The Furious in World of Warships Legends

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A compilation of my funny moments, memes and best plays in the Tier 5 British Aircraft Carrier: Furious


  1. Croatian_gamer [SGE007]

    I clicked faster on the video than Rambo firing his M60

  2. What a nice carrier I sure hope it won’t launch strikes on a certain battleship.

  3. Okay i lied, Mainz is actually next this time, i promise

  4. Is it so OP? I played against it with my new mexico and died miserably with 3 fires ticking

  5. Hey, have you ever considered streaming, would be cool to see you live?

  6. Can we just take a minute an wonder…
    How the HELL does anybody fit inside furious’ island?

    • Iris Odaliz Cumpa Montalvo

      Servira como sistema de radar o sonar en al vida real pero en wows legends no es posible y por eso es asi o preguntale ala royal navy

  7. Croatian_gamer [SGE007]

    Ah yes the stuka sounds on british planes 😂 1:10

  8. Had a feeling PG was gonna enjoy these.

  9. only pg could find a way to make the british carriers work.

  10. Wows redditors: British carriers suck!
    pgrapidz: allow me to introduce myself.

  11. Outbound Flight Gaming

    The greatest example of balance is that this and Hermes can fight the same ships

  12. Never knew CV’s are fun to play. Maybe I need to reconsider😅

  13. Patiently waiting for you to make a vid (it will never happen and for good reason) on some French base cruiser

  14. I played the furious and it was incredibly fun to play. Loving it! 👌🏼

  15. What do you think about Parseva, is ist still that good? What do you think is the strongest Carrier?

  16. After finishing the Furious, this feels like the best moments I’ve had in mine while completing it


  18. Bruh i get so many arsonists from the furious, very good CV

  19. Just unlocked implacable and I’m not sure if anyone else is on the same page as me but I much rather enjoyed using furious. Because the aircrafts are slower then most their counter parts from other nations, at tier 7 your aircraft just get blown out the sky by the quality AA fire tier 7 ships have. Anyone else finding furious a better play then implacable?

  20. Question. I’m new to WoW, and my friend has been able to tell me only so much info. I suck so bad that I can only play against bots, and only when he’s on. How can I hit my shots consistently and well grouped? It’s always so scattered when I fire, and the damage is so inconsistent. I watched a previous video and you were hitting citadels left and right and in bunches of like 4-5, while I can once in a blue moon hit two. What kind of tips do you have for a beginner?

    • Aim for the water line of battleships and cruisers for the best chance at a citadel. You will never get good consistent shell grouping out of low tier ships. As you play more and more you will start to understand putting your ship at an angle to deflect incoming fire, also where to aim on a well angled ship to prevent your shells being deflected.

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