The FRENCH TIRPITZ – Gascogne – World of Warships

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  1. new tier 8 premium BB for french Battleships

  2. where’s my torps at

  3. To be honest, nothing special for me 😛

  4. The Republique and the Alsace are the same, they brawl very well; no torps, but they are a lot of fun to mix it up with.

  5. Where is the special repair uh?

    • Crimson Scarlet i think the cooldown for the heal is faster than other ships

    • Crimson Scarlet it’s only special as it is back up in 36 seconds it can be nice and it can be a bane, you have to choose if you need to repair twice in the time it takes a regular bb or Save it as you can run out of the consumable quickly

    • Ohh, i see! didn’t notice that, thanks! Sorry Panzerknacker, thought you put that just for it to be a click bait xD

    • It’s nice gemmick, if you were a lot on fires you can get your hp back faster than other BBs

  6. 6:20 no luck all skill 😛

  7. I bought the ship on a whim as I wanted a ship to train my captain, I can say that I honestly don’t regret my purchase of this ship it is by far taken the spot of my fav tier 8 premium away from my Alabama and I love that boat, this boat is not hindered by the 8 guns like the Tirpitz, while it’s secondarys are not better then the tirpitz because of the way German he mechanic are it is still fantastic because of the fire chance, it has a lower citadel then the tier 8 and up French bb’s as well still don’t go to crazy as you can still get deleted. I can’t recommend this boat enough and the French BB line itself past tier 7 at least, as I was lucky enough to get the tier 5-7 missions “” edited”” I also don’t want it to happen but I fear that at some point a nerf will hit the Alsace and the republic, it’s inevitable it seems

  8. En Culle!!

  9. Kazeshini Hasagi

    Dafuk alsace secondaries bro
    Half hp only by secondary madness

  10. Meiner Meinung nach nicht wie eine Tirpitz. Erstens fehlen die Torpedos. Zweitens ist die Secondary nicht einmal ansatzweise so gut wie bei den Deutschen. Und drittens ist die Panzerung der Franzosen schlechter.

  11. I can see the Beauty and the Beast memes already.

  12. Do people ever look where they are going. Like ramming speed.

  13. Omfg Alsace do more fuckin spam with secondaries than Akizuki or Mino..

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      yes but sadly they dont have that special 1/4 HE pen like the Germans do… hence they are slightly less effective…

  14. Wtf 40 sec heal colldown

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