The Kaga in World of Warships Legends

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A compilation of my funny moments, memes and a summary of my thoughts on the Tier 7 Japanese Aircraft Carrier: Kaga


  1. I wish the bombers from other countries were like this, would make it much easier to use

  2. Croatian_gamer [SGE007]

    “The japanese torpedo bombers are more effective than the HE bombers”
    Pg: hold my Yokoshuka D4Y3

  3. Croatian_gamer [SGE007]

    Pg: “this ship is idiot proof”
    Me: about that…

  4. I knew it ! Glad i wasn’t killed in my Champagne when i met you on the see xD

    Shokaku needs a buff, and saying a CV need a buff is something

  5. You should try a AA range build with concealment perks and Boyd as a inspiration. I use this on my shokaku. This helps a lot when getting carrier sniped because your AA guns will shoot further than your air detectability range.

  6. Was in a battle with you while you ran that ship.. believe it or not, I was in the shokaku. We were on the two brothers map.. you ran into the center island and for the life of me couldn’t figure out why.

  7. it seems too easy to play Kaga in World of Warships Legends. But in PC, it is not … your torpedo and HE bomb are not so fast to hit enemy..

  8. I’ve been slowly grinding out the US CV line for Lexington, but goddamn is Shokaku *THAT* bad?

  9. Can we talk about the 200mm secondaries? Thats so fucking funny xD

  10. In my opinion, Implacable ranks top above Parseval and Lexington. The carpet bombing is super useful. Just got a solo warrior with Implacable and Lexington couldn’t even get close to me. Implacable is so under rated. I remember when that ship first released, everyone was playing it and I hated being harassed by them. The AP bombs on parseval are good but I like starting fires, then swoop in and cause a flood with torps. The AP bombs do very little to DDs always get overpens. I feel like Parseval is on top for most only because of the transformer commander. Also, I have to show love to ships that were actually built.

    • Idk..I liked the implacable at first. Was getting 15-the highest on a Lexington 34k damage bomb drop, multiple fires per drop. I don’t know if they nerfed it quietly, but now I’m lucky to get 7k bomb drops and a single fire.

  11. It was the first or second day of the update when I found PG in Kaga while me and a friend playing in North Cal. Will forever be one of my most favorite games in Warships. Also PG HOW DID YOU DIE TO A STALINGRAD OR WHATEVER THAT CRUISER WAS!

  12. One of your best in depth videos on a ship. Great job man

  13. Was thinking the same thing watching the highlights, those bombs almost behave like the rockets on PC… looking forward to getting her

  14. GILGAMESH: Gate of Babylon

    Torpedoes for hunting large surface ships. Bombs for hunting DDs and light and heavy cruisers

  15. Seems like AA works even less in Legends than in the PC version of the game.

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