The game of a lifetime – Kurfurst 304k 8 medals || World of Warships

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  1. Amazing Blyatman [Tim R.]

    Wie du halt nachst um 12 noch ein video hochlädst ??

  2. All hands, action stations…. too late. We’re dead. It’s just one ship. Stone the crows.

  3. Patrick Guinnane

    was he not aiming high early on with those AP shots on the Izumo?

  4. Chaaaaarge…!;p

  5. why play range mod kurfurst when just about any t10 bb can do the same without the mod

  6. where did he find those good actors? DDs and BBs? like bot

  7. He’s not that skilled, he would’ve been dead if the izumo had shot AP at his broadside instead of HE for 3 volleys, or if the kaegero hadn’t missed an entire volley of torps from 6km without the kurfirst even having to dodge…

    • WoWs is one big if……go have a snickers bar you’re starting to sound….well you know

    • Darth_Blackcat yeah I know he’s right but still. It’s the way he worded it. Makes him sound like a douche. Most great games come from when the enemy makes stupid mistakes.

    • Yes, do not disagree. The info was good but the context of how it was written starting off was a douche move. The opening comment is not the way to make a point or teach someone a different insight of a battle.

    • Exactly what i was getting at. 300k is hard to achieve, even if the enemy team is a bunch of potatoes.

    • Yes, it is difficult for most but while an achievement I do like to remind new players this is not a goal they should be aiming to achieve. It just comes naturally. Far too often we see players farming damage in the match versus being useful. Personally, I play to win on the objectives hence why I have a high win rate. Some games I have high damage some I don’t but I always finish top two of the scoreboard. This is a problem I have with WG not players as this whole emphasis on damage + kills is a shallow path to achieve quality gameplay that WG has encouraged with the in-game missions and flags. This is why I fully support more ribbon rewards on team play.

      Doing 100k to 150k in Tier 10 is the norm for a decent player. Up to 200k in some battles. When you do more then 200k in a Tier 10 match this is usually due to the enemy team including your own composition of less than stellar quality players putting the burden to carry on yourself. Sadly high tier has been showing less than stellar gameplay from many players that leveled up way too fast. Players like the Zao that went bow towards my Montana shooting AP at my bow and got punished by my guns as I punched him in the nose. The Conq player that ranged at me in chat when my AP Graf Zepplin bombers deleted him when he was sailing the nine-line trying to chase me in my CV. Or my favorite last week the player that called me a wall hacker for deleting his parked Shima in smoke in my Khaba with torpedos as I nailed his Zao partner showing full broadside with my AP rounds to get a double strike. The amount of bad players in the high tier is making 200k+ battles more of a norm now. At this rate we will see 300k+ battles be a norm next year. 🙂

  8. Wellinton Goulart

    Vídeo start in 4:00

  9. Leider hab ich mein 300k match mim kurfürst nicht aufgenommen hab nur ein foto ??

  10. Wait… I’m featured? WHAT IS THIS SORCERY?!

  11. 白銀大和*Bayern.ヤマト

    That Yamato feed….

  12. *thats* how you do that!

  13. Super Infighting!!!!!

  14. Ok, does anyone know why he kept aiming for superstructure shots on that izumo?

    • bakakun12 I kept going for superstructure shots, due to the angle of the hull. I couldn’t penetrate due to autobounce, so instead, went for superstructure shots.

  15. Сука почему мне в боях бортоходных битардов не встречается?

  16. Lucky noob, skill 0

  17. von mir aus kann panzer ein 3t kanal machen wo nur kurfürst kommt ich würde es feiern brawls sind so schön anzusehen <3

  18. verstehe nicht wie man dass disliken kann wtf was ist falsch mit euch 8 so fährt man ein Schlachtschiff

  19. 12:30 The Real probleme of Yamato no support even full life he die like this

  20. Great game!
    Great outcome!
    The opponents show what happens when you spend your free exp on boats and not ready.
    There is a learning curve. I encourage more players to use thier free exp!!!

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