The Khabarovsk Replacement! – Delny First Impressions – World of Warships

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Rough start to this ship, but within 3 games I had an amazing match!

I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

WoWs NA Invite:
WoWs RU Invite:

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  1. Prefer Udaloi to the (now) three T10s. Same guns/DPM as Delny but much harder to hit due to smaller size and turn radius.

    Really not sure what Delny is supposed to do better than Groz, besides a little speed and the armor plate. Not a very interesting line split overall.

    • Same guns, better maneuverability, better concealment, more torps, less health. Udaloi really is better.

    • Exactly, delny has no real advantages; just play udaloi or grozovoi, or khaba. I much prefer the dpm of khaba over delny. I did not think delny was ‘bad’ when playing it but I don’t care about the torpedos, the faster rudder shift over the khaba does help.. but still, the dpm is trash.

    • tbh, in my 1900 battles experience (not that much I know), I never saw the russian dds worth, but now looking at gameplays from all of them I can definitly say that I see the grozovoy worth the grind, im already at minsk (tier VII if I remember right)

    • said this, I also see the delny more worth than the kabha just for the range and rudder, I dont really care about the disperssion or the dpm if I cant even survive enough

    • @COB – CodeOfBrawl you play it wrong, you don’t need rudder. Just W and S

  2. “I wonder if the lack of guns does have that big of an impact”
    Khaba has 182k HE DPM, Delny has 136k. It definitely has an impact and I’m not sure if it was worth trading only half a kilometer of concealment and more range on torps for it. I mean Delny’s concealment is still 7.4km with all upgrades which is not that great because it’s still expected to be played as a run and gun boat, but when you’re dodging shells 24/7 you’d expect the ship to have better DPM than Grozovoi at least but it loses to that too. Delny feels powercrept BY Khaba, at least Khaba can dish out a ton of damage while running around.

    • @Alex Plattsmier use the 40% rudder and propulsion. Don’t dodge with rudder, you’ll be fine without the extra range

    • @Kawaii Katarina I’m not sure how well you understand game balancing, but powercreep cannot be addressed. Powercreep is a natural phenomenon in gaming that cannot be addressed nor fixed and stems from the decision by players to gravitate towards strong ships thus rendering weak and average ships obsolete (”powercrept”). Fixing powercreep (which is basically just buffing old ships) either:

      1. Introduces more powercreep if the ship becomes strong, thus powercreeping other ships.
      2. Does not have effective changes if the ship becomes average. People will keep disregarding it.

      As such, powercreep cannot be fixed regardless of what WG does. Powercreep is a playerbase issue: if the game releases a weak, an average and a strong ship, players will play the strong ship more. If the game doesn’t release a strong ship, players will lose interest; or keep playing whatever was strong previously, the addition of a weak and average ship will not change anything. And since it’s impossible to release only perfectly average ships (they would have to be all identical because any difference leads to inherent differences in performance), powercreep is inevitable and impossible to fix.

      Powercreep is a manifestation of players wanting overpowered ships, not a problem you can solve.

    • @dzello It’s better for a ship to be average. It’s not exactly powercreep when a better ship exists. Powercreep is rather having a ship that does the job of another ship 10 times better, therefore giving you no reason to pick the first ship at all.

      For example Montana has always been a decent ship. It’s not the best but it’s also not rendered completely worthless so people have a reason to get it because it has its own playstyle.

      Also I’ve seen very creative ways of dealing with powercreeping in other games, such as giving a certain ship a complete rework, similarly to how WG completely swap ships from the Tech Tree. But in this case Delny feels underwhelming.

    • @Kawaii Katarina I already covered why both a weak AND an average ship do not work. If released ships were weak or average, the game would die, plain simple.

      Reworks do not stop powercreep, they contribute to it. If you rework Zao, you powercreep Hindenburg. If you rework Hindenburg, you powercreep Henri IV. Reworks for powercreep buff ships which makes other ships worse just as adding new ships does.

    • Lol it’s worse than Groz and Groz itself has been powercrept for a long time. Can’t remember the last time I saw one in randoms.

  3. like the new intros, simple but interesting at the same time

  4. I think the most effective Russian DD’s are 1. Grozo, 2. Kharba and then 3. Delny in tier 10.

  5. Speaking of modules getting destroyed easily, I’ve found that preussen gets absolutely trashed. I’ve had at least one and sometimes two turrets destroyed every game with her, not just knocked out temporarily, but outright destroyed. Also, I’ve had my rudder and engine room destroyed multiple times over only about ten or so games. There must be some kind of armor or HP bug.

    • For some reason the “bottom plating” of Preussen turrets are only like 76mm, GK has 100mm more
      No idea if this is a bug, but this is why the turrets break so easily
      Sometimes even with UK bb HE

    • Also, Wargaming forgot that German BBs have double the hp points of regular bbs, GK has 20k hp in main turrents, but Preussen only has 10k and less armor of protection

  6. the point of any crap tier X is to get super container and snowflakes twice per year

  7. “The Khaba is unpopular and power crept, we need a new ship.”
    “How about a Khaba that does the gun part worse?”

  8. @hardkur faaaaacts

  9. How to fix Khaba and Delny ? ill tell you how..use smoke AND repair on both ships and they will be popular and good 🙂 atm they are lacking imo way too much tradeoff for what they offer. i will play Grozovoi all day long over these clunky ships

  10. If you already own the GK and Khaba the Delny and Preussen are kinda meh. If you have the Schlieffen and GK the Preussen is really meh.

  11. I really like your videos, you are always so happy and positive and don’t let the game frustrate you
    It’s always fun watching your videos 😀

  12. When the strike planes come in – the ‘box’ of bullet splashes they make – as long as you’re not in the side of the box furthest from the planes you’re good…. at least with Midway and Saipan’s planes – IDK if they are all the same.

  13. You have to work so hard for mediocre damage in the delny unless you get lucky with fires. If you play delny for a few games then switch to khaba you can feel the massive difference in firepower.

  14. So for 2km more range and 2kts of speed, you get a Grozovoi with no DFAA and either smoke or heal with SLOWER guns? Is that right?

  15. I have been having great fun with Delny, she is pretty solid boat

  16. I saw the two flashbacks in the video for the first time. In my opinion, it enhances the video well.

  17. You don’t actually get more range on Delny. It has the same range as Leg. mod Khaba. You just lose a turret for like no reason lol. Just play Tashkent at that point.

  18. It’s basically just a Groz that’s more specialized in farming; it’s faster, has an extra heal and speed boost and armor.

  19. Feels powerless after the Khab. Though getting back the old torps was fun. DDs got caught in the cap by torps as players were unaware of the threat

  20. UNprofessional Reviews

    I got Grozovoi and Delni looks like something I don’t need to grind for.

  21. It makes no sense that for the gunboat line we got a more torp oriented worse off Khabarovsk… and it’s a Russian ship. Woulda thought the replacement ship would have at least 10 guns with a 3 second reload and 1000m a second travel and improved ap pen ballistics. But we got the opposite.

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