The Hashidate Review No One Asked For | World of Warships

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One small bote for Denarmo, but one giant review for Humanity.

ABBA – The Winner Takes It All


  1. Holy Sh00t.
    This gives me the good old 2015 flashbacks
    I Like this. This is beautiful.

  2. Thank you everyone for 2 years of the channel.

    I hope that I get the chance to make my dream true, and keep giving you reviews no one asked for.

  3. I think that’s actually the very first time i see a T1 review dang; edit i just made it to the end and we love you too brooo <3

  4. It’s absolutely no fair that you use one of my favorite songs to backdrop this video. I give you +1 Hashidates, and I wish I was on your Discord.

  5. Genova and Hashidate review!? THE MAD LAD DID IT, HE ACTUALLY DID IT

  6. I guess you could say someone did ask for this review

  7. And that, fellas, is what we call art.

  8. So guys, we did it

  9. Me: farming coal for pommern or georgia
    Denarmo: hashidate for you my friend

  10. I misread and thought it was a Hayate review, it ended up being something better :’3

  11. Other title:
    The Hashidate Review Everyone Asked For | World of Warships

  12. SonOfAB_tch2ndClass

    We didnt ask for your love but we got it Thanks Denarmo 😀

  13. Mario Palencia Gutiérrez

    I First discorvered you due to the Audacious review. You made me a CV main and eveeyone hates that, but I love you.

    You have diversified so much and the quality of your xontent is getting better and better, even if i wish it was longer.

    Keep it up denarmo, I’ll update the playlist mate.

  14. Came for a meme review, left in tears. Damn you Denarmo, you beautiful bastard!

    • Thanks for the heart Denarmo! I really love your work. It’s thanks to you and other you tubers that I have tried to start making videos occasionally, so I wanted to thank you for being awesome and connecting with your audience. The sauce is Joshuee1912 if anyone wants to see some mediocre content. Have a great day!

  15. So damn wholesome man. I came here for memes not feels. Take my like and my tears. And thank you for reminding me of our shared beginnings in this game.

  16. Mathieu Verschelden

    Fulfilling memes? Now that’s wholesome. Who knows what the future holds now.

  17. why i’m crying….
    oh right that was as beautiful as the meaning of the hashidate itself

  18. imagine having a 19 point captain in a tier 1 ship and smurfing the shit out of everything lol

  19. “The Winner Takes It All

    Well, we’re all winners every time Denarmo uploads. <3

  20. I’m crying. I honestly needed this in these dark times.

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