The Lion in World of Warships Legends

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A compilation of my funny moments, memes and a summary of my thoughts on the Tier 7 British Battleship: Lion


  1. It’s a good day when pgrapidz uploads

  2. 1:00 there are in same time some joy and some confusion on this camera mouvement 😂
    Great video like always

  3. Yes
    HE Shells hit like a train
    Also 1:11 the timing is perfect

  4. World of Warships with Destructionist

    I’ve never played the Lion…I’m at monarch. But I’m excited for it because of this video

  5. I say yes to a new Monarch video, its been too long since the last one came out, i did put a comment on discord about it and it had like 40❤ so i’d say a buff is possible xD

    And well, guess the top 3 best BBs are still JB, Lenin and Massachusetts, at least for me

  6. Croatian_gamer [SGE007]

    1:01 pg invented invisible shells now. Great. XD

  7. Looks like a good ship, but ill wait when it’s available for GXP

  8. Croatian_gamer [SGE007]

    British battleships: “hey Kriegsmarine, wanna hear a joke?”
    German battleships: “yes sure”
    British: “Accuracy”
    German: “I don’t get it”
    British: “Exactly”

  9. Dominique Lapierre Armande

    Your videos are gold man keep it up

  10. Can’t be arsed with the grind….

    Lenin for life 🤣🤣

  11. Christian Bretschneider

    I’m struggling to find the second inspiration for Cunningham, scharnhorst being the first. I don’t have al Nelson upgraded yet. I wonder if upgrading the armor penetration is counterintuitive? My take on the lion is that it’s a support ship that’s pretty good at killing most things and average with battleships. When Clan Warfare comes out the anti-aircraft defensive fire will come in handy as it’s only the second battleship that employs AA consumable

  12. I have her, she’s an okay ship and regardless what ship you drive you always makes it look and play very entertaining. I’m almost close to unlock Montana and please do a Monarch video.

  13. I’m looking forward yo getting mine

  14. Man those GK’s you played against are actual apes, just because you can’t get citadeled doesn’t mean you can get away with showing broadside.

    If they had any idea of what they were doing they would start kiting and let the secondaries absolutely melt you, or charge while angled and driveby you.
    Even though I’m a GK main, I play PC so maybe things are different here.

  15. You sum up a ship in <5 minutes when some YouTubers take 20-30 mins. Love your vids

  16. That fucking delicious from Gordon Ramsey absolutely killed me 🤣😂

  17. 0:50 second mark killed me LOL

  18. meanwhile in PC we have to deal with this ship in tier IX which is a PAIN to use, good video

  19. Hmmm I wonder if they ever add the HMS Lion (1913) Battlecruiser

  20. The lions at the start absolutely killed me lol

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