The Franklin D. Roosevelt Review No One Asked For | World of Warships

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  1. No one actually asked for this

    • @One Thousand Subscribers Before 2022 I mean….I can’t say I blame the guy. He saw an opportunity and he took it. Even though I was surrounded by allies, I was barely moving. The nature of the ship itself is truly what I hate, for allowing players to pull off such ridiculous feats.

    • One Thousand Subscribers Before 2022

      Josiah Stankus if you think about it all ship types allows you to do that just in different ways

    • @One Thousand Subscribers Before 2022 I would disagree. I was behind an island, not spotted by any ships, only planes.

    • One Thousand Subscribers Before 2022

      Josiah Stankus Radar which can go through islands


    • @One Thousand Subscribers Before 2022 yeah but I’m still covered, unless they can shoot through the island as well

  2. Discord squad where you at

  3. This is very tosic Denarmo wtf kekW

  4. I’m now part of the Community Contributor program, and thanks to it I’m now holding a CC codes giveaway in my Discord:

    Thank you to Gaishu for the 360 footage and giving some tips on FDR, go check him out:

  5. last time i was this early
    i disapointed a woman

  6. One Thousand Subscribers Before 2022

    3:23 imagine if those were Tiny Tims or AP rockets ☠️

  7. K, it was fun and dandy, but now I’m scared of that thing

  8. Every other CV: loses accuracy while planes are turning

  9. Thing’s more broken than the real FDR himself

  10. I have dreams of playing this ship, and nightmares of playing against it.

  11. Oh look the most balanced CV in the game.

  12. This is maybe the way WG force battleship player to play less passive. By punishing them
    Damn this ship really scary

    • @wolf faster regenerating planes still means 1min 15 seconds per plane roughly; that’s not that many planes in what is usually not a 20 minute game. But by saying that are you saying it’s okay for me to lose a lot of planes on each engagement? Because the new steel CV would beg to differ; more damage, more hp, and the “long” 25 second wait is what I typically have to wait in my midway to properly disengage a target and engage again, unless I choose to do a 180 within 4km of the enemy and just sacrifice all my planes for an attempt at a second attack run

    • @Yan N the fdr has its issues, one of them being that if you dodge the flak you are hard to kill. And as for the regenerating issue I think it would more correct to say you can regen 40 or 50 planes per match if you cycle your squads , as each has its separate timer

    • @The13thclam One easy solution is this: If HE shell didn’t penetrate armor it doesn’t have a chance to set fire.

    • @wolf the comment about flak stands for any cv, harder to kill your planes if you dodge the flak lmao, that aint just for the fdr. and yes that sounds about right, but it sucks losing 2/3 of your attacking planes each time, makes it more demoralizing especially when you’ve isolated a target, dodged flak and closed the distance as fast as possible. what more am i meant to do? i dont always have a tall island to hide me from AA in the way 🙁

    • @Yan N flak disproportionately affects the fdr since it’s squads are so big and slow. It does affect other cvs as well, it’s just alot easier to get hit with fdr. Ofc I don’t have the fdr yet so this is kind of here say but from what I’ve seen on youtube it seems to be correct

  13. Why isn’t this aircraft carrier in a wheel chair, I thought this game was supposed to be historically accurate

  14. The planes cause so much fires the only thing missing is the built-in flame throwers

  15. >be me
    >finally grind enough steel for ships
    >buy Stalingrad
    >WG releases this

  16. finally getting cc and then reviews the most expensive ship in the game :clap: ship :clap: review

  17. The “D” in F.D.R. stands for Denarmo. Change my mind.

  18. Midway: How much more freedom can your bombers drop?
    FDR: Yes.

  19. Franklin Delano Roosevelt: to make sure BB suffer, especially the french ones

  20. how to win clan battles:
    1. Have a CV player who knows what he’s doing and has an FDR
    2. Victory

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