The Großer Kurfürst in World of Warships Legends

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A compilation of my funny moments and memes in the Legendary Tier German Battleship: Großer Kurfürst

My Current Build:

Sonic Generations – Rooftop run
Shinning stage – Last Blazer
Doom Eternal OST – BFG division


  1. Croatian_gamer [SGE007]

    2:09 that man acts perfectly the secondarys in our game

  2. YES

  3. Amazing vid lol loved that part of getting HE spammed then rocking them

  4. The Belfast in World of Warships Legends next?
    or Atlanta, though Yuro recently made a video about the Atlanta in Legends

  5. Super entertaining video, you make citadels look easy when a know they aren’t 😀.

  6. I love GK, my favorite Legendary, i always use differents builds in it its fun… and i call it “THE BANE OF CRUISER”

    Glad you did a video on it…

    That dev strike on the Cleveland was satisfying to see

  7. Love these vids
    Especially that you show have your commander set up as well 👌🏻

  8. nearly 300k but only one enemy dead… if that doesnt sum up blue team, idk what will

  9. Evan Stewart-Brown

    I just remembered I saw you in a game of ranked during the tier VI weekend sprint! Good work in that Orkan.

    I on the other hand, was the Gneisenau that beached and got yolo’d by a Fiji… lol

  10. gian andrea del turco

    I imagine hundred, hundred and hundred of games before to have a sufficient number of hits, for make this single video.

  11. Another great vid, you know it’s good when a ship I find crappy looks amazing lol

  12. Love hearing BFG Division here. Awesome 🤘🏻🍺

  13. KURFURST Is pretty strong, its Just a bit harder to use compared to Yamato and Conqueror

  14. How come you play this well. But when i grinded it on PC, it turns out that i miss 10/12 shots 90% of the time._.

  15. God its beautiful when the Großer Kurfürst works properly.

  16. The ATAGO next when you have it would be interesting to see how you play it and have equipped it

  17. Yo have you used the other premium ships like the Nelson or Poltava just curious 🤨

  18. Can u make a guide video for how to hit rlly good shots and citadel shots like u?

  19. Is it just me or wows legends looks cleaner than the pc wows

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