The German Ohio!!! – Preussen First Impressions – World of Warships

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Not sure how good this ship will end up being, but it certainly has potential. I was a bit unfortunate to run into 2 cv’s that wanted me dead.

I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

WoWs NA Invite:
WoWs RU Invite:

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  1. “The worst Ohio” is the best way to describe this ship

  2. It feels more like a battlecruiser than battleship to me. The gun dispersion is wonky as F but the reload is the balance i guess.

  3. Went for a hybrid Build and got 188k in first Match. Rudder, maingun but still 11km manual secundary. Pretty balanced imo.

  4. Managed to sink a division of two Preussen’s with my GK today. Was lovely.

    • @Viktor Andy my Man, you do realise your replay is automatically saved right?
      Dont go off with that “Im No Youtuber” excuse
      I’m concerned that you are already at tier 10 and yet know nothing about this

    • @Janitor If you are talking about the replay folder where the game is installed, there is only one file from almost a week ago. I just checked. Games – Wows Eu – Replays.

    • @Janitor Speaking of T10 and stuff, why should i know about this kind of stuff if im simply enjoying the game. You all talk about this stuff so passionately, like you are being payed for it.

    • @Viktor Andy KotS players can make some money on this game, actually.

    • I have standard WoWS and I still have to have a mod to save replays.

  5. Found a hybrid build, build into the secondaries everywhere else, but take the Aiming mod. It tightens up those salvos.

  6. Totally irrelevant because you can NEVER rely on one salvo to do good damage. GK with dispersion mod, broadside BBs at 12km are GUARANTEED 25k+ damage. In pressen it’s 15k if you’re lucky.

  7. As it stands, I initially went a secondary build for her but it never seemed to be overly worth it. So I respecced into the guns, and holy hell was it a difference.

    While not as accurate as the Thunderer, he accuracy is still good enough to smack most cruisers that are bow in even at mid to long range, getting nearly 75% of my shells fired throughout the entire game on target. Pretty scary damage numbers that come from it lol.

  8. 5 months ago you did a video on the republique with 15 sec reload. I think you can do the same with this ship as well. Maybe you can do a video on it??? With better secondaries on the pressuen, it will be interesting to see.

  9. @ Hagostaeldmann – maybe at long range gk may get lucky like that, but preussian kicks ass in medium to close range with that reload. I tear a ship down in 2 salvos as his guns are still reloading.

  10. At the moment its hard to see how effective this ship is, I spend most games thumping GK’s or Preussen.

  11. Potato Quality, you got unlucky with that Yamato, I wrecked one last night in a similar encounter, tore him in half with the preussian. Give the main battery build a bit more time to get used to.

  12. i really wish i had 2 gunther lutjens so i could keep one with the schlieffen & the preussen.

  13. Preussen is the kind of BB I’d play once every year for clearing snowflakes in coop.

  14. Well, a better garbage is still somewhat garbage.

  15. After some games i feel disappointed by this ship, GK seems more accurate than this thing, maybe because it has more guns. The accuracy is too bad imo, to much frustration

  16. The baltic camo looks amazing!

  17. second battle in my Preussen, i was dead within the first 5 minutes due to the enemy Midway focusing me down, shot 18 planes down and ate an arse ton of torps & bombs, had like 5k dmg

  18. First game I had with it was really good. 4 kills and around 150-180 Damage. Dispersion and range is not the best but larger calibre guns does help alot. Secondaries provide a decent nuisance. Honestly not ground-breaking and compared to a GK or the other battleships, not alot different. Play it well, can reap some good damage but you can also take damage as to maximise the guns you open up alot of broadside. Not great but not bad either, good to have 3 german T10 BBs that are equally fun to play.

  19. Really enjoyed this review…Looks like a fun ship to play

  20. Its amazing the difference in the quality of games with and without a CV. You just know the game is going to be more fun for everyone when they aren’t there.

  21. @blusafe1 I feel PQ has been getting more whiny over the last 12 months.
    Certainly in the beginning his content was refreshing. But the post here suggests he is aware of that. So, well done to him!
    I’ll stick around for now 🙂

  22. CVs are not compatible in their current state. Since RTS was given up (sadly) every iteration brought misery, hate and and and.
    To the BBs: Basics of survivability combined with fire prevention is at the current meta more valuable than concealment, the CV spot you, the DD and low concealment DD CA spot you. .. you shoot – spotted; so for what hiding. Yeah I know, there are situations where double concealment BBs are great, but more the US line and the ROMA for example (hide and sneak ;:) )
    Cheers keep up the great work, Pepe

  23. mynameiswritinwater

    sort of amusing how everyone hates CV’s and no one remembers the really nasty pre-change CVs cross dropping and eliminating BBs in one fell swoop. of course you had “no repeat atacks” then because the ship was on the bottom.. Just check some of the old vids by Fem, iChase or other CV experts.
    CL HE Spam (say from a Colbert, Austin Sejong Jinan or Smolensk) would be equally deadly and similarly “no fun”… personally have found that playing in small groups instead of playing off on one flank or perma-hugging a “waifu” foreland at low speed reduces the “molestation” by CVs quite significantly….

  24. @blusafe1 to be fair hw was pretty measured about his view. Moreover than most players/viewers The bulk of the player base hates having CV games, deal with it champ…

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