The Jean Bart & Richelieu in World of Warships Legends

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A compilation of my funny moments and memes in the Tier 7 French Battleships: Jean Bart & Richelieu

My Build:

Dirty Androids – Midnight Lady
Waluigi Pinball
Max Anarchy OST – Kill ’em all


  1. cant wait to see pgrapidz and french magic being put together for good

  2. I’m French, and it makes me happy to see a person playing the Jean Bart very well, continue like that bro 💪😎🇫🇷

    • On est là 🇨🇵

    • @Kassiper Pro
      Find out, they tried to steal Richelieu and Clémenceau’s plans

    • @Bearnoz FR because they tried to steal the plans of two ships doesn’t mean they can’t make a single ship of their own bro😂
      They were the first nation to use armored steamships

    • @Kassiper Pro Because your two things made of sheet metal call you that of the boats
      I remind you that with we can not fight properly because of the smoking because the fireplace is too fragile

    • @Bearnoz FR learn English, I can’t understand your sentences haha
      Peut-être c’est plus facile que nous parlons en français?

  3. Community: JB and Richelieu what are you? A battleship? A battlecruiser? A cruiser?

    JB and Richelieu: *Oui*

  4. Subscribe for a FREE Jean Bart (100% not a scam)

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  5. Jean bart: *rush a Tirpitz & destroy both her torpedoes tubes*

    Also my Tirpitz: **chuckle** i am in danger.. 😳

  6. All you are giving me are more reasons not to play the vanguard
    10/10 French baguettes are superior again

  7. That ship is absolutely disgusting and I love it (Even though I don’t have it 😭)

  8. “benson get back i…want… the… DAMAGE!”

  9. I wish that armaments durability mod wasn’t in the first slot

  10. Can you do the Odin next? Please🙏

  11. You and dollarplays are my favorite ! 👌💪🤣

  12. Christopher Campfield

    Nicely done bro can’t get enough of this

  13. Today’s edit is 😘. Loving the audio on this one

  14. Jb really looks more more impresive

  15. A New Video, this is so fantastic my Guys

  16. Waluigi Pinball remix. Ah, I see you are a man of culture. 🧐

  17. Underrated Thumbnails.
    Good to see someone care about that aspect of their videos for once

  18. Damn rapidz you just gave me a reason to grind French bbs to Richelieu we go!!!

  19. Cancer's Final Form

    Awesome vid.

    Question: What dictates your aiming at the waterline vs the belt? I normally aim at the waterline and when I aim at the belt I normally get pens/overpens unless I’m at point-blank range. I ask because I see you aiming at both in the vid and still landing citadels.

  20. Update: I have obtained Richelieu and it’s does wonders

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