The Graf Zeppelin Review No One Asked For | World of Warships

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Girls Und Panzer – Grenadiers
Happy Day in Paris – French Cafe 24 x 7
The Liberators Royal Air Force
Comin’ to Town – Atpunk

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  1. I was expecting some kind of april fools plot twist!

    • I would never do that to my subs!

    • Apple Gamers Incorporated

      Denarmo just wondering why do u review ships if u don’t like them (indomitable, yudachi. Etc) ur reviews are more fun to watch if you enjoy the ships

    • @Apple Gamers Incorporated Sometimes I may not necessarily enjoy a ship, but people want to know about it and inform themselves on whether they should buy it or not. For as much as I see my reviews as comedy, some people do watch in hopes of learning if a ship is worth their money.

    • Apple Gamers Incorporated

      Denarmo ok I get that, but I enjoyed reviews like the gremyashachy, Helena, Fuso and Kremlin ones more than the yudachi review because they were more positive

  2. Douglas the hedgehog

    This better not be an indomitable review

    Edit: Goddammit

  3. “We’ve been tricked, we’ve been backstabbed, and we’vebeen quite possibly bamboozled”


  5. After this video I cant trust u anymore >:’v

  6. reality is often disappointing

  7. I cam here expecting something good.

    I got Royal Navy.

  8. Boy.
    I just can’t wait for the paper Russian CV techtree of which its bombers can obviously fly faster than light.

  9. The 225677th Fragment of the Man-Emperor of Mankind

    Wait, no, this isn’t my edgy big tiddie goth shipfu that can wreck noobs with her secondaries.

  10. 2:28 wow okay rude

    At least I’m only annoying in surface ships

  11. Can’t even be butthurt at the ‘ol switcheroo, just happy to see Denarmo content finally

  12. The (un)funny thing is, it isn’t even April Fools yet. (How I detest that holiday with every fiber of my being.)

  13. me : I already swear that i’m not trust anyone in this day..
    >Denarmo put GZ video
    me : oh good, let’s watch

    *watch intro*
    Man, why i’m getting PTSD from yoshino review

  14. *”says graf zepplin review”*
    *”shows indomitable review”*
    “Wait, that’s illegal”

  15. Fans: (っ ͡❛ ● ͡❛)っ
    Denarmo and Graf review: t( ゚▽゚)ノミo

  16. This was a really weird way to show a clown laughing at me for 5 minutes.

  17. When dena uploads a Graf Zep vid :floof:

    When it’s an indomitable vid instead :angery:

  18. I knew what was was gonna happen….

    Got Disappointment, But ended up Laughing out of it more than I could take.
    Job well done and please stay this way.

  19. The Budgie Admiral

    Everyone here complaining about no GZ review, I say thank God for your restored sanity.

    Well done my man!

  20. Perhaps_A_Certain_Cunning_Sociopath

    “My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.”

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