The Mighty Hood – Ventis Secundis || World of Warships

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  1. Second!.. i think

  2. Love this channel

  3. Seems like he havent got the memo about the EBs speed. No speed boost, but is still around 40 knots or so?

  4. I heard that there is a way to turn off the paintscheme optics in WoWs? Obviously I like the buffs from camos, but if I have a historical ship like Hood, I’d prefer it if it wasn’t painted like a floating Chinese bordello.

  5. I recently started playing with french tier 7 cruisers and BB, they are such a joy to play, haven’t had this much fun since British cruisers

  6. He got very lucky turning full broadside right in front of that QE.

    • He probably knew that the QE player is a retard and will keep shoot HE, it was risky but in the end he was right. Your average british BB player will never use AP…

  7. Story would have been different if there was a Bismarck on the enemy team.

  8. All skill no luck… I never had so luck with RNG on Hood… never…

  9. The mighty hood

  10. British line battleship players forgot that they have AP shells.

  11. I requested this last month thanks

  12. Imagine if Panzer lead the Hood to the real battle against Bismarck. It would be awesome

  13. I love this ship. My favorite to play right now.

  14. * *And thats why it managed to sink spectacularly*

  15. туповат худ. плохо упреждение берет, это ошибки соперника а не его скилл.

  16. 2 tiers higher than most other players in the game, not difficult to get a good score

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