The Fall of Destroyer Vittoria. Naval Legends. Stories World of Warships | Repost contest

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We’re going to tell you how sunken ships are inspected and how destroyer Vittoria met her fate at the wrong end of submarine Pantera’s torpedoes.
The first film in our new historic cycle about inspecting sunken ships tells the story of the events of 1919 that led to destroyer Vittoria being sunk. You’ll also see our dive to her last resting place.

⚓ Thanks to our friends from the Underwater Research Center of the Russian Geographical Society, we managed to dive to the ship’s remains and take some fascinating shots. The specialists at the Underwater Research Center have made numerous discoveries over the last years—you can learn more about the work they have done on their official website

🔔 Take part in a raffle to win a Premium Ship VIII container by telling us about your favorite ship in World of Warships and by completing the conditions specified in the video (32:23).

Fulfill the following conditions to enter the giveaway!

– Link your Wargaming account to your YouTube channel.

– Write what your favorite ship in World of Warships is and why, add the hashtag #WOWSNavalLegends, and post it on an open page in one of the two social networks: Twitter or Facebook.

We will select the winner randomly from among those who have fulfilled all the conditions and publish the result in the first comment under the next Dry Dock video.

More details:

⚓ Naval Legends is a series about the construction, service, and daring deeds of legendary 20th-century ships.

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  1. Cool content!

  2. Damn nice work. I hope they continue this series.

  3. This is what I loved about WOWS the game and history videos

  4. Its painful to watch legendary ships sink
    Yet im happy that they exist

    History is full mystery’s
    The past allways hides secrets
    And the people right now is finding those secrets
    Server: Asia
    Ign: Charlie_Camper

  5. First off, great video, the production quality and content is top notch as always. And im glad you’re starting to focus on ships that never survived their battles as well. however i have some critiques.

    First the positives. I love your CGI recreations. i could honestly watch those all day long. Seeing historical battles reenacted with gorgeous effects and models. i look forward to these in any of your videos. So i hope to see more CGI like this later on.

    Second the negatives. i think the video focused too much on the dive expedition than the actual ship. Now dont get me wrong, the expedition itself was an awesome story and documentary, but the series Naval Legends is about the Ship, not the research crew. I would have preferred to see more history and information on Vittoria. Like her construction, notable battles, interesting stories, etc… If oyu want to make a separate series about the dive crew and their adventures thats fine, but Naval Legends should make the Ship the star of the show.

  6. I actually loved watching the Sub hunt the destroyers. it was like watching a lion stalk its prey through tall grass before pouncing. I never realized just how stealthy a sub could be in such shallow water.

  7. Name: Teravius
    Server: EU
    My favourite is Haida. Destroyer that has it all, perfect for cap fight and easy to contribute well for team.

  8. Name: Homeless_Admiral
    Server: EU
    Favorite ship: Jean Bart
    Reason: I consider jean bart to be one of the most beautiful battleship ever built. In game, her versatile playstyle offers everything I could desire and more.

  9. Without a doubt it has to be the Repulse.
    Story time: My grandpaps was a stoker 2nd Class the Repulse, he fed the furnace that powered that beautiful ship and now i get to sail it around on my PC. Everytime i jump in i think of him 🙂

  10. Name: Infinite_Chat_Banned
    Server: NA
    Favorite ship: Des Moines
    Reason: The flexibility and utility she brings to the table is unmatched and her damage pre minute is unmatched and just a good solid all-round ship

  11. la historia es de ver y admirar el desarrollo de la batallas navales,, de ellas se crean doctrina operacional.. excelente historia.. gracias..

  12. Nombre: Doublas
    Servidor: NA
    Mi barco favorito es el Yoshino. Ya que me parece un barco muy equilibrado.

  13. Yes, I am loving these videos. I am always very interested in the ships that have sunk around the world.

  14. Yes, I am loving militar jewels + history treasures videos like this. I am fascinated with ships that makes historical combats.
    player : Jose_Lvis_Lopez
    Server : NA
    Favorite Ship : GOLIATH
    Reason : HE + torps + concealment ….superbv ship , the royal navy jewel.

  15. I like any of your historical videos. They all are interesting and bring facts and details to what one knows and adds to their historical picture of their service.
    Facebook posting, Ken M Black

    Game name: CorvetteLTx
    Server NA

  16. I love yoshino

  17. Name: Nobody255
    Server: EU
    Favorite: Halland
    Reason: Best AA and torpedo boat

  18. Cedric Munger-Scharff

    @TDMTizer I greatly enjoy having a BB that turns like a cruiser to get all my guns on target and then getting angled again before the incoming shells hit, plus she’s great at torpedobeats.

  19. excellent video, well put together, I look forward to any future videos of this kind

  20. name sphinz_1
    server asia
    ship chkalov

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