • The Android Admiral

      krostouin get back to you on that one, a lot math is required. As a gereneral rule of thumb for how I feel any ship with 1 millon or more battles but no more than 1.5 timees its comparisons amount of battles when compared only to ships with also 1 million or more battles should see greater than or equal to 3 percent change in overall win rate.

  6. At least give tier 6 stats. Some of us are newbs lol.

  7. Give the older BBs some love. I’m sure there are ways they can be buffed so they can be fully competitive again.

    • Amagi and NC are very good. It is not a ship performance problem, just the average player skill over time..

    • Rahadyan Pandu Wiryawan

      BB’s are fine, DD’s are the real issue here

    • There is no “weak” old BB…so I’m not really sure what u mean…
      Just look at the Clan Wars BB: Almost all good/experienced teams (like OMNI or so) are using either Montana or Yamato (some times)…
      No new BB is actually used there ^^ so it doesn’t seem like they are not competitive at all…

    • Well the operative term is “fully competitive”. I don’t think any major buffs are needed for any of them except for the Izumo, which would benefit greatly from having that third main turret reversed to be like the Nelson’s. I’m talking more about small tweaks to sigma, secondary range, dispersion, etc, depending upon the individual ship, to adjust for power creep. Changing MM to balance out the number of ship classes would help everyone as well. I personally would not be opposed to MM adding bots to random matches to insure all classes of ships are in every match and no single ship class makes up a disproportionate number of players. But that’s merely a personal opinion and I’m sure a lot of people would get triggered going into a Tier IX random match with a bot carrier or something. So I wouldn’t press that issue 🙂

  8. I think the Colorado and Izumo need some love. In the case of the T7 USN BB, either buffed T7 premium option or else an overall tweak to Colorado’s stats to up her speed a 3 or 4 knots and turret traverse a couple of more degrees per second maybe?

    As for the T9 IJN BB, because it is a purely paper design ship that never became a reality, I think WG chose the worst turret configuration scheme of the various ones they had on paper. Maybe a major problem in recoding, but if the Izumo’s guns were setup the same as the Nelson’s (upon which it was patterned anyway), it might change the game play meta for it just enough to not have to buff up all the stats.

    Speaking of premiums, the IJN T6 and T7 premiums need buffs. Maybe if the gunnery needs to stay crappier than the T7 techtree BB Nagato, they can buff up the hulls for the Mutsu and the Ashitaka a smidge more or, alternatively improve the dispersion of those crappier guns, improve the sigma by a point?

    **To digress, If anyone hasn’t seen it, regarding the HE flaming from afar meta for RN BBs (and other long distance BB camping in general about “farming damage” or emphasizing only damage and kills), Flamu came out with a pretty in depth commentary about it. About there not being positive reinforcement for other “successful” actions when in battle. Jingles also gave a nod to Flamu’s comment today.

  9. Interesting and entertaining. I do like the way you qualify stats for the newer ships (French BB’s, recent premiums). It would be interesting to see your analysis extended down to Tier 3, since the French line does extend down that far, and the Cesare also falls outside the remit of this review and as a tier 5 ship would see Tier 4 to 7. However, we will need a little while to see how the Courbet and Turenne are stacking up against their low-tier fellows in other tech trees, because the bulk of French battleship play has for obvious reasons begun at Tier 5.

  10. Agree with you for the most part…I think right now it’s all pretty nice balanced for BBs, and they even managed to have some nice diversity between all the Nations, which I think is quite impressive as it’s not easy to balance.
    At first, had the same bad feeling about HE spamming RN BBs…but then it really came down to a point where not many players even play the RN BBs (especially T10) it got solved by itself.

    I’m kind of mixed for the French T10 BB though, still cannot have really consistent games in it…even though I reach some nice dmg outputs at the end…I feel like I’m not contributing that much to the game as I would in other ships like the G.Kurfürst ^^
    But all in all I think they did a good job.
    And I’m also really looking forward for the Italian BB line…unfortunately I wasn’t able to buy neither the Roma or the Giulio =(
    and somehow they don’t put them back for Sale.

  11. I believe wed see t8 bbs do much better if matchmaking didnt place them solo in t10 games!

  12. Alsace is pronounced ‘Al(as in the name)-sass’, not ‘all-sass’; Richelieu is pronounced ‘reesh-lur’, not ‘reesh-uh-loo’. Sorry, it was driving me insane…

    • svartmetall funny how nobody tries to find text-2-speech… there are some great ones out there. Like Mutsuki(mutsky),akatsuki(akatsky)

  13. I think that there has been a great deal of power-creep with battleships, which is unfortunate. But would buffing the Japanese and US ships be helpful for that, or would it just exacerbate the issue in the long run? Certainly no one wants their way shiny new French and British (bad example? Lol) battleships nerfed. Perhaps the older ships will simply be those which are more difficult for inexperienced players to succeed in, but which experienced players can still do well. Both the Yamato and Montana certainly still have the potential to be massive bullies, after all.

    As for the Tirpitz, that would depend on who’s buying it; perhaps it is just the “Löwe-of-the-water:” a good ship played mostly by inexperienced players.

    • Randy Mack Yamato and Musashi can absolutely still be bullies, spot on. I feel like AP was dying a bit with the introduction of the RN BBs, but with the French it should be coming back, and those are the best two AP setups at tier 10 IMO.
      I think some of the tier 7 and 8 BBs absolutely need some love. Part of this issue is the lack of CV play in the higher tiers. Colorado and NC were always designed to be excellent aa platforms. They’re both the best at their tier in DPS and the best builds. That said, who plays tier 8 and up CVs anymore? It’s probably hurting Iowa too. How does your 100 overall aa help you when you’re only encountering spotter planes. Same with Hood.
      I think we need to get CVs back into the game before re-balancing older BBs, it’s likely gonna take some of both.

  14. The next change I’d like to see is a formal Battlecruiser line for as many nations as possible. There’s quite a few Battlecruisers in this game that are being placed into either Battleship or Cruiser lines, even though they fit neither of them. Especially since some nations had substantial numbers of Battlecruisers fielded or in development. This opens the door for the Alaska and the Lexington, the Japanese B-65, countless British and German designs from pre-WW2, and a lot of hard-to-balance but otherwise excellent German ships from Plan Z. Not to mention rebalancing a lot of ships already in the game that should be moved sideways into their own line and replaced by true Battleships or Cruisers.

  15. hi Zoup, no offense meant but a candid feedback, you shouldn’t run the video and voice over it. It narration and the video doesn’t go together.

  16. You know I’m a dd player and feasting on bbs…but after playing up the French line…I love the Alsace, lol

  17. BBs need some love… seriously?

  18. Me and another guy got into a training room and we did Alabama VS Roma. We had a few other people, but the Roma was on the other team with the targets, and everyone was told to let me (I’m in the Alabama) take the Roma on by my self. Needless to say, I won, after taking a friendly Torpedo fired by a Benson who was aiming at the Roma as we were dueling. How Roma is out doing Alabama is a question of mine.

    • ARC 7157 Alabama has those American shell arcs which noobs cant adjust too
      Roma has flatter arcs which are noob friendly

  19. WG needs to limit the amount of BBs in each game to 4. 4 BBs, 4-5 CAs and 4-5 DDs. When it’s 5 BBs and 5 DDs, cruisers are near useless.

    • Right!?!?! It would also help to make CVs more playable. I don’t care for CVs but I know it’s impossible to play them when 4 MOs and an NC are on the other team.

    • Crusiers are dead atm. I loved playing cruisers but carrying games is so difficult as compared to a Bbaby or Dd

    • BB players call cruisers “HE spammers”. Well. what else can a cruiser do to a BB at long range? Balance is broken when BBs are capping flags and cruisers can’t go near caps.

    • I’m a battleship player myself, I LOVE battleships and the presence they have. But I also love my high tier cruisers and because there’s always either 5 or more freaking battleships with big sticks at range or 5 very annoying destroyers that make you turn broadside into 3 battleships looking at your juicy citadel sausage, it makes cruiser play damn near impossible.

      Its like you have to play like the Atlanta over half the time. Kemping Islands and lobbing HE over them if your guns have decent enough arcs and get called a, in Yuro’s exact words, “Invisible HE Spamming Faggot” or hiding behind a smokescreen and again, spam HE at all the battleships. Thing is… what the hell else can they do except get shredded by a Bismarck, powercreeped by the Monty or outright erased from existence from the Yamato/Musashi or even worse, blown away by destroyers because the damn BBs won’t leave you alone and you have to angle away.

      Its so bad that even DDs won’t cap because of how the damn game is set up. You know its bad when a Kagero and a Fletcher screws off and an Atago has to go face 2 battleships and a very ghost who lobs torpedoes from god knows how far including a kemping neptune in a smokescreen with that british AP that says screw your angling.

    • You know what’s up.

  20. “Notser would have already won this” someone thinks he’s clever XD

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