The Grind — [BB] Wyoming (World of Warships)

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The (BB Class) is a key in the United States tech tree. It’s a requirement to the US line and also leads to the battleship. The trouble is, the is slow to move, slow to turn and has short range guns for its class. It truly is a grind but in this mission I finally unlock the Aircraft Carriers.


  1. AP makes it easier to get citadel hits. and the ship with that mental range
    is the myogi as it has a 18km range when fully upgraded

  2. Sorry Squirrel but the Wyoming is not half as bad as you describe it.
    Actually I would say it is better than the Japanese Tier IV BB, the Myogi
    because that is just made of citadel and has no armor. The Wyoming sets you
    in for what american BBs are. They are slow, well armoured and have a lower
    range than the japanese ones.

    You have to work with armor angeling to get closer to your target and then
    blast him out of the water at under 10km. Oh and the turn time of the
    turrets? Yeah thats just how battleships are, the Wyoming has a pretty
    standard turning speed for the turrets. Don’t expect anything better from
    the later ships. If you want fast turrets on a BB, wait for the german
    ones, judging by the Tirpitz they might have a pretty fast turning rate.

  3. Happy New Year Squirrel I hope 2016 goes well for you. :)

  4. This was my Grandfather’s first ship. He did 30 years in the U.S. Navy.

  5. João Gonçalves (johngoncalves10)

    Dude, you’re such a noob.
    You should check out The Mighty Jingles. You might learn something.

  6. João Gonçalves (johngoncalves10)

    If you think that’s bad, you should try the Arkansas.

  7. JustYourAverageCoffee LovingNewYorker

    Exactly Squirrel!! I too am stuck on the most annoying BB in the game,
    fighting every battle just to get to the Carrier

  8. What i learned about the bbs is best bet is to use ap leave the destroyers
    to the cruisers manly i go just for cruisers and other bbs and with a good
    team u be fine

  9. squirrel I finish the game in about 1and a half days I got the all ships
    and destroyed all enemys try to head for the new York and take every one
    down. tip aim for water and shoot as fast as possible dobnt wiat

  10. u do a amazining videos was wondering if shout out in the next vid u do if
    that would be posibble plz

  11. i play today this ship and get 5 citadel hit…and you shouldn’t give the
    side to the enemy like that…

  12. hi sqirrel big tips to you. skipe ther if you lock on map den you see
    circel. circel sow you how far you can hit som bary and ven you get lock on
    som skip you can to fire on it. battle ship is long and close combat.
    cruser is medium destroyer close combat and last airskip is long combat.
    color on firing has noting to say only ting its men orange is yours and
    light orange enemy or frendly. ven your gun got damage lock on timer befor
    you fiks it mybe som time betre let timer round out. timer mean ven it don

  13. The Wyoming is the Renault of the sea!

  14. Tried your SQRL code at Overclockers but it doesn’t work any ideas Paul.

  15. Awesome Paul! sqrlGG

  16. Pleaaaase do more FSX/P3D, I enjoy it soooo much

  17. Nice , would love to see more WoWS Content from ya , Happy New Year

  18. +Squirrel Paul, why does it say first look in the thumbnail?

  19. can you play more of wow it`s one of my favourite

  20. +Squirrel Double-click quickly when broadside with a BB, you will shoot all
    your guns at the same time and it will hit at the same time.

  21. this is good but you should play world of tanks and world of warplqnes as
    well ı will watch and like all if you play these especially world of tanks

  22. ¨Admiral Squirrel¨ I LOL-ed! xD

  23. Robert “Mr. Ace Rimmer” Powell

    no. You DO NOT stay at range in a Battleship Squirrel. You are @ T4, you
    should know this already

  24. This is, hands down, my favourite series of yours. I’m always excited when
    I see a new episode.

  25. Any last journey drive like last year?

  26. When are you going back to osmi

  27. squirrel thank you so much for making another ‘lets play of this’ I really
    do enjoy watching your videos and especially this !

  28. as someone who has unlocked the north Carolina, just wait till you have to
    suffer through the Colorado

  29. server of ?

  30. can you do a world of battleship video of driving that carrier?

  31. aircraft carrier play is so boring I’d rather watch paint dry

  32. Finally after a long wait. You really need to do more of this.

  33. You should get all skill from aircraft column, Situation Awareness is
    useless unless you are a DDs. Take AA or survivability skills.

  34. Rekt! Twice

  35. hey i just started playing this and i dont have any of that stuff how do i
    get it and what do i have to do to start to make my owe ship

  36. Do P3D video

  37. even its not new year for you but happy new year pual

  38. there’s no such thing as a bad ship in WoWs…only bad captains

  39. I love your vids and streams but each time you say “scumbag game” it really
    really puts me off

  40. Squirrel
    What are your pc specs?

  41. Love the Wyoming, couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn from the inside lol
    And the amount of assholes that just think they can cut in front of the BB
    because yeah, the battleship is obviously the most maneuverable ship in the
    game so she’ll turn right??? No, we’ll plow right into you and take you out
    coz we can’t turn son :)

  42. Loving these battleships videos. Do moar of them :D

  43. Tip: don’t fire all the guns at once fire one at a time at least that way
    you have room to manoviure and if you do it at 12 seconds intervals you can
    constantly fire

  44. Leslie Demeter (LTDFlight)

    Using AP shells and aiming for citadels when battling other BB’s or even
    cruisers if they aren’t angling their armour helps a lot. As soon as I
    started doing this I would get about at least 8000 DMG salvos and if you
    hit the citadel it does a whopping 15k DMG which is very effective! My New
    Mexico can do 20k DMG salvos if it his the citadel once and no other shells
    hit the ship. 20k DMG for one shell is amazing! Bare in mind, some ships
    have very good armour (the U.S. BB’s for example) are very hard to citadel
    unless you are a tier above them. Then you can citadel the crap out of them
    with guns that have much better penetration.

    Remember to just train yourself to hit those citadels! It may take some
    time, but once you master it you will be unstoppable! (Terms and Conditions

  45. Najaf armor is ok in bbs no it’s the best in bbs try dds for armor they
    have non just angle it show the least of your ship with most of your guns
    to bear I use us cruisers I angle my armor and do good unless I get
    targeted with he or bbs but bbs have big guns to get cits greet armor to
    ANGLE and can take the damage if you don’t like it try cruisers us fast
    firing good turns speed ok armor if angled and ok range greet aa support

  46. Watch some vids about this game, you are making a lot of mistakes, which
    can be eliminated easily. Btw if you think that Wyoming is bad dont even
    try IJN BBs.

  47. I really wanna play this game, but I’m afraid I don’t know much about
    ships, so I won’t be any good.

  48. if you think the wyoming is bad then you’ll probably not like the bb’s at

  49. PrayerOfTruthBerlin

    More WoWs please ;-)

  50. why does it say first look in the thumb nail.

  51. do construction simulator please I will get you 1 mil subs

  52. I’d love to play this game, but I think my computer just won’t be able to
    run this and that I’ll suck at it

  53. please do a series

  54. Levente Molnar (Pyrolev)

    You’ll find the Wyoming to be a ton of fun once you get it upgraded. and
    the New York will feel like moving back to tier 3. Battleship guns are all
    slow, even in a Kongo, which is an amazing ship at tier V.

  55. I hated that ship. Now grinding with the New York, but having fun in the

  56. If you want range in a BB go for the Japanese tech tree, tier 4 up is over
    20km with spotter plane, and the kongo is very fast

  57. Squirrel please do Omsi on the Tropical City map!

  58. Total chaos Wrestling

    Do it for the aircraft carrier

  59. When are you going to do the next ETS2 video?

  60. christopher tucker

    squirrel more of this please!!!

  61. Carrier gameplay in this game is so boring , im a BB player all the way

  62. i neeeeed mooooree!!!

  63. is it free on steam

  64. Sounded like “Happy shitting” lol, Happy new year Paul.

  65. do more of it please

  66. do more of it please

  67. Someone Not Important

    Paul, the Wyoming is a God send compared to it’s Japanese Tier IV
    counterpart, The Myogi. That ship is complete garbage, it only has a single
    battery at the front and two at the back, so if you want to take a full
    barrage salvo you ned to leave your sides completely open to the enemy and
    more often than not you just get rekt by torpedo planes from the carriers.

  68. Hehe, lucky bastard.

  69. Juan Alfonso Arellano

    actually the wyoming class is not that bad, when you get to the tier 7
    colorado??? oohhhh that ship is the worst

  70. Play this game more.Plz

  71. p3d plz i fan

  72. I already see comments saying this, but don’t sail broadside on to enemy
    battleships, move toward them at an angle so their shots have a lower
    chance of penetrating. Also don’t use your damage control on turrets put
    out of action, they take next to no time to fix themselves. And NEVER leave
    your fleet, sailing alone in a battleship is just an awful idea, never
    underestimate the power of teamwork, it gives the enemy something else to
    shoot at!

    Hope that helped 🙂

    EDIT: Dont focus on how the camo looks, focus on what it does. And only
    load signal flags onto ships that need the buffs.

    Also, maybe invest in the Tirpitz or Warspite (or any premium ship that you
    want) when they come out again. Really great for grinding through ships you
    don’t like.

  73. Hey Squirrel watch BaronVonGames videos for this. Will give you a good

  74. My Name Is Jeff Jeffington

    do the USS TEXAS please!! its my favorite ship.

  75. Boom Boom Show - SunFm100

    Play more this on YouTube and twitch please – BoomwithShow

  76. All I can say is welcome to the American Battleships. I know cause I have
    the New Mexico and I am halfway on the Colorado

  77. Congrats on the Langley. Personally, I prefer my cruisers.

  78. Angling the armour is the key to doing well in Battleships, as is constant
    course maneuvers when DD’s are around.

  79. good video more of this warships would be cool

  80. Can you shout me out in next vid

  81. This looks awsome

  82. The murmansk you citadel’d to death you can tell which one you hit by what
    it disables, you hit his engines and sent him to his maker. If only I had
    enough cajones to play with na->eu lag I’d do boat stuff with you

  83. squirrel, when you get better at aiming you should start using ap when
    playing with BB’s so you can nuke the shit out of people with citadel hit

  84. squirrel, when you get better at aiming you should start using ap when
    playing with BB’s so you can nuke the shit out of people with citadel hit

  85. Great video, looking forward to your next vid.

  86. You should play World of Tanks

  87. Besides the x3, you finished 3 missions which were mentioned on the bottom,
    they also give you XP.

  88. Where is the CRH?

  89. Get used to the speed it won’t change much till after Colorado. Us bb is
    just choose a side and stick to it.

  90. I wish i was in that match against you. darn

  91. please play omsi2

  92. Awww its not the game i saw you in :-)

  93. stop giving your side to enemy bbs man… angle your armor

  94. You need to play more of this.

  95. This is like the TOG II but then from world of warships

  96. nice vid paul. Love your videos dont stop uploading pls!

  97. Oh and the t5 and t6 German CA’s

  98. the ships u will fave that have better range are the t6 bbs, the murmansk,
    Omaha depending what hull he’s using, Kongo, myogi and new York and that’s
    it. use and angle ur armour it’s fine that they out range u but it’s not by
    much. u can citidel the other t4 and t5 bbs easily. I didn’t have much of a
    rough time with the Wyoming because it actually does have a pretty good
    Turing circle but yea it is slow I’m with u there haha

  99. Please please please do a wows series

  100. Spoiler the Langley is even slower than the Wyoming


  102. You don’t need to know whether you have been spotted in a BB just assume
    you have been spotted

  103. 1st commentt

  104. I LOVED my time with the Wyoming

  105. “oh no its that bloody boat game again” – Jingles ;-)

  106. Ólafur Mikaelsson

    100th comment

  107. First! Just kidding, great video as always, have a happy holiday!

  108. 9th

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