The Lenin in World of Warships Legends (Best Moments)

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A compilation of my best moments and memes in the Russian Tier 7 Premium Battleship: Lenin

Stand Proud – Eurobeat remix
Jock Jams – Are You Ready For This
Neo Nomen – Karlson Trailer


  1. I wish I had games in the Lenin that were this good
    Doesn’t help it’s chocolate turrets


    Broo I love your montages. You just gain a supporter men. Keep doing good job

  3. Oh my god i freaking regret getting to no more than 20k icebreaker coins, and my wallet try really hard to convince me it was for the greater good… but still

  4. 0:35 MMMmM!!!

  5. Also RIP carriers (for now) can’t say i’m gonna miss them ngl

  6. 2:01 is the segment that gets me HYPED!!! Keep up the work!

  7. That Plankton scene was exactly me when I saw the Lenin. And I am so glad I was able to get it cuz my god, that thing’s a tank.

  8. 3:14 one of the funniest edits I’ve seen


  10. “Is it possible to learn this power?”

  11. I hope to run into you one day on the battle field. Preferably as an ally. You should offer classes on how to be better at the game. Lol

  12. Your channel is amazing you’re growing quickly congrats

  13. Dear pg your vids are epic !!! The funny music is fine but damn the progressive one is so much happening to wAtch 💯

  14. Making me really regret not going for Lenin, had the impression you had to buy crates to get her for free and was a time i wasnt really enjoying the game as much as i used to, hopefully comes back for something other than being crate exclusive. Great video though

  15. wish i could’ve got the lenin but i didn’t do the icebreaker challenges for some reason lmao, good video 🙂

  16. Loving your edits mate, they just keeping getting better. I was the Balti in the six kill game as well. GG.

  17. overlays stolen content… still gets paid by youtube.

  18. Man I wish I could play as well as you…

  19. 1:50 That moment was very funny the torpedoes.
    I’m glad my name didn’t appear on the affected ships.
    Congratulations on your video! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🇧🇷👍🏿

  20. I didn’t grind for the Lenin… but I got a Massachusetts so I am fine with it

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