The Massachusetts Review No One Asked For | World of Warships

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Only took me so long because I kept misspelling Massachusetts…

Smoke On The Water – Deep Purple
At Doom’s Gate E1M1 remake by Andrew Hulshult (Brutal Doom Trailer Theme)
Salute to Kansas March
Bonnie Tyler – Holding Out For A Hero (Quixotic Remix)

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  1. I can’t Express how surprised and happy I was to get this notification

  2. This is the only premium I have never regretted getting

    • @David Vitale the Georgia makes a Lot of fun too. Nothing makes more fun to get into secondary range to a cruiser and when he tries to run, you just keep up with him. You can litalary see the captain of the cruiser cry, because he cant outrun you and he is melting under the secondarys

    • @Daber Berger I agree, I like the Georgia a lot, but I get rwally unlucky and get yoinked sometimes, more than in the Massa

    • It’s such a fun ship. I wish I had it in the black, looks so awesome. The only one I enjoy nearly as much as the Mass is the scharn, but being up tiered in that really hurts… Those guns, ergh

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      @Daber Berger I run IFHE on my Bismarck and that happened with a Donskoi last night I was half eating a sandwhich and just sitting there poor guy was only 6km away lol

  3. Last time I was this early, Graf Zeppelin was overpowered.

  4. Mario Palencia Gutiérrez

    A Yuro and Denarmo video on the same day….

    Am I dreaming?
    Don’t wake me up!

  5. Admiral.SkullFaceImperial

    Heh, now on to more important matters
    Like the fact you still haven’t done a Graf Zeppelin Review

  6. Bonnie Tyler is oddly appropriate for this ship.

  7. Ship 10/10
    Music 10/10
    Supporting other Youtubers 10/10
    Memes 10/10

    Overall 16’/9

  8. No mention of how she also has the kill record for the game at 11 in one random battle? How could her greatest achievement go uncovered!

  9. The best ship I ever spent money on. Secondaries are worth every penny, raining fire and freedom on everyone.

  10. EarthbornKnight

    I’m a simple man…I see Azur Lane Massa, I like the video

  11. Admiralthrawnbar

    This video made me unreasonably happy, I don’t even have the massachusetts

  12. Mommy Massa is amazing because she can do everything.
    Tank and anchor? Absolutely.
    Secondary’s and Brawl? Yes.
    Punch hard and accurate? Comfortably.
    It’s everything you could want in a BB, you can play Massa anyway you want to, because she loves you.
    10/10 marriage proposal to Massa btw.

    • Joshua Picklesimer

      I don’t have Massa, but I do have Ohio and Georgia; they’re great too. You are right though, the American Premium BBs (not Alabama) let you have your cake and eat them too, but Georgia less so. Also, if you don’t have Ohio, I highly recommend you try for it one day; It’s a MUCH better Montana.

  13. This was so American, even Colin Kapernick is kneeling right now.

  14. It’s like a NC with two lowertier DD strapped to each side. I HATE fighting against this thing in my DDs for that reason kek

  15. “Watching the latest Denarmo video in the cursed year of 2020 helps me with remembering what brought me into this game and what keeps me coming back when things got rough.” Couldn’t have said it better yourself. All we need now is ~~those pats for Babu where are they ; – ; please~~ some siesta and calm summer vacation.

  16. Massachusetts embodies everything that is good about World of Warships. Despite the fact shes totally irrelevant when it comes to the meta of the game, But she is the meta when it just comes to having fun.

    • She embodies what WG should do to make money…yes. Its a blatantly OP ship.

    • Massachusetts does not care, because it was given the tools to pull through. By getting a fast repair party, Massachusetts is far harder to kill than most other BBs, as long as you don’t eat cits, which makes it easier to rush in and get things done. While Denarmo says the Massachusetts cares not about powercreep… the ship basically is powercreep.

    • Massachusetts is a massively oversized Baltimore with 2 fletchers strapped to each of her sides and the most underestimated rudder in the game. Change my mind

    • @Michael Ho i can,theese are no Fletchers, theese are Atlantas

    • @Michael Ho The fact she handles so well is actually the reason she’s my favorite BB (bonus points for being my homestate). I’m not a huge fan of BB’s given how large and unwieldy they tend to be. Shes one of the only BBs that feels like your actually driving a cruiser given how well she handles.

  17. Dionysos.G.karavokirakos

    A shout to Denarmo always brings me back to world of warships no matter how shit the game becomes.


  18. KyoKyoDisaster!

    Massa deserves it, she is rabu…

  19. Same here. I love my Massachusetts.

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