THE EASIEST DAMAGE FARMING EVER – Shikishima in World of Warships – Trenlass

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  1. First!!! lmao

  2. Second!!! Like shooting fish in a barrel….

  3. Lol it’s more fun to watch Trenlass okay than to play myself.

    • Don’t plays Russian games like WoWs or WarThunder, there’s no point in spending hours grinding and suffering when you can have more fun watching replays. Why spend months grinding something out when it’s only gonna get powercreeped or nuked by some P2W?

    • @Zeitgeist X I wish we could get back Battlestations series with more of the aiming mechanics of WoWS. That would be so good…

  4. Hi Trenlass just got shiki but does’nt have your gun you know if they have changed it? I just get ‘normal’ gun sound

  5. Just disgusting but nice in the same time. Sad thing is you WILL get them broadsiding BBs in your teams…

  6. It is amazing. Watching a Smolensk explode just never gets old.

  7. Shiki, great DD hunter.

  8. reminds me of a game i had in the Sov Soyuz., game starts , 2 salvos , 48 k , in one minute

  9. Since your shells are as thick as the smolensk wouldnt he be better for cits?
    Ok somehow you got a cit instead of overpens
    Where do you find broadside potatoes I had to work to get 270k in a dd for my highest.

  10. Seal clubbing is a thing at tier 10 because some people are incapable of learning from their mistakes and don’t take advise from others.

  11. Why did the Smolensk stay broadside on …. stupid stupid stupid

    • Because 99% of BB shells going to overpenetrate on broadside smolensk… so this is best she can do ususally on such close range

  12. Dispersion, accuracy and reload are a joke. BB easy mode.

  13. The Skikishima look really fun. The big guns that have very high alpha dmg make the ship a nightmare for broadsiding ships

  14. So funny…step 1. Find broad side targets. 2. Punish targets. LOL

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