The Evolution of World of Warships

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We visit developer Lesta Studio in St Petersburg to find out how the online naval action game has changed since its 2015 launch.

World of Warships: Aircraft Carriers (Old vs.

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  1. Hey I’m early wow I’m so cool

  2. Journey through the Northern wind


  3. Second view and first comment

  4. وليد الشمري

    اليوم الوطني

  5. *Wargaming if your reading this please enable/legalize mods for World of Tanks Blitz!!!*

  6. i wish they bring this to xbox

  7. Awesome

  8. *Dude.I.Was.Just.Watching.Battleship*

  9. We are in 2018 and people are still commenting *first* and liking their own comment

  10. Heaven Leigh Cupcakes

    i am the 1,246 viewer


  11. And no Ps4 version? Wtf

  12. Amazing simulations!

  13. Coming to consoles? ?

  14. Bring this to ps4

    • Nicholas Mcdougald Google world of warships: legends my guy

    • CBT in mid october

    • You do know that this game on PS4 will bring horrible anti-aliasing, right ?  Pro version or not.
      Just saying, it’s better on PC, because this is a typical detailed game.  Xbox idk for sure, but seems a lil bit low anti-aliasing as well.
      Just saying, man.
      Best experience will be PC, as for the gameplay as well.

  15. Been playing since launch, had a beta code but at the time didn’t have a computer so I gave it away to a friend of mine who’s played ever since.

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