The Kansas in World of Warships Legends

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A compilation of my funny moments and memes in the tier 7 US Battleship: Kansas

My build:

YNG Martyr – Nike Ticks
Kirby Triple Deluxe – Dedede’s Royal Payback



    • I remember asking for this ship after it dropped on PC. Why? Because 12 16″ meme guns. Who wouldn’t want that?

    • Was going to say whenever ive come up against a kansas its just been an xp pinata. Nice to see it has potential.

    • @T Green It think it’s because she’s a trickier ship at first. I haven’t had the best luck with her, but I think it comes down to finding the best build. She’s spongier than most ships at her tier



    • They buffed its speed, gun reload (by 2 seconds?), and accuracy. It’s basically a slightly slower Montana.
      Also can we have 25-26 knots for them chonkers on PC?

  2. The Legendary MFGM

    The Myoko and Mogami seal clubbing lmao

  3. 0:02 damn boy that’s some fat meme right there

  4. StupidKoreanGamer

    Playing masked dedede is amazing you have a good taste my man

  5. *The most heavily armed circle in the game*

  6. *Yamato players in the corner*

    I have the power of 18 inch shells,
    imperialist economy gang,
    and (h)anime on my side.

    (Until someone Cits“ The Cheek”)

  7. Николай Алюшин

    Как мне нравится эти вставки…”Наааайййсз!”

  8. Wow that was impressive, and really funny 😂

  9. I’m using mine with Prime using Sims and Hide as inspirations for a maximum of over 73k health with Nuisance, Crisscross, Firefighter, Master Mechanic and Will to Rebuild for maximum survivability. As for mods on the ship are the same as your for a total of 33/38 load/verse and it was with this setup that i used to reach rank 1 on Thursday after reaching rank 3 first with the Lenin but got tired of getting surrounded so i used the Kansas to just run straight to the islands and while using the Epic Battle Flag for a max range of around 17km I’ve been racking up damage and collecting amounts of fires from cruisers but at the time always got 2 max fires in a game but rarely got 3 maybe in one or two but most of the time always 2 and all my 3 commanders are at R16L3 and yes I’ve DevStriked some cruisers in which I’m thinking of using this bathtub of a paddleboat to troll around and i did in a random match DevStriked an Alabama and got a quick vid on my channel to prove it. BTW love the montage so for that you got that LIKE from me.

  10. i was waiting for this video. i’m so blind i didn’t even see the faster reload for her🤦🏼‍♂️ with the right build kansas is a monster😩

  11. also can we talk about the growth of your channel over this past year!? absolutely insane

  12. Keep it up pg and love the Gordon Ramsay meme

  13. Bro no cap, the Kansas is op as hell and I love it. It’s only annoying when I get he spammed but other than that I usually do pretty well. Average 150k damage games

  14. “You got mail” 🤣😅🤣😅… as someone who still gets twitchy whenever they hear the dial-up tone, that was gold…

  15. “gets cits on KM BBs”

    i don’t see anything wrong with that

  16. The vibe of the song is exactly how I feel playing this battleship. Pulling out in the hood on them thugs and taking out a fat gun at ’em. “Wassup motherf—ers.”

    Also happy you have the same build as me, this monster isn’t meant to stay in the back trying to snipe people. It’s meant to get out there, push, and bamboozle enemies with quick reloading 12 16-inch guns. The build basically allows you to lower the reload from 38 to 30 seconds. It might not look a lot, but trust me, *it makes a massive difference,* and you can tell most players weren’t expecting this kind of build, thinking “Oh, an American BB, it’s a dispersion build.” I’d see players often going broadside at me thinking I wouldn’t reload in time, only to slap them hard.

  17. That’s the cutest fucking thing I’ve seen in my intire life-BOOM AHHHH!

  18. You did well showing how good the buffguard is. Let’s see what you can do with the worst battleship in the game. The tier 5 premium french BB, Dunky!

  19. Everyone got caught up in how bulky she is, what they forgot about is the fact that she has accurate, strong, and plentiful guns that fucking wreck

  20. This is why I like playing Legends than in PC

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