The Death of Battleships in WOWS

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Once the most popular class, Battleships have become neutered by powerful cruisers and are relegated to boring and repetitive gameplay. They have been power crept by decisions made by wargaming. The class just ain’t fun anymore.


  1. Yeah the supercruisers are basically BBs that are allowed to be matched against cruisers because they count as cruisers in matchmaking

    • With the exception of Stalingrad it is pretty easy to punish large cruisers. Playing a normal cruiser? HE the large cruiser since it doesn’t get cruiser fire duration. Set a few and let it burn. Playing a BB? Don’t worry! The bow is overmatched by 406mm and above so fear not. If the cruiser is angled towards you aim for the bow. If it is broadside on enjoy lots of full pens and citadels.

      Meanwhile Large Cruisers really don’t get most of the benefits of battleships nor the benefits of cruisers.

    • thats a scewed perspective
      they lack the overmatch, armor, and health pools of actual BBs while also havig less dpm of CA, theyre balanced. You probably feel like theyre OP because a lot of unicums use them.

    • @DaManBearPig What fucking overmatch? only shells that overmatch majority of cruisers are 457, which is t10 bbs. Rest of the bbs get shafted and dont overmatch for shit. They dont lack health, considering the concealment of cruisers whether heavy or so called super cruisers or their you know HITBOX SIZE??, they might aswell be more healthy than BBS. a 100000 hp on GK is worth 10 times less simply because its a bb and a useless one at that, than a 50k on a DM, or even 40k on ZAO.

    • @Joe Dim >majority or CAs

      soooo we’re just gonna ignore 27mm, 25mm, and 16mm armor schemes on a massive amount of CAs in the game so we can continue to hamfist the false narrative that BCs are OP? okay then…

    • Graf Spee = Pocket Battleship. Alaska, Petro = Cruisers. Wargaming Logic.

  2. Think they are dead now? Wait for them subs

    • @Wazii Hara What… Have you actually played the game and read the patch notes? June is when they’ll go live in their own mode, and they’re staying in their own mode until like August.

    • @Junior Galacto i must of read that wrong then for some reason i thought they where coming out on the 27th and going into random in june

    • @Junior Galacto Starts: Wed. May 27 3:00 AM PT / your local time: Wed. May 27 5:00 AM
      Ends: Wed. Jun. 24 3:00 AM PT / your local time: Wed. Jun. 24 5:00 AM it seems i was correct. may 27th to june 24 is special game mode for subs.

    • @Wazii Hara It doesn’t say they’ll go into randoms. It just says “able to decide the final fate of the new unit type.” they could extend the stay in the game mode, delete the unit entirely, or use them for co op mission enemies and such.

    • @Zerro Hedgehog Mortars as part of their secondary battery, good for 2-3 KM detected.

  3. Welcome to the party. Started last year with the CV update. Now the development slowly rises to perfection.

  4. My BB main friend also moved to play cruisers. He’s satisfied with Japanese and Italian cruisers and got the Alaska . He was really mad playing Montana and Yamato.

    • i have all t10 line bbs but more or less i have given up to play them. why? more and more he spam and fire over fire on my ships and to support my firefighters some torpedoes…

    • @bambam144 i just gave because of the overpens…. Too many times did i hit a 90° broadsides cruser and get 7 overpens… Its neither fun nor fair.

    • @Eric Cartman the only way is staying back for the early and middle game and shot on them with he.

    • Lol just main op Russian battleships lol

  5. Zoup I am a bb main and I have been since 2017. It is getting very old at this point and frustrating. Thank you for bringing this to weegees attention.

    • King Battleship

      I could not agree more

    • You have taken the words out of my mouth, I remeber grinding to the G.K. when they came out. Then I loved it to death, now… I loathe it, I hate playing in general because I feel I am punished for playing a BB.

    • it’s not that I don’t disagree with you but weegee don’t are what people think, they just care about bringing in new people, gullible people so they can rape their wallets!

    • I agree, when I’ve tried to argue the point at why some of the ships that I was firing at weren’t destroyed, I was served ” You don’t know how to aim. ” argument. As if I’ve forgotten somehow during the years of playing how to aim in a battleship, and it’s not just BB, even cruisers get the same treatment with overpens on a BROADSIDE cruisers.

    • @Nenad Padovan that is why im grinding the UK line it is the only BB line with HE shells that are worth anything

  6. Agree Tired of Overpens and Ricochets

    • @I Gusti Praba The problem is that sometimes anyone else around would just die faster from concentrated fire. So you are by role forced to just take it. Meanwhile you can not do jack shit to the enemy. Because “lol your shells Will only do overpens so i Will show flat broadside to you” Thats just bad as fuck bullshit design.

      I have been saying for a long time that overpenning citadels shouldnt be just a regular overpen. But make it ists own damage category and make the shells do 50% of their max damage. 4 yamato shells doing 5k damage each Will make a smolensk run the fuck away. I can guarantee it. But the way it is now. they only take 6k damg… which they Will laugh at. That is the main issue.

    • @I Gusti Praba But it was exactly my criticism that it makes NO SENSE that you can’t delete a smolensk in a BB.

    • @Francis Chambless I had the exact same thing happen to me in my Montana, I waited for a full broadsided Zao and literally at point blank range almost all overpens and ricochets.

    • @Gtifighter and it will have a hard time landing those shells at that range. and if you stop shooting, he cant see you. Disengage doesnt necessarily mean going out of their range. Going into concealment also works. going behind island, getting into smoke.

    • @U.S.M. Valor Broadside zao cant bounce anything.

      if 12 guns all overpens thats your aiming that’s wrong.

  7. I was trying to get the VE day camo and oh my word i nearly uninstalled the game BB are dead to me i just cant be doing with it!! Ridiculous over pens that should have citadeled!! Yesterday it took 5 salvos to sink a low health omaha

    • thake for them he imo it works better then change back ap for bbs.

    • But lukily for the BB mains, DDs are completely dead and the ones that predominately play them suicide in the first 5 minutes. So there’s that.

  8. >”

    The Death of Battleships in WOWS”
    >sees 1 DD on each side
    Battleships and Destroyer, once hated enemies…now together on the Bench.

    • @honnorgaurd Thats not at all what I said.

    • Reiner Spitzbart

      this dd player is almost retiring…

    • @dzello right. you were saying they’re the bat, baseball, and field. thats just me adding my point of view on top of agreeing. as alot of people claim its a hard ship to play. at least compared to the other types

    • @honnorgaurd You literally said the opposite of what I said.

      Destroyers are very hard and EXTREMELY important. TONS of things fuck them up so they dont have a get out of jail free card at all.

      Destroyers ARE the hardest to play: you got tons of shit to do and even kore with subs coming.

    • @dzello guess we both have our own opinions then.

  9. I’ve said yes to every opinions you bring up on this video. I’m a Battleship main in Asia and it just so hard for me to enjoy playing Battleships. Players in Asia are just mastermind in Cruisers, they know exactly how to harness the power of Cruisers and they completely outgun everything in this game. And even if you caught them off-guard, there’s still a big chance that they not get punish because of overpen problem. High tier Battleships are just heavily outgun right now but everytime i told others Cruisers player that they just told me i’m insane.
    And can i ask for a small favor? Pls open for translate subtitle for this video so i can translate this video for my country’s player.

  10. Frank Berkemeier

    True, much more overpens nowadays. It is frustrating indeed.

  11. I’ve been a BB main since I started playing, but they just aren’t fun anymore. The class is basically dead due to all the HE spamming ships that are now in the game.

    • @cobrazaxAs I said, you have the max range and then you have the effective range. If you are around 12 km, you can run out of its effective range very quickly. Below, 12km, I would rush it. My HE will do full penetration damage to its 16 mm hull armor while it can only hope to start fire on me or hit the superstructure which get saturated quickly if I only show one side of my ship.

    • @VuHien2011
      im not talking about cruisers which can clearly win in a pure HE dmg fight because of HE pen. im talking mostly about BBs.
      also im not talking about a solo 1v1 fight. in most fights u WONT be able to just rush him as u will push into a superior force and be focused down quickly.
      vs BBs fires are deadly and they have a far harder time disengaging as well as landing solid dmg on it. even without smoke making it completely immune…

    • @cobrazax any ship is strong at least against another class of ships. CVs are the only ships that are strong on 3 classes of ships. They should be removed before we should act on the Smolensk. And on the second part of the game, a Smolensk can no longer afford to just sit behind his team mates.

    • @VuHien2011
      fine so later when it has to solo HE cruisers, its armor is useless.
      about CVs…the current ones are shit. i had all CVs when they were RTS and i refunded them all as the gameplay is boring as fuck.
      to fix CVs all they had to do were some tweaks. torp arming distance needed to increase so it wont be easy to delete ships or cross drop DDs, while giving maneuvering ships a great chance of avoiding most dmg.
      AA should have been stronger over time to eliminate perma DD spotting (weaker over time while the planes are out of AA).
      also CVs could probably use a spotting limitation so like u can only get spotting data from 1-2 squads at a time, like limited radio channels so no full map spotting is allowed.
      these are only a few great tweaks that could have made CVs WAY more fair and balanced in their RTS mode. RTS CVs were challenging and engaging, demanding u to be skillful at striking targets while at the same time expertly shielding your team from enemy bombers. it was unique gameplay and it was a lot of fun.
      it was very hard to insta delete skilled DDs, especially with dive bombers and skilled DD players could escape most CV drops unless facing the best CV players

    • Dabombinable Mi

      Even building to limit the effectiveness of HE spam doesn’t make a difference. I still get rekt.

  12. A BB waits 25 to 32 sec to fire a salvo and most of the shells overpen or magicly bounce on HE-spaming broadsideing lightcruisers…in this time you get hit by arount 100 HE shells which causes 6 to 8 fires on you even with fireprevention. So this is my BB experience so why even bother

  13. NniemandweiterR

    Problem is and has always been the poor accuracy of Battleships. When you press the button to fire, Stalin himself flips a coin and decides if you pen the citadel 5 times form whatever angle and onehit everything, or have your shells harmlessly overpen.
    if BB’s could reliably sink 8 shells into the side of an enemy ship at Ranges of less than 12 km, then you don’t need citadels to inflict serious pain.
    Just look at a certain blyat Battleship which, to my knowledge, has no issues in the current game. I wonder why that is.

    • @Greg Rientjes Why? Cruisers are camping in smoke or behind islands most of the time anyway, if you go out of cover and get detected in a bad position, you deserve to get send back to port asap. Captain skills like priority target also make active dodging while kiting child’s play. Destroyers dont take full damage from AP and when you are not in an HMS battleship, chances are you won’t swap to HE if you don’t absolutly have to. People need to remember CRUISERS ARE NOT TANKS…

    • Agreed, why is it impossible to sink a DD in one shot, or even one salvo?

    • @AllAhabNoMoby Technicly is it possible. I mean if all shells land. But we know what are the chances of that dont we? IMO DDs need to get their citadels back. So that HE shells can actually citadel them.

    • @AMCZAMBZ95 Cruisers (well the ones that are capable) can dodgetank. I regurarly reach well over 1 mill pot dmg in my Zao. Double rudder upgrades and good positiong makes wonders. What shouldnt be okay is that a smolenks or any other cruiser just sits still in front of and tanks 2 dozen yamato shells… because lol overpen. There are many ways the game needs to improve on a fundamental level. Fo exmple dont you fucking tell me that plunging fire is going to be overpen. Thats just straight up bullshit

    • @19Crusader91 Well if you say it’s possible, I guess. I’ve never done or even seen it. DD’s always get a second chance.

  14. I still like to play BB’s, recently got the Georgia and love her. But I agree with you that it’s too easy for small underarmed ships to destroy a BB. Torpedoes are fine, they are realistic, but Smolensks, Colberts and the like, they are just dumb. Rate of fire that 21st century ships can hardly achieve, smoke, torps, radar, hydro, speed, and if you DO manage to hit them, well, you said it. I realize this game is not all about realism, but there is something fundamentally off at the moment.

    • Андрій Головчак

      About realism, again. Recently watched a video with Harugumo damage record, almost 2k shells were fired. It’s about 25 tonns of shells…That poor ship needs an additional support barge to carry all those shells.

    • @Андрій Головчак They should carry a maximum. Once you’re out, you’re out.

    • How much damage fire can do to ships is kind of op. If the ship has a wooden deck it should be the fire burns that off then it is harder to set fires as there is less for the fires to burn. They make it out as if the HE shell is loaded with napalm. I get over pens on the thickest armor of even another battleship and for some strange reason get full pens on the thin armor found at the bow and stern when the target is sailing showing its broadside to me. Torpedo protection is a shell sponge any time a shell hits it no matter the size its always ends with no damage. Even though most are 20-30 mm thick and the armor behind them isn’t much different. The main purpose of the bulges is to lower the damage done by torpedoes not 1 ton 16 inch shells or christ the shells from Yamato that is like hurling a full size pickup truck each at a target.

  15. Overpen city? thats a bit generous don’t you think?
    Welcome to world of overpen Zoup, i’ve been there for a while now

  16. you see, MM needs to place limits on cruisers, not just BB’s and DD’s

  17. I’ve found with Smolensk, you have to wait for him to be angled, not broadside to get the dev strike. But like you, I remember when a BB could punish anyone for being broadside (and DDs that were bow on). The tinkering with the overpen mechanics has made BBs much weaker. You have to build a ship with your captain skills for survivability because you can count on being on fire A LOT. These popgun fire slinging cruisers have been elevated way above their historical capabilities. I miss the old days of Warships when the big guns actually had more of an impact.

    • you know, there were days when BBs totally raped both DDs and Cruisers. But when the situation reversed, its still wrong…

    • In certain situations a BB should absolutely rape a DD or CA. Large caliber shells impart a lot of kinetic energy upon a target and that should be represented in game. That’s why DDs used to get wrecked by BBs when they were bow on to BBs, and just overpenned when broadside. Now the shell mechanics are super gamey. I know WoWs isn’t a simulator, but things like shell mechanics shouldn’t have been changed to the oversimplified mechanics we are subjected to now.

    • WhimsicalPacifist

      @M K There was also a time when IJN DD’s guns had a benefit in good AP alpha and being able to citadel another DD. I’d gladly take those days and old maps over the current iterations.

  18. This is the slow death of WOWS. When the majority of BB mains come to this realization this game is done. This game was built and cultivated on historical battleships.

  19. The thing that been gone down the drain for a while now is called: Balance. That had made the game change from a tactical and strategic game to a simple shooter with ships.

  20. I honestly think part of the issue with the BBs, is to do with the overall decline in quality of the player base. There are more and more casual players entering the game, who seem to have no interest in actually improving their game play, and these players generally turn to BBs as their first port of call. With heavy armour, big guns and long range, they are good for sitting back and sniping and the general decline of the game into a damage farming exercise is not helping. BBs are NOT supposed to be racking up big damage numbers, that’s the cruisers job. A BB job is to TANK damage, and occasionally delete cruisers. By making damage the ‘be all and end all’ of this game, WG is shooting itself in the foot!

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