The King of The Cruisers! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. Oh yea a vid on the cruiser i just got

  2. Mitchell Erickson

    Sitting in my beanbag chair, naked, eating Cheetos lol how did you know Spartan?

  3. tman simplerockets 2

    Well the Baltimore has 203 mm guns but if you go broadside you’re going to get a paddling

  4. Atago slaps all cruisers. Charles martel is a close second imo

  5. Mmhmm. If I ever catch you in my game on the enemy team and you’re in this thing, my Hipper would like to have a word with you. 😛

    • Lol looking forward to it.

      Torp cruisers try too hard to torp while Balti just AP pens and Citadels the crap out of everything

  6. Was beginning to wonder when you would post another vid in this ship.

    • Been waiting for a good opportunity and with the volume of HE spamming cruisers it seemed like the perfect time to show just how good the Balti is

  7. Long live the king.

  8. All the top tier cruisers can feast on broadside targets. The only thing that I don’t like about the Baltimore ( or the other American top cruisers ) is there isn’t a game go by when I think, ” If only I had torpedoes.” Which is odd because I rarely use them in the others anyway. Nice game in any case and well played.

  9. If you look carefully you can see Dewey’s bushy mustache poking out of the ship’s bridge right at the end

  10. because i'm batman 5702

    Cough, cough, Hipper.

  11. I think the Hipper is the best cruiser at tier VII. But to each their own.

    • Hipper is the only cruiser that can make the argument against Balti because it is tanky, hits hard, and has torps.

      I still like the AP from Balti more as it is better in more situations

    • Man I just don’t seem to do well in the Hipper, but do great in the Belfast – I so badly want to do great in the Hipper! They both seem very similar play-wise.. am I thinking/recalling correctly?

    • Noose916 I play the Hipper as a brawler. It can take a hit and dish it out. The Belfast can’t really brawl. But neither can really hold their own against a BB but if I was in that situation I would rather be in the Hipper.

  12. Today i got my best ever base score in a match, 4200 base exp on the Belfast. Was pretty much playing alone, ended up against a jb and 2 dds and still pulled off the W

  13. Hey spartan, quick question, would you say cruisers are the toughest lines in the game? I started out destroyer, moved to battleship and am now just doing cruisers, i find them by far the most difficult, ot enough stealth or armour or punching power, i respect all cruiser players so much more now.

    • Cruisers are definitely the most difficult class to play well consistently.

      Every mistake you make in a cruiser can be catastrophic

    • hitlersmissingnut

      Cruisers are just a different play style. I’ve gone toe to toe with all the BBs in cruisers to win. You need to learn the bow angles.
      Even iowa does nothing to many cruisers.

  14. How does every game he play someone’s on the mic

  15. Nice game. Don’t play Baltimore much, but absolutely love Atago and Mogami. I think because at heart, I’m a sneaky bastard destroyer player, and you’re a take it to the house battleship player! Both are effective, but I love the torps, and pyromania of IJN cruisers. 10 km on Atago, 11 km on Mogami ( torp range), and fast. I use a stealth build which puts my visibility around 91/2 km. Thinking of swapping 1 stealth inspiration for AL Atago though. That makes my torps less visible, which is just unfair for Japanese torps. Already made that move for my IJN destroyers. Yikes. Need some kind of advantage in DDs with all the British cruisers right now!

  16. Spartan: balitmore is the king of cruisers
    Agïr: am i a joke to u??

  17. Admiral hipper : hold my bear !

  18. NERF master films

    the fastest reloading tier 7 cruiser is Edinburgh 7.5 seconds

  19. Baltimore was my first T7 cruiser as well. Strong ship, I like her a lot. GG Spartan!

  20. Thought I spied a QE in that match lol… anyways, think Baltimore matches you so well because its basically a mini iowa, which we all know that Spartan is the king of iowas 😁

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